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Default Review: danefex 1.6W minisabre V2 polished 445nm

For you lazy people, TL;DR is at the bottom.

Hey LPF, I've been on the forums for a few months now, mostly just reading threads and buying stuff occasionally. I don't post much but I am very happy about my order from danefex so I've decided to do a review.
Here's how the transaction went:
I found out about the host when I searched for 'O-like power rock' on this forum. I forgot which thread it was on but I remember the post was something like 'it looks like danefex's minisabre'. Danefex said he doesn't sell assembled minisabres so I pmed NickD070(since he sells lasers too) and asked if he would assemble the laser for me at a small price, but I was on a tight budget and could not afford it mostly due to the extra shipping from dan to nick, so Nick talked to Dan and he agreed to do it for me, charging me very little for assembly. I went on to make things complicated by saying I want a copper heatsink so I contacted FlaminPyro. At first things were going smoothly, FP told me he had 11 orders on his hands and I was to expect 2 weeks of wait before he can get the heatsink done and sent to Dan. But many things popped up such as health issues. It was August and the heatsink was still not done(Order was placed on late June). Dan was afraid that I would lose interest even though I told him and FP I didn't mind waiting, he decided to use his own money to order a copper heatsink from Jayrob while keeping FP's order. Jayrob got the heatsink done in like 2 days(usually longer but he heard about what happened to me ) and shipped using expedited shipping. He then built the laser, tested it, sent me videos then shipped the laser in 2 packages to avoid custom problems.

Shipping took around 8-10 days, couldn't remember that clearly. The second package which was shipped 3 days later arrived FIRST. I thought the first package was confiscated by customs because it was the one with the diode. But then I received the first package a day later and this is what I saw :

So my package went all the way to Thailand then to me...

Dan used sufficient protection and everything arrived fine. Sorry no pics as I've already thrown them away... Shipping was very fast considering the fact that I live halfway around the world from him.

The laser


(video from Dan)
First reading is 3E lens, second is G lens. You have to subtract 100mW off the readings because Dan's LPM was giving him readings around 100 mW higher than usual. The driver was set at 1.76A so 1.6W should be correct. I have set paper on fire in about 15 seconds before but I don't really know how to do it.

The host gives a very solid feeling especially with the heavy copper heatsink and it looks ***y as hell! Like duh, wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't :P

Side view

Front view

Beam shots!!!

Camera picks the colour up as purple, but it is really blue in person.

Was wondering if a dot would be visible on the moon...

Pretty strong huh?


The host takes in 2x 14500.

I used 2 14500 from nitecore. Bad choice because they are protected and you can't close the tailcap completely. According to Dan, only AW 14500s can fit in perfectly. xxxxfire ones often differ in size and some won't fit. My nitecore ones fits nicely but is too long. It doesn't really bother me at all but I thought you should know this if you're going to get one of the minisabres in the future.

So this is the end of my review! This is just a quick review to let you know how good danefex is as a seller and his host. He truly cares about his customer and do not like unsatisfied ones. If you think anything should be added do tell me in the comments

Thanks for reading!

danefex is a great seller. We faced many delays and problems but dan was very helpful and I managed to get my laser in the end. The laser is powerful and still functions well 2 days after I received it. I give the whole transaction a 9/10.

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minisabre danefex 445nm

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