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  1. Current options for "plug and play" host for 12x30mm modules with drivers?
  2. Can you recommend a host ready for assembly?
  3. Laser Hosts Copper Color
  4. Quality Host Help
  5. What do you Think ?
  6. Arctic Spyder 3 Replica
  7. A Good Start I Think.
  8. Any reviews on Greedby 301 hosts
  9. It finallly came...
  10. Spyder Arctic Laser Mini Prototype
  11. Custom Hosts Feeler...
  12. Anyone with gauge & 26650 host?
  13. Does anyone here anodize?
  14. Laser Glove / LG-MKII
  15. Some recent buys and builds
  16. Lifetime17 host Blackbuck 8a/NUGM01T GBALL
  17. Quick build mini Cree A type m140/flexdrive 1.4a/1.5w g2
  18. Drill bit guide for 12mm heatsink
  19. Ordered some new round bar.....
  20. ARO MkI
  21. A new one-off from Gadget Labs...
  22. Picatinny Mount type Host
  23. PBS-1 style Airsoft Silencer - Bear with me here...
  24. Proper connection's?
  25. Sassafrass is gettin' some goodies today...
  26. AaronTs Very First Build - NUBM06 Powered Wand Phaser
  27. XPL 310 plug and play
  28. Side Clicky 14500 (2x14250) Flashlight Host
  29. PGL-III-C exact specs?
  30. C-cell maglite notice
  31. Hosts for 488nm build?
  32. Is it feasible? 6 D Cell Maglite to host 4 x NUMB44s
  33. What does your dream host look like?
  34. Coming soon: Custom hosts
  35. Ultrasabers The Guardian Unboxing and Dimensions **WARNING PIC HEAVY**
  36. Ebay "Ultrafire" 2x26650 Host for NUBM06 or MUBM44 build
  37. Multiple Power Setting Interlock Plug Idea
  38. Lightsaber host obi-wan tpm
  39. 2x26650 host - suggestions?
  40. Mini/Pocket Laser Host Concept
  41. Host & Heatsink Prototypes
  42. is this acceptable?
  43. Looking for an awesome laser host
  44. (EDIT. New pics)Lot of requests for machining lately...
  45. Mechanical Mod Advice?
  46. My newest collection
  47. Flashlight mods
  48. Heat Sinks for 3D printed Hosts
  49. Brass modules and Aluminium Pointer
  50. I'm looking for input on host designs.
  51. Is anyone making D Cell mag light heatsinks?
  52. finding a host for a scifi diode
  53. Help with mechanical mod
  54. Aspire CF Mod!
  55. Found a nice host at Home Depot
  56. Big host
  57. Gun-type host
  58. Does LPF needs a new machinist?
  59. Gone!
  60. Trendkilla254's First Pen Build
  61. Need help, beginner
  62. What happens when you mix two cheap hosts...
  63. My First Build
  64. Possible fake ultrafire wf-501b
  65. Are there any hosts like this?
  66. power banks directly
  67. Good host for 3w 9mm laser build
  68. Conical adapter with extended lenght copper heatsink and G-2 lens?
  69. How to build a laser? Help please!
  70. Attn machinist: WTB 6 AL or Cu pen hosts.
  71. Looking for a portable 16340 host for a 445nm
  72. S4X Host
  73. Help making a host
  74. Tungsten Hosts?
  75. Looking for this Host
  76. Supfire L3
  77. Any interest in these cheap 5.6mm Housings?
  78. Post your pics of hosts awaiting a build
  79. would anyone be intersted in buying this WL replica host
  80. SR-5 HOST from budget beams
  81. Honey I Shrunk the host
  82. MagicFire host "BigBoy"
  83. unaccessible
  84. Possible New Mini Flashlight Host.
  85. A host concept....
  86. UPDATE new wicked laser "replica" HOST UPDATE
  87. Star Wars Mini light saber key chain host
  88. Parts for a host
  89. M140 Safe Temp?
  90. Golden Orb PC CPU heatsink host
  91. Modifying a 301 host?
  92. Replacement clicky switch???
  93. Black square housings from china?
  94. Found the sr-5/xm-l t6 hosts again
  95. Custom Saber Host
  96. Pen Laser Thread
  97. Brand new custom host?
  98. Need help finding a host
  99. Soldering to case of 5.6mm laser diode?
  100. Host is done and ready to roll
  101. Case neutral host?
  102. Ehgemus fan thread, post your photo's of the host he built for you.
  103. UltraFire CREE XML T6 Tactical
  104. Compatable Hosts?
  105. Waterproof hosts for DIY scuba lasers
  106. Who Would Be Interested In Some Brass Hosts?
  107. New all copper host project
  108. Focusable 12mm chrome O-like pen host found
  109. I really like this laser body.
  110. pentium Oem heatsink for 3.5 diode host
  111. Post your pics of unique builds no-one else has
  112. [Q] What host should I buy for a M140 diode?
  113. C6 option pics
  114. Which host for my new laser?
  115. Very heavy host ideas
  116. Waterproof 1x18650?
  117. Stainless Flashlight host (18650x1, metal tailswitch button - nice!))
  118. "Batter Up" Baseball Bat style host
  119. Possible host?
  120. laser host for pl520
  121. Flashlight Host Help
  122. Host request. For my greeni NDG700 700mW 520nm
  123. WTB a copper bodied pen host suitable for a 532 module w/ side switch.
  124. $3.99 for WF-501B host with the coupon WF501B
  125. Looking for Host for 2w 445nm diode
  126. Heatsink / mount for a 16mm module
  127. A New Machinist
  128. Feeler: Pelican M6 2330 Host
  129. Led Maglite host or parts
  130. RawPaul Host
  131. New host for my laser
  132. Host with good Heat sinking?
  133. Cheap and reliable host from member?
  134. Can anybody machine this?
  135. Economic lab heatsink?
  136. Marsfire host
  137. i need a host
  138. Request ...
  139. Driver positive spring question
  140. Once a diode is in the module, does the module have to be grounded?
  141. tactical laser pen?
  142. Any Machinists Capable of This?
  143. ebay laser hosts
  144. WTB: Heatsink for Lazerer Rifle Look-a-like Host
  145. Another large host thread!
  146. Any CNC machined bodies for a green laser?
  147. Large hosts under $50?
  148. Review of the Sinner Cyperus II XL 2x18650
  149. Awesome host and heatsink for $6.76!
  150. Oops
  151. The Ultimate Host
  152. 501b Help please
  153. Ultrafire fw-501b or 502b extension tube?
  154. Deanodized C6
  155. polished c6 host
  156. Special request: not a host, but an extension.
  157. Making a momentary/stand switch
  158. List of host
  159. Collapsible Baton/Pirate Scope Host
  160. Has anyone used this ebay host: 405 650 660 635 Laser housing with Focusing Lens... ?
  161. The Copernicus 2
  162. -
  163. And now, for something completely different....
  164. Compatible Module for standard ebay pen style host.
  165. I have 30$ and I need a laser host
  166. Ehgemus powdercoat experiment
  167. 15W C-Mount Diode Host Needed
  168. Hmmm...if I had $400 to blow...
  169. Got a great candidate for a host body on amazon
  170. Polished Survivallasers S4
  171. Host Design Contest: Poll/Update in OP
  172. AA pen host?
  173. 501B host
  174. Trustfire tr-801 host
  175. Stocking Stuffer Pen Host ** PIC HEAVY **
  176. OK So What Fits in this Host?
  177. Host Driver Pills
  178. Guidesman question
  179. Which Host to Use??
  180. Pman 1000th post
  181. Cheapest Arctic look alike host I could find
  182. Could I Use This As a Host?
  183. Pen Lite Host
  184. Bullet Laser COMPLETE! :) PIC HEAVY?
  185. 1930 Eveready Penlight [Pic Heavy]
  186. Best dual 18650 host?
  187. C6 Momentary Button
  188. 2 to 1 host;)
  189. 100mW 532nm module housing
  190. Need a 2 AA Battery Host
  191. Difference between c6 and SH-032?
  192. The SS Minnow
  193. Nice Cree XP-E Q5. Anyone?
  194. Does it fit a standard green laser?
  195. Need help finding tailcap replacement
  196. $10.90 Aurora C6 Host!
  197. skyray all the way
  198. my afternoons work ..
  199. T6 and C6 Hosts
  200. Battery for Saik 305
  201. Waterproof Host Suitable for 445nm?
  202. Stripping Anodise With Hydroxide
  203. Cool hosts!
  204. How about these for a host :)
  205. Looking for better lenses...
  206. Place to buy MXDL host.
  207. Laser For Iphone?
  208. Idea for a very small M140 host
  209. Where to get Laser Pointer Hosts?
  210. Saik Build help
  211. Naming schemes and platforms on light housing and hosts
  212. What Host is Going to Get Your Rocks Off?
  213. Great (flashlight) Laser hosts
  214. Are Custom Stainless Steel Hosts Possible?
  215. Where can I get these laser hosts?
  216. Discerning Thermal Limits in Hosts
  217. Cree c8 Pill-less build help
  218. Requesting Full Host Kit <$25 (not c6)
  219. Can Anyone Mill Me Some Stuff for a WF-501b Host
  220. Need measurements for the WL Sonar
  221. WTB: C2 host
  222. PL520 Diodes - What Host Will YOU Use?
  223. Guidesman host?
  224. Cree Q4 Host
  225. 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver
  226. Would I be able to use this as a host?
  227. 2X 18650, heat sink, host questions
  228. How about this for a vintage host?
  229. Ray Gun host WIP
  230. Lazerer Cyber style host oh ekbay
  231. Lightsaber host
  232. Possible host idea?
  233. WF-501B hosts - $5.80!
  234. Best way to remove anodizing and polish up a host?
  235. heat sink
  236. Hand half-polished host!
  237. Cool laser hosts on ebay
  238. I want a laser in a gun-like host :D
  239. What do you guys think about this host?
  240. Threading Aixiz module into host
  241. WL S3 host
  242. Use of Silver for a Heatsink?
  243. So i have some hosts PICTURE HEAVY
  244. Maglite Sale at Lowe's!
  245. Need to find a new host, I think Aurora c6 is not enough
  246. C3 - Black or silver?
  247. 532nm 400mW Green laser module host
  248. Favorite BIG host
  249. What is your favorite SMALL host?
  250. jayrob 'Tutorial Style' Kit Threads - Projects And Tutorials Too...