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Default building and focusing


I want to make a laser using this module. however, its rather large and the operational temperature seems to start at 10 degrees (So i'd need heating?). this may be a typo, as the other lower powered greens on the website start at MINUS 10 degrees. there was a thread where someone built a host for this, but i dont have access to a lathe and cannot custom machine aluminum stock.

Does anyone know of proper heat sinking and cooling, and a decent host to use, how should i go about this. All the dimensions etc for this module are listed on the page.

i would also like to focus the beam to a concentrated point, how should i do it guys?
can i use an aixis or a meredith aperture for greens? i heard glass lenses can bounce photons back to the diode and damage it, true? IgorT plans to use glass lenses for his new blu rays...

ALSO!! my dx200 arrived. i have noticed that there is a slight faint flare around the dot when shone onto most opaque surfaces. And im not just talking about the glare from the brightness of the dot. how come all the light isn't being collimated into one point? i know that this isnt simply the light spreading across the surface, because the faint dots around the intended focused point move when i move the point itself, and arent light reflecting off the texture of the wall. it's as if they are dust particles on the lens, but they don't rotate when i rotate the lens. which, to me, indicates the imperfect structure of the glass cover at the front of the diode, but surely all the light from the diode would collimate into whatever sized point i wish, wether there are microscopic particles of dust on the diode or not?

in my knowlege, if it is all the same focusable wavelength, it should all converge to a point, whether it has bounced off dust before entering the lens or not. if the problem is with the outside of the final lens, then i understand, these are reflections from particles of whatever junk. even though it looks pretty damn clean, and i have tried cleaning it with a cotton bud... or q-tip (cue tip?) as the american folk call it, but no cigar. same old same old.

instead, i get extra faded light spreading to around 15cm (small and large focus, no matter how big the actual point is) from the actual peimeter of the point itself. Any ideas what this is? is it common? can it be fixed at all?

I know this is a lot of optical science to ramble on about, but i cant help being a perfectionist.



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