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  1. Please recommend a continuous (True CW) use handheld w/ zoom
  2. MGL-III-655 Lab Laser
  3. DVD Diode Pics+ some questions
  4. First DVD laser
  5. New 638nm Diode
  6. Flat red package from sleds
  7. mini - orcalo 700mW 638nm from DTR 3 modes
  8. red laser DIY about ~300mW and video burn paper
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  10. Sci-Fi 1 watt 635 Arcane
  11. A few inexpensive red builds
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  15. 650nm: Second build success
  16. I've done it, after almost 2 years.
  17. 808nm LD on Ebay, need advice
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  19. LPC-836 Red diode laser (660 nm)
  20. Altoids Rebuild, Added Heatsink + Compact!
  21. My seconde Selfmade Laser 635nm
  22. 5mW 650nm diode and driver problems [Need Help]
  23. Project overkill... not what you think!
  24. One Hardy Diode
  25. 100 each 650nm? 5.6mm Laser Diodes
  26. Red Laser Diode to Driver Question
  27. dual beam diode
  28. 638 700mw build MORE PICTURES
  29. Why arent red lasers so powerful?
  30. VietNam- ocalor 638nm 1W from DTR's laser shop
  31. [SOLVED] DvdRW laser diode not burning?
  32. is it weird for my red laser to do this?
  33. Photo's of the inside of a cheap red laser line barcode scanner
  34. 2 red laser diodes from one dvd burner?
  35. n00b looking for outdoor laser in the desert
  36. New 635 beam shape question
  37. Adding a simple laser pointer to an existing project of mine...
  38. Jayzereer C-Mount Red Mag Build 650nm 1600 mW
  39. Cheap ebay Orange Laser
  40. First build(Sort of) its an altoids...
  41. Max current for a open can diode from LG H55N
  42. Need a better red diode for project.
  43. 685nm build- lighting stalker driver
  44. delete
  45. C8 Host with aluminum heat sink having 650nm 300~400mw
  46. My red laser focusing problem
  47. Help with mounting and focusing diode from LS-h653 drive
  48. HELP Star Wars Performance Red laser needed
  49. Got a 5mW red laser in the mail yesterday
  50. looking to build 635-650 500-700mw???
  51. real quick question for 5mW red (650nm) diode
  52. 685nm Pen Build - The Inspiraton
  53. Dragonlasers 90mW 635nm [Review]
  54. Mitsubishi-G84-638nm-2500mW-Laser-Diode
  55. Laser not strong enough
  56. Looking for a 10W laser
  57. Deep red low power laser modules
  58. Laser weaker than expected
  59. The Kryton Groove Build (Unique Driver)
  60. Question about a module I bought
  61. Laser engraving machine
  62. Rubber ducky laser!!
  63. 5mW laser to 5W one ?!
  64. Is this driver right for me?
  65. 635nm Arcane 2.0 from Sci-Fi Lasers - broken?
  66. noob here: need advice + tips + suggestions for 30-50mW 658nm
  67. Lumintop 'Silver'fox 685nm build
  68. how to open red laser
  69. 685nm Laser Pen Build (Picture Heavy)
  70. The "COLEMAN Special" camp laser
  71. "200mw" 650nm aliexpress laser
  72. My first question
  73. THIS IS MADNESS - Mitsubishi 639nm 3W "Twin buster" Updated Output test
  74. First handheld S4 build
  75. Fog beams
  76. Getting a DVD burner laser to lase, possible with 3V?
  77. broke my sd laser 303, not sure how to fix
  78. <5mW 650nm Mini Keychain Build (AKA Cat Toy)
  79. First build! Nintendo Power!
  80. Did I fry my LD?
  81. Super cheap red laser ~ 200mw + build [pics heavy]
  82. best lens for this 650nm?
  83. 5mW "Ghost" Laser
  84. First build in Aixiz module (aka. Fire Hydrant Laser)
  85. Questions regarding 650 and 635nm pointers.
  86. Highest quality red laser that can be bought in the UK?
  87. How to check laser output?
  88. Weird 650nm laser pointer diode.
  89. Red Laser
  90. How to determine the voltage and current unknown flat diode
  91. Beware; the days of cheap 1mW reds have gone.
  92. Red laser out of benQ 16x dvd rw
  93. Cheap red laser 300mw + build [pics heavy]
  94. Safe Fire Red laser pointer
  95. New to DIY Lasers 250mW
  96. Very dangerous for a child
  97. Seriously tiny laser, what are my options?
  98. HLD685035K5J 685nm 35mW Diodes
  99. 150mW laser not burning
  100. i need a red laser with eye safe?
  101. My first build :D
  102. First attempt - assistance required
  103. Low power, focusable dot
  104. Need help with choosing red diode
  105. Pointer to operate under freezing conditions
  106. Need Some Help Real Quick
  107. LAZERPOINT Laser 900
  108. Question
  109. Laser buying advice
  110. Mirror reflecting red only?
  111. New Mitsubishi 1.8W 638nm diode in 9mm package
  112. 3 dollar <5mw pointer
  113. 120mw 635nm brass laser pointer
  114. Noob question about drivers
  115. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Resources for red lasers (on a budget).
  116. Sucessful built a red laser with my dead 405nm host and driver
  117. LPC-840 discussion thread
  118. Lowering temperature and increasing curret vs lifespan
  119. DTR 650nm single mode... red/IR combo diode from BDR-206?
  120. Battery recommendation??
  121. Oclaro 170mW 635nm Single Mode Laser Diode (HL63133DG)
  122. 5mw red laser help
  123. What mode does the SLD1239JL-54 run in with a DDL driver?
  124. cheap reds?
  125. DVD Writer with good diodes?
  126. Which beginner laser would you recommend?
  127. Making the Laser Point Larger
  128. Super cheap and easy red burner build for the masses!
  129. Skylaser 635nm 180+200mW
  130. Laser long term exposure photography
  131. Quick 5mW Aixiz Module Build
  132. Homemade HANDHELD 14$ 250mw red laser
  133. Driver not putting out full power
  134. Typical efficiency
  135. Mitsubishi 500mW 638nm Build
  136. HL6738MG Diode!
  137. Got a new 0.08mW laser today!!
  138. Very Cheap 6mm 650 nm Laser pointer
  139. How to power a red diode
  140. Mitsubishi 500mW 638nm Laser Diode ML501P73
  141. [The Blood Club] 1.1W Oclaro Weapon (HL63193MG)
  142. Sharp GH16 Dual Wave?
  143. Would 530mA kill the LPC836?
  144. Oclaro 700mW 638nm Diode (HL63193MG)
  145. Little 6mm 650 nm semiconductor red diode
  146. Mini red diode for less than a dollar hits 31mW
  147. My second red laser project (with pics)
  148. 650nm 200mW Labby Style
  149. my first project "The Turk"
  150. LPC826 - Case Pisitive or Negative?
  151. World's record red
  152. Two diodes from DVD writers
  153. Red Build Attempt #2
  154. S&S R&F: LaserBtB 660nm 1W Laser from Zraffleticket
  155. 16X DVD RW Red Laser Diode Questions
  156. [PICS]New 650 Build ML101U29-25 in Jayrob Pen
  157. 500mw mits: Will this driver work?
  158. LPC 826 questions ( voltage and amps )
  159. LG BE12 - red diode laser build
  160. The 640 RED THREAD
  161. Any news from the c-mount 650 nm world?
  162. DX 50mW laser
  163. Modifying a Laser Devices pistol-mounted laser
  164. Dont think my DVD burner laser is as bright as it should...
  165. Suggestion - Diode for holography?
  166. Sony 24x/10x/40x Burner would be good?
  167. Old Spectra Physics 155 Model
  168. DVD burner driver
  169. My JetLasers "Ti-B in Red" W/Opnext 120mW 638nm diode (Pic Heavy)
  170. Need help on 632.8nm?
  171. Do this Goggles protect 100%?
  172. How good is this laser?
  173. <5mW red diode?
  174. 250mW 650nm laser review
  175. Mitsu @ 1400mA: Life Expectancy?
  176. Presstek 40W IR diode
  177. Cheapie o-like NX-50N Red laser w/ongoing review
  178. 1.25W 638nm - Lil' Dragon - in sinner's "MS-SSW stubby" host
  179. Need your valued opinions on this.
  180. Cheap 100mw 635nm laser?
  181. Using a diode from LG GCC-4522B worth it?
  182. 680nm builds
  183. Now Completed Optically Corrected P73 HH Design
  184. Something wrong here?
  185. Help finding red diodes
  186. Working current of SH-S182D LD
  188. How to Wire Case positive Diode
  189. Building 1w 635nm diode with ML501P73
  190. Nerf Laser Sight
  191. judgement for fda license <5mw 638nm orange laser pointer
  192. 190mW 635nm single mode rebuild
  193. Review: Bloompyle 300mW 650nm Chrome Leadlight
  194. Sinner's MS-V4 - 500mW 638 build :)
  195. CNC laser plotter
  196. 638th post: a double 1W outdoor beam gallery + 660nm & 638nm combo gallery
  197. 670-690nm 500mW To3 TEC cooled Diode
  198. Super mini Red laser 22X 250mW.
  199. seeking advice on a new 200mw laser
  200. My First 140/210 mA Hi / Lo Red Laser (16x DVD)
  201. The Little Diode That Could
  202. Build quote? ~1W 635nm
  203. 680nm Deep red laser custom build
  204. Price point?
  205. Christmas Ornament with 650nm laser
  206. Ray Gun - {Pic Heavy}
  207. need an educated guess on 638nm
  208. 650nm 100mw laser in c6 host
  209. Help purchasing a Red laser pointer
  210. Need help!!!
  211. Strange red dot from a 650 nm
  212. Looking For a Specific Red Laser
  213. 5mW Pen laser inquiry!
  214. O like 200mW "New" Laser
  215. RED laser from DVD-RW
  216. How to kill a diode fast
  218. Filter out red laser
  219. [Build/Tut] Sinner's MS-V4 Square-II Custom Build "RED STORM" 650nm
  220. 650nm red laser protective glasses
  221. DIY - The little red key chain...that lives!!*PIC HEAVY*
  222. looking for 635nm red module class 2 1mw with ttl modulation
  223. Coherent Laser Diode Bar 30W-40W 808nm
  224. Survival Laser 660nm 300mW
  225. LPC826 and NewWish Diodes - Dual Driver
  226. ML101U29 First Build
  227. ideas needed for 50-100W medical laser
  228. My first laser project
  229. c-mount LUZY laser pistol
  230. My new DIY red laser
  231. NIR - best range power/cash laser
  232. lpc 826 and optical
  233. Huge 110v laser
  234. Help with DIY laser pointer
  235. Laser Lighter 5mW just for laughs
  236. DIY-Second Build-Almost Complete-Pics
  237. A Peak at 671nm
  238. LCC metal mini X-drive CG
  239. 685nm laser-in-a-box
  240. Old alarm battery for LPC-815 with LM317?
  241. Another "First Build-Need Help" thread
  242. Focusing Lens
  243. First Build Complete-Several Pics
  244. Laser for up to 50
  245. do these parts make a laser?
  246. First Build
  247. C-Mount Red Mag Stubby Build...
  248. wannaburnstuff's gift!
  249. Questions about o-like 250mw red laser
  250. LPC-826 diode Australia