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Tomkid 07-29-2013 06:41 PM

I need help with my laser phaser!
Im wiring a trigger to my burning laser phaser, but before I do I need to know if this trigger will do. I took the trigger off a plug-in appliance, and snipped the plug and thick wire off it. My phaser is going to be battery powered, probably 2 AA. Im not sure if this will work, or how to wire it correctly. If someone could give me a video link or instructions that'd be awesome. The trigger also had a electric tape thing on it that I cut off because I didn't know what it was.. oops. I can put more on though. Will it still work?

The questions:

How do I rewire the laser to the trigger?
Will the trigger work?
If it won't work what should I buy for it to work or be better?

I have about 20 days for this question to be answered so LETS GOOOO.

Also while I am here, ( btw Im new to lasers and the forums) I just ordered a 405nm 5mW Laser off Amazon, its Violet, but will it burn through things? Does nm have any relation to mW? And if it doesn't burn how can I make it so? I bought it from LEDMall it was 3.66$:wave::thanks:

Glutton 07-29-2013 11:20 PM

Re: I need help with my laser phaser!
Can't help you very much with ur trigger idea except to say that you just need to make sure that the trigger pull completes the circuit.

As for your 405 laser no it will not burn anything at 5mW power and unless you have an under powered phr diode (in which case u can replace the driver and burn) then nothing you can do will enable you to burn.

Generally the wavelength (nm) has nothing to do with its power (mW). Although shorter wavelengths do tend to burn better power levels the same.

Tomkid 08-08-2013 12:42 AM

Re: I need help with my laser phaser!
Thank you! Can you reply to my other one too?

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