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    Back after a while

    What about the rest of their now affordable lasers?
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    Back after a while

    Care to explain?
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    Back after a while

    Hey guys, I'm back after probably a couple of years. So what is Wicked Lasers' reputation like now? When I was really into things, PHR-803t diodes were the cool thing on the block, and a $300 handheld 1 watt laser is very enticing.
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    Gone for a while...Wicked Lasers are cheap?

    I did not know that! Wow. So are you saying that the 445nm diodes aren't good for much other than short range burning since they have awful divergence?
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    Gone for a while...Wicked Lasers are cheap?

    I've been gone for a while. When I left, the cool thing to have was a 405nm laser with a diode from the HD-DVD players. When I left, Wicked Lasers were also incredibly more expensive than they are now. Can someone fill me in on all of this, and what's going on with these 445nm lasers that I'm...
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    WickedLasers hacked!

    Haha, I was just about to post this thread. This is hilarious.
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    Unrelated to lasers - looking for PSP expert

    Hey, back. I've been doing the PSP thing since the days of downgrading to 1.50 with GTA: LCS. I didn't want to order from DX, since that would take a while and it's not really worth the money for a battery that may or may not work.
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    Unrelated to lasers - looking for PSP expert

    I know this isn't laser related, but I'm looking for someone reputable on a forum that I have done trading on, so I've come here. I used to be in the PSP homebrew scene, but I bricked my psp and my friend never got around to making me a pandora battery/memory stick. Now I'm looking to unbrick...
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    405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER

    Re: 405nm AR glass lenses - fit AixiZ  FEELER I basically took an extended break from the entire laser scene, came back, went to this subforum and saw this thread haha. It's been like 5 months or something, I don't think it's happening guys.
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    Trying to find a decent low powered greenie

    Hey guys. I'm trying to find a greenie for my friend. Not too powerful, just enough so the dot is visible in daylight. Can't order off of DX because I'm in the US, and I never trust mW ratings off of the cheaper ones, so I was looking for some suggestions. Trying to stay in the ~$20 range. I saw...
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    Do you live in Washington?

    Well seeing as how you didn't specify between state and D.C., I checked yes. I live in D.C./Maryland
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    FS: wicked core blu-ray >70mw

    More like the Wicked Lasers HARD Core lol
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    My laser makes a red lit dot in thin air...

    I'm guessing that the blu ray does a better job since it can get down to a much shorter focal point, and the photons/packets are much stronger overall at that wavelength.
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    PHR-803T - $12 ...

    Damn, $12? I've been off the forum for a couple of weeks, did something change?  :o
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    Xbox Live Gamer Tag

    I'm AllThatRemains5 You'll most likely catch me on CoD4 or CoD: World at War