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charliebruce 02-03-2009 08:46 PM

Feeler: Dorcy builds
I'm currently just wondering what people are willing to pay, and how many people would be interested: I would be willing to assemble nicely-made Dorcy builds complete with Dark_Horse's anodised heatsink, Arctic Silver paste, lens cap and generally high build quality. Prices would be approx. as follows:

Red LOC at 420mA * * - * *$130
803T at current of choice - * *$130

Coated lens +- cost on IgorT's GB *

Shipping negotiable but I'd guess at around $12 for UK and $15 for international? I would write whatever you want on the customs declaration (provided it is not false - that would be illegal - for example "light module" or "light diode" would be allowed, but "toy" or anything else would not be) or split the packages into legal "modules" for self-assembly, but you will then be responsible for any seizures by customs or charges.

If Dark_Horse would be willing, he could ship you the torch body, potentially disassembled, and the heatsink and modules to me, with me assembling the modules then shipping to you with items such as a tool for disassembling the torch body fully and instructions, thus remaining OEM modules rather than assembled "pointers".

I would offer any repairs at cost of parts and shipping, but currently, no "warranties" of any sort, sorry. If you're wondering why these prices are higher than self-assembly, it's because I take around 15 for my time, and I would pay UK import tax and handling on the dorcy kits. If you're interested, please PM me or post below.

For personal reasons I may require that you prove responsibility and ownership of a set of goggles, and a disclaimer stating you will be safe and that I take no responsibility for your actions. An age requirement will probably be set also.

Thanks for your time!

charliebruce 02-03-2009 08:58 PM

Re: Feeler: Dorcy builds
As a side-note, if there's any interest, I could probably offer other diodes too, such as a 6X, PS3 or Closed-Can diode. Prices would be around $127.50 + the diode? I currently have no LPM but could send it to a member who does, to act as a middle-man, if people are unsure of anything.

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