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Default Some help please

Hi. I have owned a 100mw green laser for around three years. I just dug it out again as the nights are getting long and noticed that the beam seems to have a lot of scatter in it.

Ie the beam is still strong but when shone it seems to have what i would describe as a halo around it. I have removed the lense and tried cleaning it. (the lense is of te type that can screw in front or backwards. When the lense is removed and I point it at te ceiling the blurred beam doesn't seem to look like just a blurred dot. More like a few blurs.

I may have dropped it before I don't know. I was considering dismantling an older 20mw model I have and trying to swap the lenses

What are the chances the crystal has become in alligned? If this was the case would it be even possible to fix? I really can't remember where I bought it from as it was a present. Needless to say it still puts a dot onto clouds and seems to travel a very respectable distance indeed but I'd like to fix this scatter issue

I have checked and used the search iption but spent three hours looking for help to no avail. I'm in London uk if someone is local and might be able to fix it for me for a small fee I am happy to travel

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Ps. To describe the laser. It's black. It has gold screw in ends and a gold pen holder type thing on the back. The activation button is also gold but came loose months ago. Label says power output 100mw 532nm class IIIb product

Thanks in advance.

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