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    FS: 2, FAP1200-M-80W Fiber Array Laser Modules

    Sorry for the late reply Yes I could also pay shipping via PayPal I'd also have a few questions regarding the modules: 1. How did you power it ? Even my 50W module draws 65A at full power but I can only drive it at 50A (using the driver Marco Reps developed) 2. The fibers look clipped on those...
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    FS: 2, FAP1200-M-80W Fiber Array Laser Modules

    I would take both module for the proposed 150$ via PayPal transaction asap. I already have a 50W module but that one doesn't have a fiber so its very awkward to mount on my metal printer i am trying to build rn. with these modules as they have a fiber attached I could elliminate that probelm as...