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Default noirlaser.com - DIW lenses

Hey all, still a new member here, but thought I'd ask the more experienced folks before making my safety goggles purchase.

I'm looking to build a 405nm (PHR803T @ ~100mA) and a 650nm (LPC815 @ ~380mA)
(My first post here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/fi...nts-50996.html , I hope I'm continuing to be a good new member, doing my homework before asking for advice!)

While looking around for goggles/glasses I came across noirlaser.com, which I've seen mentioned here a few times (mostly in the buy/sell/trade section), though I couldn't find much information about the specific lenses people use.

The DIW lenses apparently protect against both wavelengths (http://www.noirlaser.com/filters/diw.html)-- OD 3.5 @ 405nm and OD 3 @ 650nm. From what I understand, the OD scale is logarithmic, and OD 1 allows 10% of the energy through, OD 2 lets 1%, OD 3 0.1% and so on. I would think that OD 3 would be sufficient for most of my builds, bringing even 500mW down below the 5mW "flinch" level.

I also visited http://www.laser-professionals.com/r...easyhazweb.htm as noted in Sam's Laser FAQ and came up with values below 3 (both lower than 2.5) for the two builds.

My other concern is being able to see what I'm working on... it seems silly to go too high with protection to the point you can't safely work.

For $135 it seems like a really good deal since the single pair could be used for either wavelength at just about the cost of two individual pairs.
That being said, I'd love for someone to fact check me on that before I purchase though.

Thanks again!

Edit: Just wondering if I committed some otherwise unknown forum faux pas I haven't noticed, or if the people in the know just haven't been across my post yet. I saw some older posts on the DIW lenses that pointed to OEMlasersystems for a bit cheaper than direct from NoIR. I guess I'll order them, as everything else I've read seems to back up what I've found so far. I'm just a bit surprised these lenses aren't brought up more often around here... they seem to be a great deal for the DIY crowd who are harvesting from drives for 405nm and 650nm.

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