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  1. Returning Banned Members
  2. LPF's Banana Peel Challenge
  3. What's your favourite drink?
  4. 5W eBay handheld
  5. Pokémon GO
  6. Should we have a Members Collection Section?
  7. New moderators vote
  8. Poll: What new wavelength would you most like to see accessible within 5 years.
  9. deleted
  10. Meeting an LPF Member in Person
  11. Rep system poll - lets end this
  12. How would you react if the reputation system is removed on LPF?
  13. Most effective dating websites (NOT Spam)
  14. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  15. Buying or building lasers?
  16. What is your favorite part of the Visible Spectrum?
  17. Personal opinions on youngest age for lasering?
  18. LPF Mobile
  19. What Are your favorite Host's
  20. What kind of laser person are you?
  21. 400 Eggs or Butter Dance
  22. Laser pointer companies
  23. What is your favorite build on the forum?
  24. Anonymous Poll: Do You Wear Safety Glasses Inside?
  25. What is LPF's Collective Astrology Sign?
  26. NSFW: Pure Wave Length Alternate Poll
  27. Please, Please Tell me Where I Can Buy a Really Cheap Burning Laser
  28. Which do you prefer?
  29. 1W 638 or 2.5W 450??? Need Advice!
  30. Which one would you hail too?
  31. Do you enjoy the Reputation system of LPF?
  32. need opinions please
  33. Which is it gonna be....473nm or 593.5nm?
  34. Wicked Lasers Versus other sellers
  35. Gingerbread House contest.
  36. eBay vs WickedLasers (532nm only)
  37. A Poll of Probable Futility
  38. Poll: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One
  39. Help stop .s.o.p.a.
  40. DO you have AT&T? Can you access CNILASER.com
  41. 2007Revolution's new username
  42. The Second Amendment - Against or For the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  43. Need advice on my 3000th post...
  44. New B/S/T section?
  45. What are your Spending Habits?
  46. Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5?
  47. Opinions on Signature Ethics...please read.
  48. What music does LPF listen to?
  49. Laser Contest #1 - 3rd Place Tiebreaker!
  50. Google Search Bar Location...
  51. Laser Contest #1 Continued Poll.
  52. De-Extinction: Good Idea or Huge Mistake?
  53. Poll: what was your first laser and what year did you get it?
  54. Laser companies
  55. Lens Preference?
  56. CERTIFIED goggle styles OEM (VOTE)
  57. Regret Your Username?
  58. UPDATED W/ GRAPHS!: Demographics Survey is up!!! Completely Anonymous!
  59. 520nm vs 532nm, which would you prefer?
  60. What operating system does your phone run on?
  61. Would you rather...
  62. In Soviet Russia laser burns you !
  63. Which languages do you speak?
  64. Century or Balut
  65. Personal Lens Preference for 445nm?
  66. Poll: a host section to the forums
  67. How do you handle your laser?
  68. Mace or Lightsaber for a host? READ FIRST
  69. Absolutely No One Ever Deserves to be Hatefully & Mercilessly Trolled
  70. Need help deciding on what to buy from Amazon
  71. Do you EDC your laser?
  72. Laser Hobby Mental Health Assessment
  73. Feeler: Generic Warning Labels
  74. How much have you spent on lasers
  75. Sticky piferals photo thread.
  76. What camera(s) do you own?
  77. Would you let a directly competing website post spam for their site on yours?
  78. Proposal: Banned Members Information Thread
  79. What type of lighting do you use?
  80. Have you ever met an online acquaintance in real life?
  81. Favorite color?
  82. Mac vs PC
  83. What should I order next?
  84. Laser engraved C6 hosts
  85. Should Dr. Lava put his website on hold?
  86. What are your lasers ?
  87. What is your favorite laser color?
  88. Should there be a Laser Measurements Section?
  89. Secret Santa Money POLL
  90. Favorite laser company POLL
  91. Which time causes the least interference for you w/ system maintenance?
  92. What price should the iPhone LPF mobile app be
  93. Which laser should i get?
  94. Which laser should i get?
  95. lpf mobile app - moving to paid model
  96. What would you like to see in Swimmin's shop?
  97. Adding an Embed Youtube Button
  98. POLLS Minimum Time Limit
  99. RE: GB for Scanner Galvo Set
  100. Polished VS Blasted finish
  101. 20mw 635nm diodes for 17-20$?
  102. Who would like to meet Dr Sam Goldwasser at SELEM 2011
  103. best two wavelengths next to each other
  104. LPM dedicated forum section?
  105. Resurrect the Build Guide?
  106. Poll: For the Community Designed Focus Knob - Diameter
  107. How did you all stumble upon lasers?
  108. Should reckless seller be banned
  109. Moderator/Seller confliction
  110. PM reliability poll
  111. Seller/Buyer reputation system
  112. What's your Dream LASER Diode - IF it were affordable? *Grand Purchase Plan*
  113. 2W IR 808nm
  114. RGV or RGB?
  115. Ban Dinas?? (for real this time)
  116. Ban dinas????
  117. How many times have you been on airplanes?
  118. Kindle 3G + WiFi or Kindle WiFi?
  119. Which way looks cooler?
  120. Are you satisfied with the moderator team on LPF?
  121. Fedex vs UPS!
  122. Proper Poll-Thread Placement?
  123. Should I go back to my old account?
  124. Does your GF/Wife/BF hate your lasers and LPF? (Pick 2)
  125. Do you hide your lasers when you have party?
  126. Do you salvage electrical compomnents?
  127. Do you like these kits?
  128. Poll: LPF Members Facebook Group?
  129. LPF Game Server - Source games
  130. Recyclable Waste
  131. What type of keyboard?
  132. Kryton PPR (personal Pocket Rocket) single 10440 battery or 14500?
  133. Closed
  134. Buy/Sell/Trade Board -- Mostly Laser Related or Not?
  135. should offsides rule be removed in soccer?
  136. PoLL.. a pre-warning to being banned
  137. If you were temp banned would you return?
  138. Terms of Use and Drama
  139. Dave (Daguin) has changed.
  140. How many hours a week do you use a laser?
  141. Banning of BobH
  142. A different Thread Title on Top?
  143. The ban on bobH
  144. Should LPF have a section for Drama?
  145. 2nd mod poll
  146. How often do you get out?
  147. ATI vs Nvidia
  148. coolest planet
  149. Test poll
  150. How old are we?
  151. This is totally not a ban poll.
  152. AMD and Intel
  153. Cod mw2 map pack
  154. New users require manual activation
  155. Polls to Ban Members Now Discontinued
  156. Ban MrGoogfan?
  157. should the "let out your aggression thread" be reinstated
  158. Choose Raffle Prize & Price (update)
  159. Your IQ?
  160. Ban BobH
  161. Ban Lemonwonder?
  162. Kenometer Pro Logo
  163. Move the "Tutorials, Help & Repairs" section
  164. Ban Abberation please.
  165. Which natural disaster do you think
  166. Re-Do The FAQ?
  167. Earthquakes
  168. Current for the 12x murder experiment.
  169. Ban rangedunits?
  170. How sanitary are you? (Hands)
  171. What gaming system do you prefer?
  172. How sanitary are you?
  173. Rep loss - want it back?
  174. Sparkfun Free Day results
  175. what builds do you do most?
  176. O-like dilda or new style?
  177. Gun or Speaker?
  178. Mayweather vs Pacquiao
  179. How many hours of TV do you watch on an average week?
  180. How many hours a week do you use a computer?
  181. What type of computer geek are you?
  182. Driver Section
  183. Should smurftacular be temp banned?
  184. How many hours a week do you work?
  185. Should we ask Avery to exclude the posts in the "Other" section from the post count ?
  186. Language questions. Please read and answer.
  187. Ignore this thread, it's empty
  188. Hawaii, which islands?
  189. Do you want to see moderators on LPF?
  190. Ban Darkarmyofone... Again...
  191. Favourite Wavelength!
  192. Banning Jake21/Jake22
  193. Should Mohrenberg be banned?
  194. Should DarkArmyofOne be Banned?
  195. Should DeiselMarine be banned?
  196. How would you rate windows 7?
  197. Poll: Ban Lasernerd?
  198. The Boondocks or Family Guy
  199. bear or Lion
  200. Ban Hidrogen?
  201. new kit for modwerx
  202. Do you know anyone who owns a pet Bear?
  203. What is your PM/post ratio?
  204. should wesdaman be banned...AGAIN?
  205. Laser Rap.... Part II?
  206. Is LPF growing too big for it's own good?
  207. Disney to buy Marvel Entertainment Inc.
  208. Banning Arenared?
  209. is your adobe acrobat reader patched?
  210. toll free number for modwerx?
  211. Who do you think is the hottest?
  212. Which do you prefer?
  213. Which Cartoon is better?
  214. What label size would you prefer?
  215. Poll: Have you been on sauna?
  216. 1969 Corvette or new motorcycle?
  217. Which Continent is your favorite?
  218. Whats brighter to you? Bluray or Red? (405nm or 650nm)
  219. Metallica and Rammstein compared to Megadeth and Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  220. Which do you Prefer Soldering Gun or Soldering Iron?
  221. F-35 Video real or Fake
  222. How much are you in Debt?
  223. Do People Think You Are Weird For Building Lasers?
  224. My DT Coursework
  225. how long can you hold your breath
  226. Eastern Canada Laser Fair?
  227. Should FrothyChimp Come back?
  228. Do you type dvorak?
  229. DO you like my new avatar?
  230. Favorite Comic Company
  231. Rep System
  232. Star Trek or Star Wars
  233. Vb skins
  234. do we need the reputation system after the move?
  235. Favorite diode?
  236. Missing all Polls
  237. New lpf layout
  238. What is your internet connection speed?
  239. Sci-Fi Franchise of Choice
  240. What OS do you use?
  241. Pizza!!!!!
  242. Favorite Make of Car
  243. How old where you when part 3
  244. Do you have a fog machine?
  245. What antivirus do you use?
  246. Facial Hair
  247. Kill With Me
  248. How do you pronounce "solder"
  249. The Polls Poll
  250. Do you s-s-s-s-stutter?