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    FS: NUBM07 4W 470nm SL S4X with G8 Lens

    I got f i r e d. Due to COVID. The commercial aerospace industry isn't doing too good right now. I have this big old laser I made last year that's just sitting there and I super cannot afford to pay on my car next month. It maxes out my LPM at 3700mW. Going off the power curve, it should be...
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    Does anyone know what tool they use to screw things in with just a 1/10 inch hole in a heatsink?

    I broke into this 505nm laser to replace the driver, but I'm totally unable to get enough leverage on this heatsink with just an iron nail in order to unthread the heatsink from the tube. These kinds of assemblies are really common in Chinese lasers. Does anyone know what tool they use to screw...
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    Diode Damage from burned glass? PLE 3.5

    I'm not a doctor, at least not anymore, but it seems to me like the dirt was very basic and dissolved the coating off of the lens. In medieval times, you might use ash to wash your hands because it's a source of basic material, so it's good at dissolving things. My guess is your lens was so...
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    Hi! How's it going? I noticed you haven't gotten much traffic on your post. You might want to post this in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum, take pictures and tell us everything about the broken laser I'd offer to do it but I don't know what's wrong with it and I don't exactly have a workshop at the...
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    Need help building blue burning laser!!

    Hi! It's been a while. I've been über busy with my first career job. Things changed a little while I was gone, mostly just the diodes reaching into the 470-500nm range, so that's neat. I've been lurking a little but something happened that made me jump back in here. I was building a wall clock...
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    Growing plants with lasers

    Personally I have never been burned by a 25mw laser, and a plant is way more transparent. Temperature increase might be useful to measure if you can get your hands on one of those $150 thermal imagers for your phone, but only if it's part of any equations you might generate. Of course...
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    Thoughts on my design

    You know what, I don't even know. I kinda just skimmed the thread last night
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    PGS heat sinking question..

    That, my friend, is the question of nightmares. I can say that if temperature stops increasing, the heat transfer rate is at steady state, or 100%. But beyond that you have to treat your problem as a thermal resistance problem. If you're generating 10W, and a solid cylinder without fins, you're...
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    505nm in ebay special module?

    I know this is 10 days late, but Oh yea, dude. I remember doing one of those! It was one of those "500mw 405nm lab lasers" from techhood that turned out to be 300mw with a 500mw capable driver. Needless to say, I turned the pot and blew the diode so I installed a new 3.8 450 in there, using a...
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    Thoughts on my design

    O,kk, here's my opinion but bear with me, i'm a little drink, hold my beer. Your design isn't particularly good in the sense that you would want to sell it in mass production, mainly because the cut grooves are only for aesthetics. I don't thing you gave any thought to convection currents cuz as...
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    PGS heat sinking question..

    IMO, it wouldn't be worth it unless a material with such a conductivity only cost so much more than copper, and then you gotta take design into consideration. Thermal resistance is a great thing to minimize, but being that conductivity is a function of length, the issue is normally, "how small...
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    DOA 301/303 Laser

    Hey there ol friend. Ya, that was a while ago. They're pretty much all hit/miss.
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    505nm and 480nm diode RESULTS

    No way. Is it Christmas? I've been gone a super long time. 500nm is exactly what I've been waiting for. Can't wait to give my rods a show.
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    World first high power underwater handheld laser

    If anyone is going to use this in a swimming pool when they get it, make sure you wear your glasses without exception. When taking this profile pic, the water was way choppy, and the beam was dancing all over the place; it'll b the same under the surface. If you have a round swimming pool, it...
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    DOA 301/303 Laser

    This reminds me of a time I used to sling 303's on eBay for extra laser cash. 660's, 532's, and 404's. Even with anti-static packaging, like 1 in 5 would want a refund because it was DOA. I gave them away on the LPF and nobody said they were broken. It's a funny thing because when I bought 40 or...