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    Looking for 1w or more - red laser module line/cross to buy

    Hello everybody and thank you for all your answers. Indeed a 700 mw laser line is enough for commun use. But i need a powerfull laser line for an outside installation in a big space that is not dark... I've try with the 700 mw but it's still not strong enough for the effect we are looking. I...
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    Looking for 1w or more - red laser module line/cross to buy

    Hi everybody, Does anybody know where i can buy a red laser module line/cross higher than 700mw 638-650nm ? The one i use for now is this one https://www.laserlands.net/diode-laser-module/600nm-640nm-orange-red-laser-module/3350-638l.html But it's not powerfull enough for me... Thank you...
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    Need help for artistic project with laser

    Hi everybody, I looking for somebody who is interest on working/help on a artistic installation using module laser (this is not a "laser show") The project have allaready start but as my knowledge on laser is "new", I will be mutch faster with a somebody how is into laser since a longtime and...