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    laser and fusion power

    BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Fusion energy hurdle swept aside :)
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    possibility of eye damage?

    We can only hope that it's a troll... :D else... poor kids :(
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    WARNING: Italy has decided to ban Lasers

    In Italy we typically have very strong laws that a lot of times are not respected. It's the double face of Italy. Laser Pointers of Class 3 (CEI EN 60825) are forbidden to import/sell since 1998, until now probably nobody took much care about it. But anything that gets a media attention will be...
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    Cheap 5 mW Green Laser Pointer with IR Filter?

    Hi :) Can you explain this better? You are saying that the "filter" does not absorb IR radiation but it reflect it? With AR you mean this?: Anti-reflective coating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Andrea