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  1. Most efficient way to find duty cycle?
  2. High precision LPM with Ophir 20C-Y-A/150/30 etc... possible with new board.
  3. No access to any LPM owner; what's the most accurate and easiest to make DIY LPM?
  4. Make Your Own Spectrometer for Under $1
  5. Where can i find a LPM for sale?
  6. What Sensor for Measurement
  7. Hyperion Cuprum is in!
  8. Can a TMP36 as a LPM Meter Sensor?
  9. LPM using a photodiode
  10. Distance Measuring Lasers
  11. Lasermeter kit from odicforce
  12. Partial mirror beam splitter for high power laser measurements
  13. LPM for this sensor?
  14. Hyperion LPM + Vritonuzz Data Logger Platform
  15. Peregrine and Arduino help
  16. Unidentified Thermopile
  17. LPM stopped working...
  18. Help me put together a laser test bench
  19. LPM Inquiry (0.1 or 0.5 mW measurements?)
  20. Laser Power Stability (rms)
  21. Mystery Ophir
  22. LPM TEC connecting wires
  23. LPMs
  24. Question about Ophir 20C-A-1-Y
  25. Sensor wanted (for pointers between 10mW and 1W)
  26. Atlantis DIY Laser Power Meter
  27. Ophir vs Scientech?
  28. Ophir 20C-UAU without PC ?
  29. LD Emitter Sizes - Please post your LD Data Sheets or findings here!
  30. Let's talk about divergence (mrad)
  31. Super score
  32. Anyone Heard of This Laser Precision Corp LPM Sensor?
  33. Digital Thermometer W/ Thermocouple to Determine Duty Cycle?
  34. Laserbee 3.7W USB Driver Issues
  35. Ophir DG-HH
  36. Do I want to buy a lpm any recommendation?
  37. Anyone have a Scientech 362? What do you think of it?
  38. LPM response times question
  39. Measuring superpulsed lasers
  40. color, power, and visibility.
  41. Anyone who can measure the IR nm of some diodes for me?
  42. Any ideas about Digital SANWA LP1 Optical Laser Power Meter
  43. Calibrating my Scientech LPM
  44. Help with power vs. irradiance
  45. opinion on this scienctech
  46. Map of Members with Access to Laser Power Meters
  47. Radiant X4
  48. anyone have info on this LPM?
  49. Multimeter Help!!!
  50. Current absorption and beam measurement
  51. Measuement power laser using solar cell
  52. Cheap LPM's, is that a TEC used on the head?
  53. LPM las vegas nv
  54. wy laser pointer didn't work anymore
  55. LPM csv file graphing app
  56. Has anyone ever tested a generic "Laser 301" build?
  57. Help needed with Divergence measurement
  58. laser power conversion needed...
  59. Does anyone have a Laser output meter?
  60. NDB7A75 Chart
  61. OPHIR Head 170298
  62. Laser visual equivalence tool!! V1.0
  63. LPM Graphing: Connection Problems.
  64. LPM circuit
  65. Cheapo pointer power guess
  66. LPM Request (Free diode!)
  67. Power Fluctuations - Attributable to Which?
  68. Spectroscopes
  69. EG&G Electro-Optics 460-1A use/repair?
  70. Cheap DIY Heat Sink for Ophir 20C
  71. Choosing a laser
  72. Laserbee EagleEye 1 strange issue and unusable!
  73. What is the best efficiency on visible wavelengths?
  74. How powerful are 5 mW eBay pointers in reality?
  75. Building my own LPM?
  76. Radiant Electronics X4 at less than 10mw, how accurate?
  77. X4 LPM mod?
  78. Ophir 40w-oema-tr2
  79. LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8
  80. Laser power output test
  81. Anyone in the Miami, FL area?
  82. 1W Beam focused on Ophir head -damaged?
  83. laser to measure wall
  84. Taking Peregrine out of Java and into C.
  85. Rubicon and Peregrine
  86. Spectral Workbench by Public Lab
  87. Crooke's radiometer as crude LPM
  88. Self-mixing laser diode vibrometer.
  89. Output Power formula.?
  90. Working backwards to find approximate Wattage
  91. [Pic Heavy] My DIY LPM by Kalmito
  92. Community calibration
  93. Needed: LaserBee 2.5 USB disk
  94. Laser Brightness calculator made by nprlaser :D
  95. Radiant 4X LPM is not defective
  96. Hobby Grade Laser Beam Profiler
  97. Anyone in the KCMO area with meter?
  98. Dust cover for Ophir heads
  99. Calling all Australians with LPM's!
  100. LPM's with better response time?
  101. cheap LPM
  102. WIP - My LPM - Completed!
  103. Anyone have info ip-220 head
  104. Beam profiling, best tools and diy ideas
  105. Scientech Calorimeters and Negative Resistance
  106. Rebuilt ophir diy lpm. One more mod for the lpm fans
  107. Does anyone know if something like this would be a good Oscilloscope?
  108. Look what arrived today...
  109. Radiant Electronics is back!
  110. Idea for homemade LPM
  111. Medium Wave IR
  112. Datalogging? On MY Scientech?
  113. probleme de pointer laser
  114. My LPM build *so far*
  115. Batch LPM testing tool?
  116. Open Source LPM: What interests you?
  117. eBay is Ridiculous
  118. My monochromator
  119. OPHIR 20C-A-1-Y on Ebay
  120. [PIC HEAVY] Got a Monochromator!
  121. Introducing the 10W Rubicon X LPM!
  122. Need an LPM for measuring less than .7mw of 780nm ??
  123. Grid does nothing in IR?
  124. Measure the power of my laser ?
  125. How to make LPM?
  126. Strange Artifacts of new LPM's output...
  127. LPM In a Cube!! Bluetooth is Working!!
  128. LPM List Problems (looking for an LPM)
  129. Identifying leads of a quadrature photodiode
  130. Giveaway #1: Delta Isis
  131. LPM Design: A Beginner's Guide
  132. Proper wiring for DIY 9v Ophir power supply?
  133. Need help
  134. USB LPM Screen Addon
  135. Peregrine 1.4 beta - Packed with new features!
  136. Introducing the Delta Isis
  137. LPM Response Time - Who needs it?
  138. Ophir 20C-A-1-Y 1h zeroing test
  139. Introducing the Rubicon LPM and the Delta Line of LPM's
  140. Need a picture of a LPM measurement for a green laser
  141. Newport-Ophir-Spiricon ePulse News Letter
  142. Blue beam laser distance meter
  143. Offroad LPM with Ophir 20C boards from J.BAUER Electronics
  144. Ophir 20C heat sink by Mrcrouse
  145. Open Source LaserBee SDK!
  146. Laser Beam Divergence, Diameter, Power App
  147. Anybody else never gotten an efficient diode?
  148. Approximating laser power without LPM - A scientific way
  149. Ophir BeamCube
  150. Possible heatsinks for Ophir 20C?
  151. I'm Almost Ready For 20W Speedy style!
  152. How to use my laserbee?????
  153. I'm Almost Ready For 20W!!!
  154. Ophir 20C-a-1-y 2 left @$275
  155. How to keep a TEC Sensorhead clean and dust free?
  156. ALL GONE: Ophir 20C-A-1-Y SOLD!!!!
  157. LPM buyers guide
  158. Ophir 20C-A-1-Y up to 20W
  159. Is there a need in a driver?
  160. Need to build a driver
  161. Question about ophir head?
  162. Is this a proper LPM?
  163. ophir 20c-a-1-y OUT OF STOCK???
  164. Need commend a Laser power measure machine
  165. Affordable LPM for Beginners
  166. My Budget Ophir Power Supply
  167. How to measure high power laser beams.
  168. Ophir Info
  169. How to measure output of a laser projector.
  170. USERS' thoughts on their 5W LPM systems
  171. Simple Laser range finder
  172. Power of M140 at 1.7amp ?
  173. Tutorial: Adding Data Logging to the LB-A
  174. What am I doing???
  175. What if I Don't Have an LPM?
  176. Help Needed: LPM Response Acceleration
  177. The power of a 5 Watt 808nm Diode
  178. Special Data Logging build for a customer...
  179. Simple Single Battery LPM
  180. How to bin a diode?
  181. Thermopile sensor question
  182. NOSPIN 5W with ARG Data Logging Add-On
  183. DIY LPM interface to DMM, possible?
  184. bs detector lpm experiment
  185. Power Losses in Thermal Measurements of Lasers (Theoretical)
  186. LPM in Central Utah?
  187. Single Source OPHIR/DPM Regulated Power Supply...
  188. Dot comparison at different distances
  189. ARGraph Datalogging project and info.
  190. LaserBee™/EagleEye™ - The Ultimate Standard for Hobbyist's Laser Power Meter needs..
  191. DIY Split Rail +/- Circuit for Ophir heads
  192. laser meter reader for sale
  193. Need lpm calibration SoCal
  194. Ophir cables
  195. Allegations of LaseerBee Product Inaccuracy by ARGLaser
  196. LaserBees and Third-Party Software
  197. What is the lowest thickness of laser beam?
  198. Inacccuracy of LaserBee products
  199. MacOS Laserbee and other data parsing method (alternative)
  200. ARGMeter the Open Source Laser Power Meter
  201. Looking for someone with a spectrometer!
  202. Peregrine - The Free, Open Source LPM Interface
  203. Looking for LPM Help
  204. Laserbee LPM running on Mac
  205. TEC and OPHIR fun (pic heavy)
  206. Newbie looking for a cheap DIY LPM tutorial
  207. 3.2W LaserBee II manual?
  208. Anyone in South Africa with an LPM?
  209. Quick question about Ophir sensor
  210. HELP!! Is an Optical Power Meter different from LPM?
  211. Calibration Laser weekend project
  212. Got my arduino uno today and a open USB to Serial (arduino)
  213. Low Power LPM?
  214. ARGMeter Open Source - Coming Soon
  215. Advanced math/physics oriented: Alternatives for measuring laser beam diameter?
  216. All in one LPM Prototype
  217. Using a laserbee on a smartphone?
  218. Newbie here. NI Multisim green laser diode help?
  219. ARGraph datalogging add on - Open Source
  220. Trevor's LumenOS for Kenometer Pro
  221. Wicked Lasers Arctic power graph's
  222. Beam size meaurements
  223. Older Kenometer , Can it be made to read 2W+ ?
  224. Looking for a cheap LPM
  225. power meter
  226. 5W ophir 20C LPM by Offroad now + datalogging
  227. Tutorial: LPM Curve Adustment
  228. DIY Ophir LPM
  229. Ophir LPM Build
  230. LaserBee VS Ophir. What is this?
  231. i think this is to and lmp but dont know
  232. help identifying lpm
  233. Thoughs about this Ophir Head?
  234. Can anyone LPM?
  235. Laser Power Question
  236. Good LPM for around $100-200?
  237. Focusing Flashlight Beam?
  238. Calibration needed for LPM
  239. DIY Specrometer Project
  240. LPM screenshots
  241. My new 4.3 watt 445nm!!!!!
  242. Local lpm
  243. Justinjja's LPM "No longer a Prototype" :D
  244. Are there any LPM's with charts?
  245. Synrad LPM
  246. How not to treat your thermopiles
  247. Custom Analog Ophir LPM
  248. Custom Digital Ophir LPM
  249. Coherent Fieldmaxii TOP
  250. Zallus Laser Power Meter