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Default Re: Drilling hole in button mod?

Originally Posted by Sniper
can you change the diode in the laser pointer or is that to hard? when a laser "dies" what really goes wrong with the laser to make it stop working?
MANY things can kill a laser - the diode, the MCA, the crystals, the optics....all very carefully assembled, can poop out on you from one simple drop *

If you over tweak the Potentionometer on a pointer, it most likely will be feeding too much juice to the diode, effectively burning it up. *You COULD replace the diode, but it is a very difficult task on most pointers, and virtually impossible on most others !

In order to remove the 10mw diode for the Aixiz module to make my Dvd-Burner laser, I had to kill it. *A lot of the diodes are PRESSED into place in their heatsink, and that pressure is done by machinery, I have no doubt. *They are (at least MY experience has led me to know) impossible to remove without killing them *:'( Poor little diodes.

You can short out your MCA (the electronic board connected to the diode - the part that has the potentionometer on it, and all the little electronic chips, and such) which means you will not be supplying the diode with power -DEAD laser again

If the crystals come out of alignment, or the optics get screwed up somehow - like an idiot (me !) prying the lense out, and scratching it all to hell and back again....ALMOST dead. *The crystals, without knowing EXACTLY what you are doing, forget it - you might never get them aligned properly in order to transmute the 808nm diode into pretty, 532nm green output, so might as well say DEAD at that point too !

Running them too long - causing heat to build up, and melting SOMETHING internal to the laser is kinda bad, too....these things put out quite a bit of heat when working - if heat builds up too much - you can kill stuff too....DEAD again.

It all biols down to taking care of your toys ! *Errr, I mean Lasers !

Back to the first part of your post....yes, you can change it out - but experience HELPS LOTS ! I have not been able to remove a diode without destroying it yet - might be lack of patience, or the correct tools !

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