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I have over 12 years active duty military with 4 of them as a Medic and an additional 8 as a Airborne Infantryman with a B4 identifier. I've been deployed 3 times, been all around the world, and currently work for a Biochemical Research and Development (B-R&D) Company in Fort Worth Texas. My hobbies include long distance precision shooting, precision machining and gunsmithing, in addition to reloading and having fun in Texas. I enjoy knives, metallurgical science, WWII history, and now Lasers.

I am new to lasers but very fascinated and interested in them, and while I am not familiar with their overall operation, electrical components or inner-workings, I feel I need to stress that the absence of this particular knowledge does not deem me as uneducated or ignorant on a plethora of other topics, academia or interests. Please don't mistake my lack of knowledge in the very specific area of "Lasers" as grounds to be disrespectful, condescending, patronizing or rude.
Fort Worth Texas


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