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  1. DIY 445nm laser engraver
  2. My 6X Cylindrical corrected nubm44
  3. Beam expander for sci fi laser
  4. My new 2.5w Arctic!
  5. PLTB-450B laser66 build with LED indicator
  6. NUBM06 445nm diode.
  7. 90W blue (14 diodes onto one spot, death star style)
  8. 445 nm 2W Laserpointer or module
  9. Warsun Mini Stainless Lasers
  10. [FINISHED] Laser66 Laser Pen w/LED Indicator
  11. Visibility of 445nm laser beam
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  13. 445nm Laser Build (Laser66)
  14. NDB7675 + NUBM07E Laser Build
  15. NUBMO7E build 4a
  16. 2W M462 Laser Build !!!
  17. Help for total newbie
  18. The laser has led'd.
  19. help on build
  20. Sanwu pocket 445nm laser 500mw with G7 lens review
  21. 2W 445nm M140 M (HELP)!
  22. Comple 1.5W 445nm Laser Pointer using 502b host.
  23. laser classe 4
  24. M-140 Camo C8
  25. Wicked Laser 445nm 5mW
  26. high power 450nm questions
  27. SX4 build, Momentary side switch w/ 7A75 diode!
  28. 3 watt 445nm lens focus
  29. 465nm/470nm 6W peak (lots of build pics)
  30. best multimode diode in regards to beam specs help.
  31. Need some blue laser purchasing advice
  32. Blue Beamshot Compilation
  33. Driver, need some help and is someone selling here?
  34. driver help
  35. M140 445nm intesity reduced help
  36. Building Krypton Groove with M462 diode
  37. Offers for good quality 2w 445nm blue laser?
  38. Cyprus Pen 2-10440 cells
  39. m140 2W laser focusing trouble
  40. NDB7875 Winked out and I don't know why?
  41. Cypreus series host
  42. Saik SA 305
  43. Will this aluminum heatsink be enough?
  44. very surprised (19$ diode ca$io BUILD)
  45. blue beauties
  46. 3w NDB7875 build
  47. NDB7242E Diode Update
  48. M140 Beam Divergence Questions
  49. A laser derringer.
  50. 445 vs 450nm
  51. Is this laser legit?
  52. 445nm m140 diode from DTR ship to Vietnam
  53. Finally I got 1W
  54. NUBM44 diode in copper module from DTR with 4.5amp driver in an Eghemus host
  55. First Actual Build :)
  56. What diode is the best
  57. Problem with laser and questions
  58. 7 Watt NUBM44 MX900 Build
  59. NDB7875 Run Time
  60. Need help before buying my first 1w 445nm
  61. To blue or not to blue 445nm is the question
  62. 445nm/1.8mW/M140 :-))
  63. Looking for inspiration on an Arctic S3
  64. 3.1 Watt MX900 445nm Build/Rick Trent Heatsink Review
  65. Something isnt quite right with my beam
  66. 20mm shell ( revised)
  67. 19$ casio 445 diode
  68. 10x beam exspander 445 NDB7875
  69. Stainless Steel Side clicky 445
  70. 2W laser to remove wasp's nest
  71. 3.5W NDB7A75 445nm Eghemus host build
  72. Broken LD pins
  73. Is it me or the lens?
  74. my SAIK-Modded build (owned since 2013) [Picture Heavy]
  75. 2.8 watt laser killed?
  76. "Zombie Killer" 3.3 Watt 445 Build
  77. Math for Laser Incident? (And a warning to others for eye safety)
  78. NUBM44 handheld advice
  79. Will pay someone to repair my 445nm 3.1w sci-fi laser
  80. NUBM07E 465nm 2.9W Diode Test (Hitting 470nm+)
  81. 2W M140 445nm Aktiv cooled Laser
  82. Second Flashlight conversion to 1W 445nm
  83. First Flashlight conversion to 1W 445nm
  84. Cute little industrial style PL450B build
  85. Hello fellow laser enthusiasts!
  86. 16340 3.7v 450mAh li-on batteries
  87. What projector contains what type of diode?
  88. 1w~1.5W 445nm Blue Laser in c6 Host
  89. driver question
  90. Laser just died
  91. NUBM44 6W+ 450nm Laser Diode
  92. Driver Settings and Current consumption
  93. Laser arrived without lens in focus ring.
  94. 1.8W & 2W pics bordem set in
  95. 3.5W diode and driver
  96. Which one should i buy?
  97. 20mm 445nm
  98. temperature of 9mm diode after 5 min
  99. fried driver?
  100. How to take photo of beam shape with digital camera?
  101. JetLasers 445nm - Focus locked itself
  102. Good deal or not
  103. Laserbtb batteries
  104. Need your expertise :)
  105. is it really worth it?
  106. My first Build 445nm 2W laser pointer
  107. Lazerer
  108. 2W 445nm 22mm Module W/X-Drive
  109. NDB7A75 w ball lens - $120 shipped on eBay
  110. Walye D45-450nm 1W 1.4W 1.6W laser diode Q?
  111. Delete please
  112. Looking for a 450 nm laser at least 1w
  113. PL445 Battery Compatibility
  114. Question! DJ Stage laser
  115. Diode driver has both variable output voltage AND variable current?
  116. 445nm HELP laser Suddenly not burning, but still bright :(
  117. Really inefficient M140, then M140 is kill
  118. ***** Smooth Looking 3w 445 nm beast! ****
  119. WL Arctic 3 Spyder 1.4w
  120. Long Exposure of my DL Spartan 1W 447nm
  121. my 1w blue laser
  122. 452 nm M140 laser
  123. Down grading a 2W laser?
  124. 1.8W A-Type M140 445nm Laser Diode
  125. Issues with driver circuit for M140 laser
  126. LoL Jinx' lasergun
  127. Custom Single Mode Altoids PL450B With Safety
  128. NDB7A75 or NDB7875 for engraving/cutting?
  129. So i ran my 9mm 445nm just above threshold from a lion battery and noticed cyan light
  130. How this laser bleu ?
  131. From G2 to a three-element glass lens
  132. need new diode and module
  133. Using a photo lens for collimating the beam
  134. Help-Trying to build a 445nm
  135. Where to Buy Laser Pointer These Days???
  136. 9mm UtraFire MCU-C88 SXB V8
  137. faulty 9mm diode?
  138. M140 in a Stainless SL host
  139. Heiland Synchronar Build
  140. First M140 build
  141. 80mW 445nm labby
  142. Is this laser from china legit? 100W?
  143. Help me build a laser please
  144. Just finished my kryton gitd
  145. My first laser....err saber....nope, laser build.
  146. First laser build problems
  147. Thoughts and Advice needed
  148. A bit of advice and guidance please.
  149. Finally my laser engraver works
  150. Laserbtb.com the source for all laser needs. (6% Coupon : 109058640691)
  151. LASER WATCH :< it was about time.
  152. My new stainless steel host arrived!!!
  153. 445 dimming issue
  154. Laser Heatsinks
  155. Johnny Number Five! 5-mode 445
  156. 4.36 Volts for M140 dide too low ?
  157. Update! My First Custom 445nm Build!
  158. Osram PL450B Handheld Build
  159. been a long time...i am back
  160. M140 Build issues?
  161. My designed laser engraver
  162. First laser build with jayrob's host (Updated to stainless steel host)!!!!!!!!!!!
  163. M140 & 405-G-2 Glass Lens Heatsink
  164. Check over my parts list?
  165. Looking for 1W Blue (450nm) handheld laser
  166. How safe is it to run a M140 and 9mm diode off of one 18650?
  167. 445nm beam combining
  168. My First Build!
  169. 445 repair - diode window burnt
  170. Can M140 diode work in negative temp ?
  171. First 450nm build PLTB450 (with pics)
  172. Need Suggestion and help
  173. 445nm casualty (terrible divergence and idiotic splash); revival help?
  174. Need to buy goggles
  175. Laser Overheating signs ?
  176. A140 current
  177. Driver help
  178. My 2W Custom Laser Resurrected !!!
  179. Need help
  180. New laser for me...
  181. Grabbed this laser just for a bit of fun!
  182. Homemade 1W 445 nm laser not working right.
  183. I'm back, and I need help! (Please)
  184. The Olight Baton died...lets put a PLTB450B in it.
  185. Buying a real goggle this time
  186. Lab module heatsink mount for 445 diode
  187. killed diode
  188. Low power single mode vs high power multi mode laser diode divergence?
  189. It works again!
  190. 445nm Dot Viewing
  191. Invisible beam?
  192. My white breathelizer glows
  193. I like my three-element lens more than my G-2 lens
  194. Finishing up my custom M140 laser :)
  195. DIY Blue Laser Trouble! Help, Please!
  196. Free Laser Sword for 2w blue laser pointer
  197. 445nm laser output power question
  198. Is there a "safe" output range for glasses-free operation at this wavelength?
  199. Another 2W build thread
  200. 1W blue laser brightness problem
  201. White Copper Head 2.7W+ 445nm Laser Build
  202. My 445nm Laser Build(Complete)
  203. My 445nm Laser Build(first tests)
  204. In memory of My Custom '2W' Laser...
  205. 2W laser big time problem
  206. Homemade 2W laser With custom host !
  207. 2w 445nm handheld laser
  208. Laser build help
  209. How much i can get for this laser?
  210. Angel breath:7.6W+ dual NBD7A75 fan cooled portable.(Pic heavy)
  211. 3.5W laser running at 2.6W ?
  212. Powers up then levels out halfway on
  213. 50mW NDB7242E Vs A150
  214. Build 445nm 2w
  215. Build 445nm 2w
  216. 100 Watts of Blue Coming to a Pointer Near You?
  217. Help Building Laser!!!
  218. Wicked Lasers Spider S3 Blue Laser
  219. 50w Osram 450nm diode module!
  220. Laser Cutting surface?
  221. Hello, need Your opinion
  222. 3W Mag Machine!!! [PIC HEAVY] 9mm 445nm Build!!!
  223. Help to buy a 445nm from aliexpress (solved)
  224. 462nm?
  225. New 445 build - 3 Diode host
  226. 9mm 445nm 2D Maglite Build [COMPLETE]
  227. Lowest binned "445nm" Diode
  228. 5 Watt 445 driver?
  229. Would it be safe to look at 1.6W dot?
  230. 9mm 445nm (NDB7875) duty cycle.
  231. A140s inside M140s?
  232. 445 divergence?
  233. 9mm diode in a sinner pen host w/ a pocket clip of course.
  234. 3W 445nm Survival laser Stainless Steel build!
  235. 445nm blu 3w+
  236. Solved -Anyone else experience a diode this inefficient?
  237. Whats the power of my laser?
  238. Dual-Purpose BUILD! JinHeng 12a USB charger + LASER! WOOOP! [PIC HEAVY]
  239. The death of a M140
  240. Best value & quality Lab Modules
  241. Laser no longer works after accidentally hooking up wrong terminals!
  242. Driver M140
  243. Go Army ! "G.I. Jane" *pics*
  244. New build, and a new guy!
  245. More Power or less?
  246. Is there a 10 000mw laser diode 445nm
  247. 3.5W Laser on ebay
  248. Cypreus EDC build thread: M140 X-Boost 1.4A
  249. Hi , I have a question :)
  250. looking into the laserbtb 445 1.6 watt need advice.