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Default Overspecced 125 mW green (532 nm) handheld laser pointer (output 160+ mW)


For sale is an overspecced 532nm (green) 125 mW laser pointer. It is the most powerful in the Viper Series collection from dragonlasers. The actual operating power of this particular laser is ~160-170 mW.

Some specs of this laser are:
The Viper series green laser pointers are classics with unrivalled class, sophistication and sheer power. No other laser combines a stunning and compact pocket sized case with a brilliant green beam that goes for miles, burst balloons and light matches. A must have for any one serious about green laser pointers.

The world's classic green laser pointer.
Quality praised by thousands of users.
The best components with the highest level of quality.
Light weight, sturdy and durable reinforced shell.
High visible and long range emerald green beam.
Superb burning ability, amaze and impress others.
Multi purpose, ideal for numerous applications.
Built in protective infra red (IR) filter.

532nm Green
Average Output Power 15mW to 200mW
Output Power measured over 60 seconds at 23 Celsius
13mm x 150mm
Net Weight
55 Gram
Power Supply
2 * AAA Batteries
Working Current
DC 3V, <600mA
Diode Life Time
>5000 Hours
Beam Divergence
Beam Diameter
1.2mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode
Operating Mode
Working Temperature
15C to 35C

Comparison Chart For Burning and Power

Viper Series Output Power

Laser beam dot is visible
Laser beam is visible at night
Laser beam is visible in day light
Can burn holes in black plastic
Pop black or dark balloons
Stings bare skin
Light matches
Can burn/cut black electrical tape
Melt rubber and some plastics

As for item condition:

This laser has been lightly used, however has been kept in pristine condition. I have always kept it in the foam case when not in use, with the batteries removed. The lens and diode are all clean and scratch/dust free. As can be seen, the diode life time is estimated at >5000 hours of use, and I have MAYBE used 2 hours of that total.

Accessories that are included in this sale are:
-----Original foam carrying case the laser came in
-----Two diffraction gratings, (valued at $30,) which create the effects seen in photo two.
-----8x rechargeable AAA eneloop 800 mAh batteries, chosen specifically to work within the requirements of this laser pointer for their voltage and mAh (a $20 value)
-----AAA Sanyo battery recharger with cord (a ~$15 value)

In total, this is around a $350 package for all these items new! I am asking for $130 (I will pay shipping to the US and Canada, and any desired order tracking. I will ship internationally but will expect some of the cost to be paid by buyer). I know I don't have many posts here but I am a well rated seller on ebay (checkers6676) and I am willing to do any steps to ensure there is no risk of scamming, such as paying for postage tracking, signature confirmation, etc.etc. You name it.

Let me know if you have any questions. As stated above, this is an overspecced 125 mW viper series green laser from dragon lasers, with all necessary accessories.

Feel free to email me at abenne9@gmail.com
I am also happy to discuss the item on the phone with interested buyers, email me for my number.

I am quoting all my pictures from my last thread, which got cluttered with various buyers and posts. I have made this new thread for the sake of expediency and efficiency. If you want to see the old thread for any reason, it is here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/12...ter-71916.html

Originally Posted by checkers6676 View Post
I will be more than happy to use a middle man in this trade.


With diffraction grating, lights on.

With diffraction grating, lights off.

Again with lights off, diffraction grating.

Igniting a match (you can see the burn hole left in the diffraction grating - lights on image).

I took this image in the Big Bend national park several months ago, pretty awesome.
Originally Posted by checkers6676 View Post
LPM data was taken at Louisiana State University. The highest it went was in the 170 mW range, and then dropped down to around 160 mW over 1 minute. The professor said there was a neutral density filter on the LPM and that the result should be multiplied by 1000 (the reading was 0.xxx, so multiplying by 1000 gives the mW count). Apparently the laser is way overspeced, I asked the prof if the LPM had been calibrated correctly and he seemed insulted that I would think it wasn't, he said his lab deals exclusively with laser technology for their experiments.

Please ask any questions you may have!

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