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Default easy fix for lazerer LZSK532-400 defective end cap

hey folks, so i got my laser today. looks good packed good over spec a little bit even. 76mw IR 487mw MAX and 485 STABLE.

However the tail cap is defective. actually, i think its not designed for flat positive end batterys. my sanyo 18650 from lazerer has a flat positive end and so it does not make contact with the recessed contact in the end cap.

Well, i tried the wire from positive to case and it lit up. so, i decided id try to solve it. it turns out there is a spring under neath the contact and i think its just seated in there and the plastic holds it in around the contact. I got out the solder and soldering iron to put a drop of solder on the contact to make it work. this did solve the problem how ever.

BE careful because i noticed that once the contact is heated in short time the spring will push the contact out farther, because this happened i did not need any solder on the contact and was able to get it off. I would use another tool with a point to hold the contact down while its heated briefly and then slowly allow it to come out a little. then i held it there and blew on it to cool for about 10 seconds and its stayed put. I thought of trying to spread a thin layer of solder on the positive end to bring it closer to the contact. but I did not feel this was safe to heat the battery up this way and maybe cause a fire or worse.

Hope this helps someone. If your not comfortable with soldering or do not want to attempt this your self. Just contact Max and im sure he will send another cap....although it may have the same issue.

and obviously, this is done at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible if things go wrong. enjoy

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