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Question Advice required for laser selection

Hi all,

I am building an electronics project - a projection drum pad that involves me needing to project the location of 4 drum pads onto a flat surface. I am considering using low-power lasers to do this but I am pretty sure the fact that the squares are placed in a row (one after the other getting further and further away from the laser), the squares will not be even.

Failing this, the alternative would be to have 2 lasers pointing along a flat surface, similarly to tramlines which would provide the length of the pads, and then just a single dot per drum pad. The only issue with this is that I believe lasers legal in the UK without any safety equipment or training needed are too low power for one to be able to see the beam of light coming from the laser - only the dot is visible.

The lasers would need to be placed inside a small electronics casing so preferably small ones would be ideal. As well as this, I am looking to remove the push buttons on them to connect them up together so that when I plug in the device to power, the lasers all turn on automatically.

It is integral that they are legal within the UK without needing safety goggles or prior training (I believe that is <5mW).

Don't mind spending a bit of money but my budget isn't massive (max probably about 25/$40), so a custom head on a laser pointer is somewhat out of the question, as they are incredibly expensive.

Cheers guys

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beam visibility, diffraction grating, legality, low power, small

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