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    Good to see ya brother, right on HAKZAW1! all the crap that LPF gets from PL, I was fearfull but now I have seen alot of Pl members here LPF. go figure? I have alot of pics in my album but can't seem to get them over to the post I have in the BUY SELL AND TRADE thread "laser mirrors and such" the first reply post called me a TRADER and that I was boosting my website! Great way to start out! I felt warm and fuzzy inside.
    ZUPPP EM??

    took you long enough....<(*U*)....
    good to see you here

    photos are EZ to add- I ressize to Med. & put mine on my desktop, then click manage, DT, hit select add til you are happy, them dwnld(takes a while ) and BAM done!!
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