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  1. USHIO-HL63283HD-638nm-1200W-Organe-Red-Laser-
  2. Using Diode lasers to pump disk lasers
  3. Exciting news about Blu-ray lasers and fossils
  4. Solid-State Laser General
  5. Glassblowing
  6. Ok...who tried to stick a laser diode in...
  7. laser engraver from dvd writer
  8. Flying saucer; quantum dots hold secret to brighter, better lasers
  9. Lockheed's new 60kW laser system
  10. Lasers and Pyrolytic Graphite - Diamagnetic Levatation
  11. Just for the fun of it.
  12. Brits, Czechs Super Laser
  13. radioactive material and laser ionization threshold
  14. 405nm Photoluminescence
  15. best wavelenght to ionize air
  16. Jellyfish Lasers Are Revolutionizing Quantum Physics
  17. LIGO The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves
  18. Quantum Laser Pointers - Popular Bunk?
  19. Laser probes antimatter to verify relativity
  20. White Laser (NOT RGB)
  21. Retina safe frequency lasers
  22. Laser generates the photons for "parallel" quantum computers
  23. Making a 485nm diode lol :p
  24. Diamond provides 'new approach' to ultra-pure frequency lasers
  25. Why do we determine light to be "polarized" by the plane of the electric field?
  26. At what power will the beam damage your eyes?
  27. Direction Based Pass/ Reflect System
  28. Wtf is this???
  29. Compound changes infrared laser to white light retaining divergence
  30. Important step toward yellow LDs ?
  31. Inverse spin Hall effect: electricity from magnetism
  32. New Full Duplex Radio Chip Transmits and Receives Signals at Once
  33. Laser cloak could hide Earth from extraterrestrial beings
  34. Tom Campbell: A Recent Physics Laser Experiment and What it Means to You
  35. the world's most powerful X-ray laser is about to become even more powerful
  36. Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION
  37. Growing plants with lasers
  38. Free 'trade' mag. To see
  39. Flexible Dye Laser Using CLCEs
  40. Why Do We Have Lasers, But Not 'Star Wars'-Style Lightsabers?
  41. Help on laser resonance topics
  42. Determining material opacity
  43. Mathematics behind Laser Spirograph
  44. DE STAR astroid killer!
  45. Strange Shadow Effect in Shallow Water?
  46. 1Gbps wireless network made with red and green laser pointers
  47. Diamond laser power increases 20 fold
  48. Irradia MID Laser Low Level therapy
  49. Adaptive optics imaging method shows individual cells in the eye
  50. Japanese scientists fire a 2 quadrillion-watt laser, the most powerful ever
  51. first ever white laser developed
  52. Good Books on DPSS Science??
  53. Femtosecond laser holograms
  54. LEDs and Lasers in Liquid Nitrogen
  55. Focused LED instead of a traditional LD
  56. This is a must see: Laser powered space craft
  57. How Is This Possible? Scientists Observe ONE Particle Exist In MULTIPLE States
  58. Mathematics of determining the amount of heat of a laser
  59. The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) and It's Laser Tech
  60. Understanding divergence in DPSS and Laser Diodes
  61. Lasers and Ionization
  62. Little help to understand SHG
  63. Power and Divergence calculations?
  64. General Atomics: Third-Gen Electric Laser Weapon Now Ready
  65. Low-divergence laser pointer recommendation?
  66. Question about a laser that can Ionize air.
  67. Cheap source for high mJ at super low times?
  68. Cylindrical and rectangular transverse modes
  69. International year of light - today
  70. Polariton Laser (Well, r = P?)
  71. my new neighbors
  72. Air/Nitrogen ionization using lasers
  73. the numbers: laser weaponry
  74. Using Lasers to Create Super-hydrophobic Materials
  75. Princeton University builds a laser as small as a grain of rice.
  76. lasers, reflection by water surface
  77. Lithium Heat Pipe Oven?
  78. Apple’s new laser patent.
  79. Has anyone here used a laser to do a double slit experiment?
  80. Physics & Lasers
  81. Holograms finally becoming a reality: using laser images can be projected in mid air
  82. What makes a laser?
  83. A new way to make laser-like beams using 250x less power
  84. IMAX Laser light source
  85. This is what a 'Star Wars' blaster bolt would look like in real life
  86. Beam part of me up Scotty.
  87. ISS illuminated with green laser and viewed from ground
  88. Heat generated by a laser beam
  89. Boeing laser demonstrator destroys targets through wind and fog
  90. 3D printed Al parts made possible with lasers
  91. Image generated by quantum entanglement
  92. Heat relationship.
  93. The 4-kilowatt TeraBlade direct-diode laser
  94. Better heat conduction with Ag
  95. The Atmosphere & Lasers
  96. Working With Laser Technology.
  97. Warm to the touch
  98. Atom Laser
  99. cold lasers?
  100. Propagating beams
  101. Anyone tried this with a laser diode? (Huge wavelength shift)
  102. Lasers and Mirros
  103. Laser Technology Advancements (at least from my easily impressed perspective)
  104. Ionizing metal vapors with lasers?
  105. more auto tech using lasers
  106. Important Information on Eye Safety
  107. Laser Headlights from Audi
  108. Advantage of pulsed laser?
  109. Mythbusters Moon Hoax
  110. "Lunar Ring" Solar Panels On The Moon
  111. World's Largest Quantum Circuit Created - A Schrodinger's Mouse Next
  112. class V (5) laser build specifications
  113. Nanowire Laser Develpment
  114. Interesting studies on green and yellow and the future
  115. Laser Sintering Patents?
  116. 500 Watt Direct Diode Laser
  117. Real-Life Laser Rifle
  118. Quantum Hall Effect with Photons
  119. NASA developing laser for inter-planetary communication
  120. How to make a DL 810nm to 980nm 3-5W
  121. Lasers Emitting Terahertz Radiation
  122. record set for fastest donwload rate between moon and earth
  123. Digital Laser Breakthrough - LCD Screen Rather than Front Mirror
  124. Shimadzu Announces New 10 Watt Blue Diode - 50W & 100W to Follow
  125. Pushing the Boundaries of Nano Laser Technology
  126. Is the LASER beam visible in space?
  127. A desktop-size 10 TW laser
  128. Real Lightsabers?
  129. 1 megawatt no diode pulse laser
  130. on/off cycle limit for VCSELs, 100's MHz possible?
  131. Where does the 808nm diodes come from?
  132. Diamond lasers' deliver more colors, more power
  133. Lasers used to stop light for 1 minute
  134. graphing crystal efficiency as a function of wavelength and power?
  135. lasers could detect air turbulence
  136. Virus Sized Lazers
  137. Liquid Crystal Lasers
  138. The First Laser
  139. Lasers in nature??
  140. "75 Brilliant Laser Breakthroughs"
  141. Laser guided targeting system for your rifle
  142. When Lasers become a career
  143. Lasers and superconductivity
  144. Measuring the temperature of plasma using laser ?
  145. Different Laser Applications (Spying and such!)
  146. Latest cooling technology? - for a limited time deal
  147. Help a newbie with a problem
  148. adjustable frequency diode?
  149. Laser Induced Breakdown of Air - math help requested
  150. what is OD?
  151. laser propulsion
  152. Has anyone else seen this nanoscale laser breakthrough??
  153. Need cheap lasers with exact frequencies
  154. What type of laser?
  155. Update article on DVD burned graphene supercapacitors!
  156. Air ionization with handheld laser- possible?
  157. Air ionization from a pointer-sized laser (standa STA-01-8-1047): How do they do it?
  158. Quantum tunnelling
  159. Bending Light?
  160. How to determine the Intensity or power of laser beam...?
  161. laser reprap and toroid focus?
  162. NASA uses laser to send image to the moon.
  163. Heat pipes in build, or heat pipe as host?
  164. Inside the World's most powerful laser!
  165. dumb question...in theory could you use sum frequency to make a DPSS Magenta Laser?
  166. Wavepatterns.. *shrug*
  167. Mini CNC laser etcher
  168. can harmonics of em cause beat interference?
  169. How to condensed the laser
  170. Looking for a Career in Lasers....need advice!
  171. Hypotetical laser pointers Vs Moon
  172. How lasers work
  173. Why does laser light look like little particles moving about?
  174. 40 kW Laser Gun
  175. NASA's Curiosity rover zaps rock with laser
  176. Lazerer Rectangle Beam
  177. First Violet Nonpolar VCSEL Technology Created
  178. why dogs chase laser beams
  179. Copper vs Aluminum vs Ect.
  180. Light and sound
  181. Diode Degradation
  182. InGaN band structure question
  183. Is burning power linear to wattage?
  184. lightning bolts from laser beams
  185. Athlete Photogate
  186. Multiwave vs.single wave system
  187. How lasers pointer shape tips work ?
  188. What happened?
  189. laser gun
  190. X-ray lasers from tabletop device
  191. Single versus multi mode?
  192. laser can tell whether you've been eating your veggies
  193. Propagation of Gaussian Beams
  194. What is Your M2 IQ?
  195. Megawatt Picosecond Lasers
  196. laser profile and a hydrogen atom
  197. Next Generation Graphene Based Thermal Compound - Move Over Arctic Silver
  198. Gas Laser Travelling at Near c?
  199. Laser pointer travelling faster than the speed of light?
  200. All In One RGB Laser - In Near Future - Maybe
  201. Yellow versus Green - Which color is more visible to the eye?
  202. Extreme Ultra Violet - Next Generation Laser Systems
  203. SPIE Virtual Laser Exhibit
  204. An Open Access Encyclopedia for Photonics and Laser Technology
  205. Why are diode lasers different?
  206. When Blue Makes Green
  207. Space Craft Chamber of Horrors
  208. Could Tesla's laser have prevented Titanic disaster?
  209. Avalanche Of Emissions Creates First Atomic X-Ray Laser
  210. US Navy May Deploy Laser Cannons Within Just Four Years
  211. Beam brightness graph
  212. Physicists Mix Two Lasers to Create Light at 11 New Frequencies
  213. Electromagnetic Laser?
  214. What is the temperature of a laser beam ?
  215. Newbie Querry regarding Nd YAG
  216. Maximizing laser light absorption
  217. I want copper copper copper! (well... maybe not)
  218. can photons lose energy to anything?
  219. How would an infinitely powerful laser act?
  220. Need advice in choosing laser pointer for my phd research
  221. CW ruby source by Klastech
  222. POSSIBLE 405nm laser phototerapy. LABIAL HERPES?
  223. Lights Out For The Airborne Laser
  224. Laser guided bullet
  225. Nd:Yag Laser - "Not a Toy"
  226. World's first atomic X-ray laser created
  227. Laser Ebooks
  228. Newport 6 Power Meter Head Test Bench - Coherent LPM Sensor?
  229. VCSEL Explained
  230. People as Blackbodies
  231. Abandoned russian space simulation chamber
  232. Orange reflection from a Green laser?
  233. simple "normal" red laser curiosity
  234. 405nm owners, visibility inquiry
  235. Laser BEAM heat and Heatsink Coloring..
  236. Nanocups Produce Frequency Doubling
  237. analog vs. digital modulation
  238. Science fair experiment
  239. USAF to use "ray guns" for..... weed control.
  240. "World's most powerful laser to tear apart space"
  241. High-quality white light produced by four-color laser source
  242. Thorium Laser Cars?
  243. what makes a milspec Laser?
  244. Luminance Benchmarks for Human Vision
  245. "Faster than Light Measurement Challenges Relativity"
  246. What is science?
  247. BMW to develop Laser Headlights
  248. Laser Rainmakers
  249. MIT's laser camera can photograph around corners
  250. TEC/Peltier Cylinder/Hex Idea