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Krogith 01-05-2011 11:15 PM

Thank You, jakeGT for the 1.2W 445nm laser

Thank you very much Sir. You were very helpful. And was very nice to deal with. You gave me a lot of Info.

You made a video for me showing everything and you did it in a few hours.

After giving me a Awesome deal. I buy it and he is back in 30 min with a Tracking #

He gave all the info I needed and kept in contact with me the whole time.

2 days!!! It came in 2 days thats sweet. Like 10 out of 5 stars on the deal. If he saleing something you can trust him hands down No problems.

Very happy with this deal, very very happy. :D

Pics, I couldn't resist to open it and forgot to take a 1st pic but it was all in that big box and everything had it's own bubble wrap around each pic and taped, not to mention all the popcorn. Nice! Nothing could of killed it... well you get what I mean.

Look at this packaging.... Thats all I got to say :drool:

And all of it out in perfect condition.

jakeGT 01-06-2011 12:19 AM

Re: Thank You, jakeGT for the 1.2W 445nm laser
Thank you very much for the nice feedback! I am very glad you like it. And I can't believe it got there in 2 days!! That is just amazing on the behalf of USPS!

And I wrapped everything up as good as I possibly could because I work at fed ex and know how boxes get treated sometimes when a worker is in a bad mood! Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I am going to link this feedback in my sig if you don't care krogith because I plan on selling more stuff in the future and want everyone to know that
I am a good, sincere seller

Thanks again for the feedback!!

Krogith 01-06-2011 12:38 AM

Re: Thank You, jakeGT for the 1.2W 445nm laser
No Problem, you were Honestly a very good buying experience. Very nice and informative on what you sold. You were fast at responses and kept in contact with me the whole time. Packageing was best I've seen and I do buy a lot on-line (i'm disabled in a wheelchair and use it as my store) I have bought a lot, a LOT on-line. The Item was exactly as you stated it was. And I don't think you could of sent it out any sooner, like i stated above you went out in 5 min from the PP payment and then in 30 mins I had a Tracking #. Thats Awesome. I do Recommend you as a seller and would buy from you again.

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