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    FS: Yobresal 1.2W 445nm - $130

    Re: FS: Yobresal 1.2W 445nm & O-Like 150mW 532nm Did you roll up a 50 dollar bill and put it in the battery compartment?
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    Lasers for sale

    Sure seems to be alot of people selling their new Jetlasers :confused:
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    WTB 2 high quality/capacity 18650 cells urgently

    Man this kid is a glutton for punishment
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    FS: Rayfoss RF532-300mw-FWB

    Re: FS: Brand new Rayfoss RF532-300mw-FWB "drummer" dimitri, why don't you stop trying to sell junk you broke to some poor sucker? Every thread I see from you is some form of scam. And for gods sake stop taking apart lasers, you obviously suck at it.
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    FS: LPM-1 *laser power meter*

    max mw is 100mw?
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    Laser for particle visualization

    Why don't you darken the room and put some blacklights up?
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    Merry Christmas, 635nm diodes for free !!

    Blord's the man!!! Merry xmas dude!
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    Source Gate?

    I've ordered from sourcinggate. I ordered two lasers, a 532 and a 650, both o-like "cute style" in appearance. Was pleased with both purchases.
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    FS: Optotronics RPL 225

    Always plugging the GB you must get something kicked down from JetL hak :shhh:
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    FS or Trade: 1.6w DTR Build 445nm

    Reduced Price. It will not be going lower so any watchers should act fast. Thanks!
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    FS or Trade: 1.6w DTR Build 445nm

    That's how it was advertised when sold to me, and I couldn't be happier with the buy. There's nothing to hide, it will do >1.6w with a G1, and ~1.4w with the Aixiz. Thanks for the recommendation though. :thanks:
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    !!UPDATE-CLOSED AND ALL SENT--Gb#2 jetlasers IS NOW ON>PM Gray w/request

    Re: Gb#2 jetlasers IS NOW ON>PM Gray w/request Hey I don't think I'll be able to make it this round. Sorry hak