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    50w portable CO2 laser !!!

    I didn't see safety glassess...are these guys that stupid?
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    The Survival Laser S4X Host is Now Available!

    Re: New Host Available for Pre-Order: The Survival Laser S4X Christmas is on the way early this year, ladies and gents!
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    more sphere/cylinder pics 10/22

    Set pictures to stun. These are awesome! Great work man! :kewlpics:
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    new 1.4w laser - will any safety glasses do?

    Welcome to the hobby, and as others have stated numerous times, thank you so much for being responsible with your new laser! Hope you enjoy it and wow some friends!
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    My greenie beamshots so far!

    Beautiful! Excellent work as always. Particularly loved your post about your 7W Arcane 445 from Sci-Fi Lasers as well! Keep it up!
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    Sci Fi Lasers 7 Watt 445nm Arcane 2.0

    That's no moon... Holy crap man! Amazing laser you got there. You can really tell in those beam shots every watt is screaming out of that diode. I love it! +Rep if I can. Edit: Can't rep you again yet, but take a pat on the back from across the pond. :kewlpics:
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    Firing 8 lasers at once. Photos.

    :D Haha! Mayhap that I should be.
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    Some more Pman 532nm builds

    Awesome pics Pman!
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    Firing 8 lasers at once. Photos.

    Wow! Thank you for sharing! These are absolutely gorgeous. Looks like someone was feeling pretty lasey after that 10 hour shift, eh? :crackup: :anyone:
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    Custom Lightsaber / Laser Saber with Video

    Nice! Good job on the build, man. +rep
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    Modifigng the Gearbest Skyray 4000lm

    Expanding on that point, would it be possible to perforate the body with some small holes to allow air movement? I know compromising the integrity of a somewhat watertight electronics enclosure (read: Host) is not a great idea, but if air needs to move it needs to move. I'm asking for my benefit...
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    Random lasers + Bare HeNe goodness

    Very nice! Love those beam shots, especially the blues. They always get me. +rep
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    Need Help making a laser burner

    Hey rombow! Welcome to LPF. Sorry to hear you had trouble with your first build. Please use the white search bar at the bottom of the forums, as it works extremely well. It's literally Google for LPF. Additionally, make sure to visit the "I want to build a laser" thread for info on getting...
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    "new" pics 10/7

    Holy cow man! These are beyond words. Do not ever stop doing this lol.
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    Laser powered razor

    Ha! Interesting read. I cannot wait to see how this all turns out. It really seems like these guys are just throwing a lot of big words and expecting people to join the party (along with their dollars). Unfortunately, that's exactly what seems to be happening :cryyy: