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  • Thanks..:)

    In my first post, i said "the lasers are not just toys you know". Many of them misunderstood this. That definitely doesn't mean i'm saying they are like toys! I'm telling the opposite!

    Some people see lasers as toys because all they are interested in is shining the laser dot on walls,etc.. So i said this to these people to make them understand how lasers can be used for many other things..

    This is really really weird some people thought i'm seeing these lasers as toys! That's ridiculous..

    You`re welcome!

    Maybe it was just not wise to tell people here they should use their lasers or "toys" as you said, for self-healing! :)

    I think that`s more the thing why you were accused and not for telling low powered lasers could be used for medical treatment!

    Cheers brunes01
    Thank you Brunes for your support:)

    Really, the laser treatments i write in my thread like reducing musculoskeletal pains, healing herniations and other stuff, there are all in studies and proven to be more effective than placebo group.

    People who accuse me, don't even look at the studies i added in my first post and says i'm making these things up. How unjust and thoughtless they are..

    But at least you can write things with more sense and wisdom. I want to thank you for your support!

    Best wishes:)
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