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  1. Toasted diode on laser.
  2. Problem with ScannerMax C-506
  3. 1 Watt Blue Laser
  4. Laser Pointer for Commercial Purposes
  5. M140 and general wiring advice
  6. Quick Question on Spring Modules
  7. Does this A140 look fractured?
  8. B3603 Step Down Driver as A 1W laser driver ?
  9. Dont have 1n4004 diodes for Dummy load. Any alternatives ?
  10. SBX S-Mini Adj driver dims with 2 cells
  11. Need help fixing a lens.
  12. auto switch circuit design
  13. Does color affect light intensity?
  14. Tool help - focusing help - NOOB HELP!
  15. custom positive battery connection
  16. How Lasers Actually Work (Just a link to a good web page but wanted to pass it on).
  17. kryton groove build questions
  18. Harvesting, XJM140...
  19. Looking for LPM services! (7w+)
  20. Help with White Laser
  21. Star shower laser project HELP
  22. Need someone to replace / help replace a driver
  23. Ring around dot?
  24. Help me decide what diode/module to put in my MX900 build.
  25. Contact board, spring and clicky switch for 9A+ current, help please!
  26. Stripping Flashlight board, but want to keep some features.
  27. NUBM44 9mm 6W diode
  28. Cleaning sanwu pocket
  29. Opening fibered HHL enclosure
  30. What is the difference between M.P.E and AEL?
  31. 1W blue laser Buy or build?
  32. Can someone
  33. 2.4W 445nm - Focusing/lens issue?
  34. Build laser plotter to cure UV paint and photosensitive film for PCB?
  35. Laser diode sidedly isn't working there seems o be something in the diode blocking it
  36. How to assembly a 520nm astronomy laser pointer
  37. Does anyone repair damaged lasers?
  38. Diode removal
  39. Green laser is dimmer and battery issue
  40. Help With Finding Parts For Laser Build
  41. Can any Driver be Used for any Diode?
  42. I think I broke my sci-fi laser!
  43. DPSS vs Solide State Lasers !
  44. Avatar's SL Repair
  45. It is necessary to remove the back part of the LD module?
  46. Need someone to fix my laser
  47. Help buying a cheap laser
  48. Will this work?
  49. Avatar's Broken wire SL
  50. Safe to leave in hot car?
  51. 100W Laser repair!
  52. Combing two 500w 405nm diodes to increase burning power
  53. How to make a flat beam
  54. Some questions about fully build laser vs ESD
  55. Help with A-Type M140 Laser diode
  56. Will this spectrometer work for measuring lasers?
  57. Potentiometer on the microdriver
  58. Need Help With A Laser Battery
  59. laserbtb HL515-30..... DOA? *solved*
  60. Need help building laser pointer
  61. Test if diode is working?
  62. What temp do you solder at?
  63. Need help with dropped laser
  64. Laser Wall
  65. Need help with 1 watt 445nm laser build
  66. Repair Uniphase Novette
  67. My DIY Repair of a 2.5W LaserBee USB LPM *SUCCESS*
  68. Laser repair Help !!
  69. Need help with my Laser
  70. I'm over thinking this help!!
  71. 808 to 532
  72. New blue 450nm laser
  73. Cree attack head flashlight mod
  74. 650nm 300mw Laser Module Lasing but no longer burning
  75. Question about Osram PLP450 diode driver from DTR
  76. Completely new to this. Need help picking out components for a project.
  77. Problem with diode size.
  78. smd driver issues
  79. Is my lense dirty or scratched?
  80. Can you help me identify this piece of equipment
  81. Repair
  82. Help with pen host build
  83. Need a building service
  84. IR laser for NightVision (Newbie)
  85. Need some information Blu/violet 450nm, class 3A
  86. Seeking help with a 'switchectomy' on a JETLASERS PL-C
  87. laser module on prusa i3 wiring and usage help
  88. 589nm cni burnt out needs repair can someone help
  89. Switch wiring for dual button
  90. Need some explanations.
  91. First laser build
  92. Seeking Guidance on my Ground->Up Laser Build w/Host
  93. Help to focus 445nm M140
  94. 24W blue laser help?
  95. I think i broke the lens of my laser
  96. How did my diode die?
  97. Make a AAA spaceholder/dummy cell
  98. source some switchs
  99. 501B Pill Question
  100. Busted Nova Laser 60mw Green
  101. Need an expert to help design blue laser setup 3-5w
  102. Diode versus driver, pins placement?
  103. Ayobox/Ebay-Thor M laser-Install glass lens tutorial
  104. "KISS" guide to building a laser
  105. Are these Position Mounts?
  106. lens stuck in laser.. help..
  107. I want a 2w blue laser
  108. FUBeaches
  109. Whats wrong with my laser?
  110. Constant current laser drivers
  111. Terminology? And sizing?
  112. Wicked Lasers e3 power button replacement.
  113. Tailcap switch permanent on?
  114. 445nm dead - a few questions
  115. Focusing red laser from Ryobi chop saw
  116. battery cap needed
  117. Smart Tweezers ST5-S Professional LCR Meter / ESR Meter
  118. My first DIY laser diode array - honing the details
  119. Did I kill my diode?
  120. Help
  121. Is my diode dead?
  122. Broken SDLaser 303
  123. New 445nm laser doesn't work
  124. RESOLVED THANKS:LASER66 Leadlight Button Support Clone Needed
  125. help with a parts list for a newbie
  126. any machinist can work with sterling silver?
  127. Omnichrome 100 HeCd power supply info
  128. FAP 800 - I give up
  129. FAP 800 - I give up
  130. Can't understand pot resistance, amps, etc.
  131. Help with laser beam dump please!
  132. [Tutorial] How To Clean Your Lens.
  133. Help With WL Arctic spyder 3
  134. The Basics
  135. Laser Repaired!!!!
  136. requariments for dvd laser
  137. Help please?
  138. [HELP!] Laser reflected into its own lens, weak burning now
  139. SX4 build
  140. Pen Laser Building Questions.
  141. What is wrong with this laser?
  142. Question on 405nm beam
  143. Diy lpm
  144. New here, best place to get modules?
  145. Increasing green laser power
  146. Tail cap click switch help please
  147. Questions about 510 Thread Hosts
  148. 7W+ Survival Laser S4X Host w/NUBM44 diode and 4.5A SXD Tutorial
  149. my host concept!!+any one know good source for GITD powder?
  150. help making a laser please ! :)
  151. Tips for using a cheap drill press.
  152. Battery Leakage with Wicked Lasers Nano (green)
  153. For the love of harvesting...
  154. Need Help With 200mw Green Dealextreme Module
  155. Laser starting bright but dimming
  156. Building my first lpc826 red laser
  157. Building a 445nm 2Watt laser Help im a newb.
  158. Building my First Laser - Need Help
  159. Help my 405nM come back to life! (Warning! Long Thread!)
  160. Focusing Issue
  161. DTR 510 threaded module
  162. DIY Laser Help
  163. Flashlamp Video
  164. RGB or RG:Y questions
  165. Lens repair
  166. Soldering Iron Recommendations
  167. Driver help
  168. solder/diode issue
  169. need help setting the current with lm317
  170. A Unique Request...maybe?
  171. Tailcap may be the culprit?
  172. Cobolt laser series 03 561nm 50mW-need help
  173. Laser driver circuits
  174. Ebay LD housing experience
  175. RGBV Combination
  176. Resoldering wires on driver
  177. Styropyro 5 mW to 200mW mod help
  178. OSHpark / OSHstencils like service for Laser Cut Acrylic - what's the site?
  179. resistance measurement & LD output troubleshooting
  180. Laser Alignment
  181. Scavenge lenses from DVD Players
  182. Bought yl-laser 301, need help
  183. Unknown set screw
  184. New Red Laser Screwed up
  185. How do I look after my laser pointer?
  186. new guy need help
  187. RGB Dichroic Mirrors
  188. Lase beam viewer
  189. Need help with 300-500mW 532nm custom build
  190. Am I missing something or....?
  191. How to make ild files?
  192. Bad rubber Laser Pointer
  193. noob needs some expert guidance
  194. RGB-Lumia safety
  195. Green laser pointer broken! Help me!
  196. Help a newbie make his first laser
  197. Im a noob and i need help. Dont Judge
  198. Need Assistance with an odd issue - 5MW Green
  199. Rare Wavelength from Cytometry Machine!! All wavelength added!!!!!
  200. Wiring battery box with on/off switch to laser pen
  201. eye exposed to 30mw
  202. Questions about CNC engraving (power, wavelength), and safety
  203. Diode Cheat Sheet
  204. Does anyone have any info on the laser in this? xbox 360 HOP-141X
  205. 2w Laser Drop
  206. Unfocusable 200mW 520nm kit build, need help or happy to pay for repair please
  207. 2w blue laser lens problem
  208. Looking for someone to repair my 445nm 3.1w sci-fi laser
  209. Laser Diodes and Gear Best Lasers?
  210. Diode not drawing more than 100mA of current
  211. looking to build first laser HELP
  212. 532nm help..?
  213. Need help removing diode
  214. Help repairing laser pointer from 1998
  215. LPC 826 negative pin needed or not?
  216. Diode lense
  217. Help with building a laser
  218. Kryton Groove tailswitch shenanigans
  219. Sony Optiarc DVD RW laser quality for project?
  220. Diode Packaging (Any Ideas?)
  221. how to romove?
  222. [Video Added] Is my 520 too dim?
  223. What determines output of a Nd:YAG Lasers
  224. Laserbtb help
  225. Diode replacement needed
  226. SCI FI LASERS-need assistance (spring issue)
  227. M140 Laser Very Dim Help
  228. 445nm 447nm 450nm 1W Wiring.....
  229. Laser repair needed
  230. Question about focusing lenses?
  231. LPM laser power measurer?
  232. Low output issue
  233. laser from an old computer
  234. Laser host and module help
  235. Newbie help needed Etching Clear Acrylics
  236. Driver Assistance 450nm Diode 5mw
  237. Repairing or reusing a heat-damaged Variac.
  238. building a low powered laser
  239. First 445nm A140 laser build in C6 host
  240. Verifying parts before a magenta build.
  241. Looking For Battery
  242. replacing diode
  243. FlexMod P3 problems
  244. New Project... And also my first.
  245. DIY Laser won't burn anything
  246. Electric cigarette battery as power source
  247. Variable Power Output
  248. Good host?
  249. Need some help with soldering
  250. Need suggestion about my 445 nm laser