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  1. A few questions about unusual lenses ???
  2. Motorised Zoom/Focus Assembly from A130-type PJs
  3. Video Projector Zoom/Focus Assembly as Beam Expander
  4. Nd: YAG Laser Help
  5. Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical Testing
  6. Where can I get first-surface mirrors?
  7. G-2 Collimator Lens Mishap ?
  8. #UPDATED Pics, NUG06/Multimode correction-Interesting Find# Help identifying 2 optics
  9. Half of G-ball lenses on NUBM06/8 are as good as G-2 (do you agree?)
  10. 5mm dia cross colophony lenses?
  11. Question about highdivergent diodes like the NUBM44
  12. wicked lasers's beam expanders are only $149.00 now ?
  13. OMG How to make a dangerous laser even MORE dangerous !
  14. What does $4,000.00 Dollars worth Of Lenses Look Like ?
  15. Cone mirror 20 degrees.
  16. Polygon mirrors?
  17. Beam Expanders WORK !
  18. "G2 LFL lens are back" 8mm focal, convert Aixiz 3 element to 1 element!
  19. A Dichro to combine 520 and 532nm?
  20. Where can I get beam spliters
  21. Info optics for a smaller beam at 5m
  22. FAP fiber combined 520nm diodes?
  23. Beam Expanders !
  24. KTP Crystal Size vs 1064nm Power Input.
  25. $ Low cost beam expanders
  26. A New Way To Clean Laser Lens !
  27. What to use for the 1000th time?.?
  28. Rotate prism 45, image does 90 - why?
  29. Best focal point.
  30. Laser Accessories - Diffraction Gratings (Where to buy them nowadays?)
  31. Filling laser optics with nitrogen gas
  32. Q-Switched YAG Question
  33. focusing lens for sls 3d printer
  34. Fiber coupled laser beam very wide
  35. Nubm44 focusing lens
  36. Beam reducer thing
  37. Bought Type I and Type II 1064nm to 532nm green SHG units
  38. correcting a NDG7475
  39. Looking for a way to project image/halogram
  40. AOBD Beam Deflector, need some advice....
  41. Lens combination for a DIY SLS 3D printer
  42. Rick Trent 2 element lense for 405/445
  43. basic optics question
  44. Dimensions on Sanwu 3X and Jetlaser 10X expanders?
  45. Short Length Large Diameter ND: YAG Crystal - What for?
  46. JetLasers 10X Expander for Arctic III 3.5W?
  47. Questions Regarding Optical Choppers for YAG Lasers....
  48. What Is It... thread for unidentified laser optic goodies
  49. Tech hood combine reflect optics
  50. Flat lenses from Edmund Optics.
  51. Advice for optics and powers
  52. Anyone care to guess what this lens setup was used for?
  53. Laser Expander
  54. Prisms and glass balls?
  55. Dust on the opposite side of the three elements glass lens
  56. Anyone have an idea what this gas laser optical board was used for?
  57. Maths behind optimal beam expansion
  58. Question for the optics savvy in regard to beam expansion to reduce divergence.
  59. Multiple cube beam combiner "it can be done"..... Has anyone seen this article?
  60. Help with testing
  61. MIT Demonstrations on Lasers and Optics. College level videos.
  62. Anyone have an idea what this is?
  63. G2 lens
  64. Lens surface accuracy question; 1/2, 1/4 or 1/10 wavelength?
  65. Fiber Beam expander
  66. G7 lens, What is it?
  67. JetLasers 10X RCB
  68. Diffraction Optical Element - from Reddit & Material Sample Shop
  69. Thick line laser
  70. Holo effect?
  71. G2 problem
  72. Ebay laser combiner?
  73. DTR projector optics
  74. Sanwu g2 vs g7
  75. Beam expander that works with Survival Laser S4X?
  76. Pass Green Reflect Red dichroic mirror as an infrared filter
  77. Dirty diode window
  78. Sanwu g2
  79. G2 does a trick.
  80. Tall stand
  81. First Contact Polymer Cleaner Question
  82. Sanwu G2 lenses
  83. How to collimate a DPSS-Laser (green)
  84. Laser Design Help
  85. The amazing gball
  86. AR coated lens
  87. I see dead "waves" :)
  88. Laser beam through a lens
  89. OPT Lasers Cylindric lenses - NUBM44 beam correction tests
  90. Broken tip on 301
  91. Decrease lasers power
  92. DOWN LASER OPTICS Please help
  93. Where to find optical lens for 445nm 3.2W laser?
  94. Host plus beam expanders?
  95. Beam splitter/combiner cubes for 14w of 450nm
  96. 5mm Round Cylinder Lenses
  97. Not all 3 element lens are the same focal length.
  98. 6X Cylindrical pair test from group buy.
  99. Newbie needs an intro to diffraction gratings
  100. Difference between polarized and non-polarized beam splitters
  101. Seeking links to good knife edging techniques material.
  102. Best NLO Crsytal for Doubling 980nm
  103. Atomi DIY beam expander
  104. Help,, I need module laser for DOE rings
  105. Jetlasers Beam Expander - Does anyone have a silver one?
  106. Fiber Optic Bundle Lenses, what can we use them for?
  107. Knife Edging for Dummies (me... please help)....
  108. Where can I get mounts like these?
  109. Any interest for Mirrors/Lenses for 532/1064nm?
  110. 10 bucks via PP to the individual who calculates this for me...
  111. Coherent 808nm/IR Fiber Array Package Beam Shot (Movie added to thread).
  112. The difference focal length makes with our highly divergent diodes.
  113. Beam Splitter for 12mm AixiZ Module
  114. Light Saber Illumination - Help Diverge
  115. Hitachi Rear Projection TV - No Pics Yet, soon
  116. how to focus a big spot ?
  117. Beam Expander Design Theory
  118. Cylindrical lens setup in combination with beam expander
  119. MrCrouse Mace of Doom Host with 500mm Telephoto Lens Converted to a Beam Expander
  120. Basic question for a n00b :/
  121. Why do I have wings?
  122. fiber coupling laser diodes directly.
  123. The Cyan Cannon Vll Build
  124. Stock M140 Lens good for Macro Shots
  125. Lens choice for first high power laser
  126. where is a good place to get beam spliters
  127. Lens removal tool?
  128. Beam diverging lens?
  129. Dichroic Mirror Source
  130. Lazy Mans Beam Expander for 445nm NUBM44 6+ watt laser diode.
  131. Beam correcting optics
  132. 6 watt Nubm44 focus help
  133. Knife edge followed by expander? Anyone try that here?
  134. More info on the S1 lens?
  135. Glue for mounting optics to metal?
  136. Less expensive alternative to Newport .5 inch adjustable mirror platform?
  137. Gold AR coating? Wavelength?
  138. Aha! Found how to best focus an IR beam to infinity, sharing the idea.
  139. Looking for DVD writer type lenses for cell phone microscopes
  140. Converging a beam to a small point?
  141. DL Laser Beam Expander New Generation
  142. Laser amplification
  143. A few questions about beam expanders
  144. Anyone ever use Anti-Reflex Coating Stripper?
  145. Tiny Aspheric Lens 1.45mm FL - What purpose would this lens have?
  146. Anyone have experience with the Inno Pocket Scan made by American DJ?
  147. Beam expander
  148. The cost of having a lens AR coated $$$
  149. Anamorphic Prism Pair, good for 635nm?
  150. N/A
  151. Fiber being sold on ebay for lasers - anyone ever try it?
  152. Just a lil idea low cost laser cutter
  153. Hard Drive Disks As Mirrors
  154. Cylindrical Plano-Convex vs Rod Lens for Laser Line Generation?
  155. How to know if is S or P polarization
  156. When a lens is limited to 500MW/CM2 what does that mean?
  157. Newbie looking for optics ideas
  158. What kind of Special mirror
  159. mirros suitable for lasers?
  160. camera lens as beam expander?
  161. Any ideas on what this might have been for?
  162. 3 element lens info!
  163. Straight wide beam
  164. G9 vs G2
  165. Laser diode chip aperture, lens aperture & wavelength relationships to divergence?
  166. Beam Expander DIY Cons
  167. optics to combine focus lasers for cutter/etcher
  168. New ultra thin diffractive lenses
  169. coversion crystals?
  170. AixiZ 'G' lens changes
  171. Bausch + Lomb 39676 Ruled Diffraction Grating
  172. laser rookie with a question
  173. Where to find the best purple or blue laser's with the kaleidoscope diffraction tips
  174. New G7 lens for 445nm / 462nm / 520nm
  175. lens questions
  176. Anyone here used a compander for R,G,B laser diodes combining all or even for one?
  177. Co2 laser galvo needs a protective window
  178. Universal C6 5x Beam Expander Build [Build and Beamshots][Tonz'o'Pics]
  179. Green lasers beam combining
  180. Liquid Sky from a LaserJet 4P Polygon Mirror
  181. Spinning glass diffuser
  182. Mini x3 beam expander for 7A75&7475 Handheld(Updated Videos for X5 beam expander)
  183. Need some help.
  184. Change diffraction angle?
  185. some clarification and questions regarding lens choices
  186. Front surface mirrors
  187. Diffraction grating lens position
  188. Beam double expander
  189. Re-terminating fibre optic cable.
  190. What is the best way to align beams with this knife edge?
  191. us seller of lens holder?
  192. Fluorescent lens?
  193. Lens off center?
  194. Proper method for focusing high power lasers?
  195. Highest power through a S1 or G2 lens?
  196. Cleaning a Lens
  197. anyone remember the liquid fan DG at novalasers ?
  198. Building a white laser
  199. Re-creating the BMW i8 Headlamps
  200. Diffraction Grating question
  201. Newbie ? about possible dirty G2 Lens
  202. 45 Deg Dichroic blocking blue, transmitting red & !520!
  203. Aftermarket IR Filter?
  204. Anyone ever heard of LLLT or phototherapy?
  205. Effect of IR laser printer optics on non-IR wavelengths?
  206. GRIN Lens
  207. YVO4 Crystal 5x2.9x9.6mm Yttrium Vanadate
  208. G-lenses?
  209. Cross Dichroic Prism Laser Project
  210. Conceptual design of anamorphic prisms on sinner focus ring. Pix!
  211. How to Specify Optical Coatings
  212. Replace Lens to keep beam tighter?
  213. Anyone grind lenses
  214. D i v e r g e n c e
  215. OK...I redid the graph...
  216. Can reflections kill a laser diode?
  217. PBS cube troubles. Pictures
  218. Use your spare lenses to make a microscope!
  219. Theoretical Optic Problems. Please help :)
  220. Beam Expander Question: Two or More Diverging Lenses Before Collimation?
  221. Green AR coated 3 element lens exist?
  222. Wierd polygonal Zerodur laser lens, what do you think its function was?
  223. Would this work? Idea for focusable FAC optics
  224. Any other lens options?
  225. Green AR
  226. Beam splitter /combiner
  227. Looking for information on how to build own lens assembly.
  228. Looking for CUSTOM MADE DIFFRACTION GRADING filters
  229. Unable to focus
  230. Even smaller spot size by using a mask?
  231. optimal lens
  232. Is there such thing as a universal Beam expander?
  233. diffraction gratings 2
  234. Noob screw up not azixa module what to do
  235. Laser Grid (Or Other Localization System)
  236. Adaptive Optics-EZ Add on for any Hand Held Unit-Proto Type Done
  237. Optical experts here? Question about biconvex
  238. Spot size at distance vs. negative focal length
  239. Lenses & First Surface Mirrors from DLP & CRT big screen TVs (pic heavy)
  240. Beam expander or not?
  241. Diffraction Gratings
  242. Broken focusing lens
  243. WL Phosforce on Zaser?
  244. Has anyone here made a laser line using a prism?
  245. Adaptive Optics-Easy add on to any Hand Held
  246. Line-lens
  247. Focusing laser pattern from DOE lens
  248. Help identifying lens.
  249. Dragon lasers new beam expanders NOW available
  250. lens nut with 12mm thread