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  1. Reputation system: meaning & value
  2. Welcoming ElectricPlasma as Moderator
  3. Won't be on much for a few days
  4. I won't be on for awhile.
  5. More new PM spamming from Vietnam
  6. Spam attack just in time from xmas
  7. idea: revoke users' posting privileges whose rep is in the negative (red bars).
  8. Using the forum?!
  9. LPF Voluntary Vetting
  10. Please eliminate signature size limit for veterans
  11. Spam Attack Problem
  12. Broken LPF Database/Top links
  13. Quick Links
  14. Controlling our SPAM problem.
  15. Thread deletion removal?
  16. Mobile Layout will be disabled for a few days
  17. Issue with external links
  18. LPF is harassing my downloads
  19. Green vs Blue, Is the distance/range difference significant?
  20. Just Curious
  21. Server Reboot
  22. Could we have a "Member Collections" section?
  23. Welcoming Hap as new moderator
  24. deleted
  25. closed
  26. What's with the recent surge of spam posts?
  27. Where is the date of the topic?
  28. Avatars being cut off
  29. Please don't delete your sold items thread!
  30. Mobile Responsive Layout - Ready for Testing
  31. Server Maintenance
  32. Don't mention or request the Paypal F&F option in your posts.
  33. Remove the Sci-Fi banner ?
  34. Unable to view forums
  35. Advertisement Complaints
  36. Mobile layout
  37. Who in the world is threatening me?
  38. server reboot
  39. missing FS thread
  40. LPF mobile layout auto-use disabled
  41. Rep system change back to the way it was before
  42. Is mine broken?
  43. Look at the amount of active users!
  44. Had to reboot server to update something
  45. Dim light emitted
  46. server reboot
  47. Problems of the forums. More mods?
  48. Suggestion: Turn off the ability to give reps for old posts.
  49. I don't know what laser I should get
  50. Can you get a 5mw burning laser?
  51. Lasers visible when wearing laser safety goggles?
  52. Hacker getting into my machine?
  53. Green 100mW or Blue 2W
  54. Buy, Sell, Trade Section Question
  55. My reasons for +reps
  56. name change?
  57. Updating donation Received # - manual process
  58. Disabled donation bar - causing problems with mobile layout
  59. Secure Login
  60. Have to change my user name here.
  61. Name Change Request
  62. How the heck do I switch back to the the dark theme?
  63. PNG Spam
  64. Image resize function
  65. Image size in your posts.
  66. Avatar Picture
  67. LPF SOCIAL GROUPS-- why are they not used?
  68. Changed the LPF theme to Lightweight, can't change back.
  69. LPF Donation Meter
  70. How to unsubscribe from a thread?
  71. LPF Very Slow And Not Loading Properly?
  72. paypal change
  73. Need help which laser to buy
  74. Suggestion to all LPF Members regarding Reps
  75. How do I get around mobile LPF page?
  76. Name Change to Jstr
  77. URGENT: Tracking IMG in posts!
  78. Reporting post
  79. SpiderSpartan: Destroyer of Lasers
  80. How to make a youtube video visisble on here
  81. stuff at top/bottom
  82. pic size limits
  83. User cp
  84. Why has white second menu appeared on left of screen?
  85. cant get on LPF on my laptop
  86. Check my CNC Etcher Setup
  87. LPF mobile - old version available?
  88. Mobile layout
  89. Restore from backup
  90. LPF has moved to a new server - if you get an odd errors please email me
  91. Migrating LPF to new server later
  92. where can I sell old laser modules?
  93. I cant post in buy/sell section?
  94. TinyWallet ads on LPF?
  95. iPad problems on LPF
  96. LPF downtime (had to increase disk space)
  97. inconsistent censoring here on LPF
  98. Who are moderators?
  99. Popup ads and sounds.
  100. I need a test from a LPM
  101. spam pm from a member
  102. Adding positive's to members
  103. Problem!
  104. rebooting server
  105. another weird ad thing going on
  106. arg new LPF moderator
  107. annoying ad
  108. I wanted to get my 1st high power laser.
  109. madmacmo?
  110. Anyone getting this ad?
  111. Question about PayPal
  112. Old threads, why not lock them?
  113. Members should not be allowed to request that threads be closed, unless good reason.
  114. Other ways to reduce database load besides reduced posts per page?
  115. Changing My Username
  116. Username Change
  117. Did the posts per page decrease?
  118. A small question
  119. LPF Maintenance - Apr 9 @ 11PM EST
  120. Poll Mechanics
  121. Longer Delays on BST Threads?
  122. Lenses out of Diamonds?
  123. Why we removed a Wicked Lasers thread
  124. Thanks for patience during recent OS upgrade
  125. forumrunner mobile lpf
  126. Updated stuff - please let me know if any errors
  127. E-mail updates stopped working
  128. tapatalk disabled for now due to security issue
  129. Necroposting.
  130. Forgot the reds in the title?
  131. feature request - strikethrough
  132. Chrome malware alert
  133. Posting Pics?
  134. Tapatalk now supported on LPF
  135. Stepping down
  136. Fail Thread Malware?
  137. Guests online?
  138. sorry for long maintenance
  139. List of LPF Rep Descriptions
  140. Site Styles?
  141. Notification stuck at 1
  142. happy halloween
  143. reboot server earlier
  144. testing
  145. Advertising Redirects now?
  146. 445's and blues
  147. gotta reboot server for maintenance
  148. Video Ads
  149. Firehost!
  150. Igniscunt name change > ignisparva
  151. Ads
  152. reiterating an old request: subscript and superscript tags
  153. editing typos after post marks it edited
  154. Time to approve sales threads
  155. Has this ever happened to YOU??
  156. Should there be a "save draft" option for writing new threads?
  157. Tapatalk
  158. a web application for reviewing laser companies?
  159. Donation option
  160. Problem???
  161. Layout much better
  162. Karma Connection Main Thread Idea.....
  163. LPF Banner
  164. Problem: Site blocked when posting
  165. Thx Stin for volunteering logo
  166. backup time
  167. new post button
  168. search bar
  169. Vets section: aww come on!
  170. Fix: Rep comment box on mobile.
  171. Another REP system question
  172. Notifications
  173. rebooting server for upgrades, brb
  174. Laser Contests - Support, Suggestions & Questions!
  175. honorary moderator
  176. What are referrals? User Profile
  177. What happend with the chat?
  178. Suggestion: Let people know why their B/S/T post gets rejected
  179. Help!! Can't post in threads
  180. Suppert for the [/SPOILER] tags?
  181. Deleting messages/clearing inbox...
  182. No forum shown on my FF3
  183. Jerry's threads the other day were not spam
  184. Should canned posts be allowed?
  185. FireHost Blocking Smilies etc...
  186. Shipping to Shenzhen
  187. IF you do or plan to-- buy or sell ANYTHING here....
  188. RSS Feed
  189. web site help!
  190. maintenance around like 10PM EST
  191. need help
  192. About my username
  193. PM limited to 2 recipients
  194. Firehost prevents me from reporting a post
  195. Why can't I search for "o-like"?
  196. PM broken, even after settings checked
  197. redirect ad
  198. Ads on LPF
  199. Pop-Up Ads on LPF
  200. had to update something - completed
  201. need to upadte something be back in a ten mins or so
  202. Buy / Sell / Trade Rules
  203. Really annoying pop-up on mobile phone!
  204. What IS going on?
  205. maintenance at 11PM EST tonight should take like 15mins
  206. Firehost issue
  207. maintenance completed
  208. Automatic Picture Size Limit
  209. rebooting server to do an upgrade and then doing backup, be back shortly
  210. audio ads
  211. jumpiness / loading issues
  212. loading issues
  213. email address change
  214. sbregar97 banned and all posts pruned due to the spamming -- EOM
  215. Is Auto Locking Old Threads Possible?
  216. When browsing on a touchscreen mobile...
  217. server maintenance: completed additional disk checks, all is good
  218. rebooting server,brb shortly
  219. Welcome back LPF
  220. server update, rebooting, brb
  221. Any chance for us to have the Tapatalk Plug in here?
  222. Switch to Editor button broken
  223. Broken TopLaserPointersLink affecting forum
  224. sign up cooling period
  225. Downtime - GoDaddy DNS issue
  226. rebooting server
  227. view forum with tapatalk
  228. Can some of my rep be removed?
  229. Time delay for sales thread approval
  230. Forum slow
  231. managing attachments
  232. Timezone 10 minutes behind
  233. suggestion: Donations for forum upgrade.
  234. Request: Auto Save
  235. 10,881 members with 0 posts.
  236. The Search Function
  237. Making any difference if you have 900 or 9000 PM's ?
  238. Why cant I see who's left me REP?
  239. Intellectual property rights
  240. to whom it may concern
  241. Welcoming Peter (ped) as a new moderator
  242. Len and mfo banned
  243. FlashChat
  244. Blocked from opening my 'iinbox'
  245. IT careers / IT Security careers
  246. Page positioning
  247. server reboot around 11:30 tonight
  248. clock issue
  249. Thx moderator team & sorry for any confusion last week
  250. WTH--Firehost???