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  1. Cross Dichroic Prism Laser Project
  2. Conceptual design of anamorphic prisms on sinner focus ring. Pix!
  3. How to Specify Optical Coatings
  4. Replace Lens to keep beam tighter?
  5. Anyone grind lenses
  6. D i v e r g e n c e
  7. OK...I redid the graph...
  8. Can reflections kill a laser diode?
  9. PBS cube troubles. Pictures
  10. Use your spare lenses to make a microscope!
  11. Theoretical Optic Problems. Please help :)
  12. Beam Expander Question: Two or More Diverging Lenses Before Collimation?
  13. Green AR coated 3 element lens exist?
  14. Wierd polygonal Zerodur laser lens, what do you think its function was?
  15. Would this work? Idea for focusable FAC optics
  16. Any other lens options?
  17. Green AR
  18. Beam splitter /combiner
  19. Looking for information on how to build own lens assembly.
  21. Unable to focus
  22. Even smaller spot size by using a mask?
  23. optimal lens
  24. Is there such thing as a universal Beam expander?
  25. diffraction gratings 2
  26. Noob screw up not azixa module what to do
  27. Laser Grid (Or Other Localization System)
  28. Adaptive Optics-EZ Add on for any Hand Held Unit-Proto Type Done
  29. Optical experts here? Question about biconvex
  30. Spot size at distance vs. negative focal length
  31. Lenses & First Surface Mirrors from DLP & CRT big screen TVs (pic heavy)
  32. Beam expander or not?
  33. Diffraction Gratings
  34. Broken focusing lens
  35. WL Phosforce on Zaser?
  36. Has anyone here made a laser line using a prism?
  37. Adaptive Optics-Easy add on to any Hand Held
  38. Line-lens
  39. Focusing laser pattern from DOE lens
  40. Help identifying lens.
  41. Dragon lasers new beam expanders NOW available
  42. lens nut with 12mm thread
  43. I need some lens springs
  44. Looking for reasonable priced 1/2 wave plate for dual diode build
  45. O-Like 405 G-2
  46. Lens AR questions / Green AR coating.
  47. Just ran across this sweet piece of optical glass...
  48. Noob question... hit me if you want :-p
  49. Laser optics producing images?
  50. My optical table and breadboard build..
  51. Cheap (free) beamsplitters and FS mirrors
  52. Help me clean my laser
  53. An interesting CD/DVD optics group
  54. Help clean a laser lens
  55. The fluctuating intensity at the exit end of the fiber!
  56. Large, quality, AR Lenses?
  57. Super cheap beam expander!
  58. AR window
  59. Would this work for a Beam Combiner
  60. Remove coating from lens.
  61. Diverse lens types
  62. This Is What a Laser From the Moon Looks Like (Photo)
  63. What is a G2 glass lens mae of ?
  64. zero aperature....airy disk?
  65. Hoping for tight focus
  66. jet lasers beam expander
  67. Mitsubishi ML520G71 635nm focussing issue
  68. SS Beam Splitter question
  69. 405nm Laser with <100Ám Focus
  70. 3 element lens on 2.5w 445nm
  71. 980nm fine focus lens
  72. Correct spherical aberration from DVD-RW lens
  73. Glass Diffraction Grating
  74. The brighter Showwx+ pico laser projector project
  75. G9 Lens Extraction! Will it work? or Fail?
  76. Nearly finished my first build, couple of questions about focussing
  77. Laser Line Generators
  78. Where To Buy The G9?
  79. adjustable mirror and cube base?
  80. 10ish way beam splitter
  81. 'which three element lense for blue
  82. Expanders vs Collimators
  83. IR Laser pointer spot is not dot
  84. Found a Cube Inside Sony AD-7203S!
  85. Absolutely new to the world of lasers
  86. "flashlight" laser lens??
  87. Help focusing my 50mw laser pointer into a burning laser
  88. Precision Focussing
  89. Keeping beam tight?
  90. I have a doubt. The collimator is the same as the focus lens?
  91. Laser Optics collection, Mirrors, Lens, + more
  92. 50mm FL Lens?
  93. GBFeeler? 405-G-2 $20 ea @ Laser66! 1 Week only sale, 445 9mm lens (G9) on dhgate?
  94. CNI Beam expander?
  95. 50W diode laser bar focusing.
  96. What happens if a lens isn't centered perfectly?
  97. looking for beam expander for 3.5W 445
  98. Lens size
  99. How does Bosch do that? Line laser - no rotation?
  100. High Beam Divergence
  101. Optics cubes?
  102. Effect of Plano-Concave lens in standard focusable dot laser
  103. G2/G9 Lens Not Giving More Output - Am I doing It Wrong?
  104. PBS Cube Maximum Power
  105. Am I being ripped off?
  106. What Expansion Ratio?
  107. Need a protective glass for diode that does not decrease intensity.
  108. Focusing lens
  109. How to make a liquid sky effect
  110. Flat visible beam from a laser pointer
  111. 405nm beam focus to tiny dot?
  112. need reasonable aperture safety for burning man project
  113. Looking for Mirrors or Light bending glass
  114. Laserlands Lens
  115. Line Generator and Collimation
  116. Beam Splash from Internal Lens Reflections Correction Idea?
  117. Smallest Spot Diameter: Focusing High Wattage IR Laser Diodes
  118. not a dumb question
  119. Yee olde exposed film IR PASS FILTER
  120. Jetlasers B.E. adapter modifications for the PL-E series
  121. Lenses for IR
  122. infared filter fell off
  123. Interesting grating from an LCD screen
  124. removing the lens...
  125. wondering about lenses and 800-850nm...
  126. Anamorphics and waveplate help?
  127. Where to purchase standard focusing rings?
  128. meant by "focusing" in advertisements...
  129. Any cheap caps to increase attenuation factor of 445nm?
  130. What can you do will optics form a DVD burner?
  131. The eyes are getting old...
  132. where to buy a g2 lens for 445 nm.
  133. LFL - long focal length G2 Lens?
  134. Infrared Filter
  135. $16 Beam-splitters
  136. How to clean a G1 Lens
  137. DIY Attaching Diffraction Grating to Lens Nut
  138. Beam expander for dominator.
  139. Quick simple high transmission lens with an old PHR sled / Tutorial video included
  140. Lens Housing Attachment for Chinese Laser Modules
  141. Beam Profile with G-2 for 405nm Request
  142. Where can one find some cheap combing optics
  143. PBS for 660 & 405 nm
  144. Is getting a G2 lens worth it?
  145. A Theory on Automatic Focus for Lasers
  146. G1/G2 Lenses
  147. Laser suggestion for 360░ laser with cone mirror
  148. co2 ray gun
  149. Recommendations for beam correction.
  150. Glasses Comparison
  151. what is the purpose
  152. 20,000 foot range on 5mW green pointer?
  153. JD-851 Laser Pointer lens broke!? Need help finding a new one pls!
  154. Reducing beam size?
  155. Cheapest red or blue laser pointer that mounts diffraction gratings
  156. dvd burner laser and lenses question.
  157. laser for 3d printer
  158. Better lens?
  159. What lens is this?
  160. Newbie question , lens in dvd module
  161. need some help shopping ;) about focusing down a laser diode
  162. Looking for High Power 808nm Cross or Line Lens
  163. Good web site for learning the basics?
  164. Where to buy: Optics kit, prisms, diffraction gratings..
  165. What is are these spots ??
  166. Looking for a special lense or head for my laser..
  167. How to determine the type of AR coating on a lens?
  168. reducing "bat wing/halo" effect
  169. Lens Problems
  170. Lens too good to be true?
  171. Reflecting Laser
  172. Need help with terminology...
  173. Collimating the collimated
  174. Lenses for 445nm or 473nm
  175. Wicked Laser lenses
  176. Question about Lens Outputs
  177. Dragon Laser Beam Expander
  178. How much energy is transfered?
  179. 638 correction with only 2 lenses?
  180. Five Buck Fiber Optics
  181. Lens recommendation required please
  182. Need information about lens
  183. beam expander
  184. Need help: want to diffract
  185. Focussing many diodes
  186. Unique Optics Design Combines Modulated RGB LDs
  187. Neutral density filter not for high power, but what's the limit?
  188. frazier lens
  189. power reduction with diffraction grating?
  190. Found some interesting 445 lens.. ;)
  191. 5x vs 10x BE's and relative beam brightness
  192. Basic Beam Expander
  193. Beam Combiner
  194. Beam patterns / shapes
  195. External lens Spring.
  196. Best way of cleaning G1 lens
  197. Fiber Optic Y Connection Question
  198. Cheap 2-Element 445nm Lens
  199. Specks in laser diode
  200. Lower power lens
  201. Noob Question on Aixiz lenses
  202. Lens to Fix Divergence - Help
  203. AixiZ 9mm housing?
  204. Monolithic Focusing Optics for Blue Laser Diodes
  205. Cross dichroic x-cube
  206. Is there some Simple threads 4 optics?
  207. Fiber Optics
  208. looking for dichros
  209. Burnt Aixiz plastic optics?
  210. After focusing "Whiskers"
  211. Best Lens for LPC-826 diode?
  212. I need diffraction gratings please help me
  213. Beam Expander for 3mm beam diameter
  214. Not crazy enough to try this one...
  215. A plea to users of coated optics (G1 and G2) lenses
  216. conical focus adapter vs foucusing rings
  217. Lumia Glass Question
  218. Meredith
  219. Any ideas on Optical Cells?
  220. optical for narrow of beam
  221. Replacement Lens
  222. melles griot expander adapter
  223. Help Finding Expander For Hulk
  224. question on LabLasers
  225. Casio M140 diode and prism pairs
  226. G-2 Lens Focus changing?
  227. Aspherical Lenses for 350-700nm Laser diodes
  228. how to attach a fiber cable?
  229. Moisture inside aixiz glass - Help!
  230. Is this possible?
  231. Help reflecting a beam diffusivley.
  232. dichros to replace
  233. Question about focusing the lenses
  234. Took apart new DLP tv. Optics treasure trove, or bust?
  235. Optics for Osram SPL PL90_3 diode ???
  236. Optics?
  237. Pin hole for clean up a focused laser ?
  238. Cheap 405nm lens for 500mW?
  239. Line wider than 120 degrees
  240. focusing
  241. Best way to clean a lens without a lens cleaning tool
  242. Light sensor of some kind?
  243. "Dumb Question" - fiber optics
  244. Looking for an inexpensive beam expander
  245. Rayfoss 808nm Laser Collimation Lens
  246. Display diagram
  247. High-Contrast Gratings Bring New Meaning To "Integrated" Optics
  248. Mitsubishi 635nm LD Optics Correction / Power Output Development
  249. Cutting coated cylindrical lenses
  250. How to correctly refocus a laser source?