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    $4.35 405nm eBay pen SUPER OVERSPECT Must see!!

    Got mine today... (I've ordered 1x532nm and 2x405nm) What can I say, the lasers themselves have got the "cheaper" feeling to it, if comparing with DX pen style laser. However, the lasers themselves are quite cool. I don't have a LPM, so I can't measure it, but the greenie is probably around 5mW...
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    FS: $99 1.2Watt 445nm C6 with Black Heatsink and focus adapter.

    How much for shipping in Europe and is there any chance you could include a charger and rechargeable batteries for extra price ? Also, what is the duty cycle for this laser ?
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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    No problem, glad that I could help.
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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    Mikey395, go to the forum where u want to post the thread, and at the left upper corner there will be a button NEW THREAD. Press it, and you'll probably know what to do next.
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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    Well, anyway, shipment was a wrong word (I checked it in dictionary - it means loading, not delivering), it had to be shipping. And the 2 months are normal, as I already said in the review, because it is a free shipping. I could pay some extra $ for fast-shipping, but I wasn't in a hurry back...
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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    Oops, my fault. I meant shipping, not shipment :D Sorry, I'll fix it.
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    [DealExtreme] 5mW True green laser pointer

    DealExtreme 5mW 532nm true green laser pointer First of all, I want to say, that I have this laser for a quite long time and to be exact - a year and a half. If anyone is interested - it cost 10$ back then, and now it is only 8$. SHIPPING AND PACKAGING The shipping took about two months...
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    Merry Christmas, 635nm diodes for free !!

    Hah, more lasers are always good ;) Count me in ! :) Well, I will also say Merry near Christmas ! :D
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    A+++ for DJNY (keychains)

    first of all, DJNY, not DINY ;) I bought two NewWish keychain style lasers, and one silver host. As DJNY said, all of the lasers have max 5-10 min of runtime, and most of this is testing time. But what more would I want for 25$ ?! Awesome support, awesome lasers (had problems with a greenie...
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    PRICEANGELS ON SALE: $9.9 30mw ones(really 30-50mw); $10.97 50mw ones(really 50-70mw)

    John, Lithuania, Europe. It's alright, it may be just an accident :) Yes, I like them. They are pretty cool. I already made a list of things that I want to buy from PA, but damn limit of PP is pushing me off, I could buy now, but then I would need to wait for items to arrive, then wait another...
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    PRICEANGELS ON SALE: $9.9 30mw ones(really 30-50mw); $10.97 50mw ones(really 50-70mw)

    Sorry for off-topic, but yay, i've finally got the LEDs that u sent me as a gift for voting :D Didn't test them out yet. But the shipping was very slow. Two and half a month, if i remember correctly? The same it took to get a laser from DX. Although, it was totally free, I can't complain about...
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    PMd about problem.

    PMd about problem.
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    A+++ for DJNY (keychains)

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give a big +++ feedback for DJNY. I bought keychains not long time ago. It was my first purchase directly from user, no companies, guarantees or so on. So I had a lot of questions. All of them were answered ASAP :) DJNY even sent the lasers by priority and with tracking...
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    Got the keychains :) Shipping was extremely fast. Gift package is very cool, though I don't know what to do with one thing, but I will find it out :D Packaging was very safe. Lasers - red of course has nothing interesting to do with it, about greenie - it is cool, if comparing with my DX...
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    My first Laser

    awesome deal ! :) But I wouldn't play with it, if I wouldn't have good safety goggles... If you haven't got any, I suggest you to pick ones as soon as possible. Damage to the eyes can be vital from such a laser... :)