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  1. Laserglow "RIGEL-6" 593.5nm Pen (LPF 5th anniv. Ed.)
  2. My 1W 405 vs. 53 balloons
  3. 1900mw 470nm
  4. "new" pics 5/15/16
  5. Laser & Flashlight BEAMSHOTS
  6. 1W 405nm build: video review! (S4 host)
  7. Jetlasers Ti pen
  8. 515nm vs 561nm
  9. Diffractive Optical Element: Laser making cool patterns through plastic
  10. Tune played by fiber laser
  11. Laser Saber 7W+-
  12. Aspire looks and feels good.
  13. Burning steel wool + lasers
  14. New Sanwu Challenger 700mw 405nm
  15. Powering up full 24x diode brick from projector!!
  16. some new pics 4/11/16
  17. Let there be WHITE!!
  18. TI-B *review ( 2016 )
  19. New 515nm and 532nm comparison photos
  20. Sanwu Spiker Series lasers: 1 Watt 520nm and 638nm
  21. C-Mount 5W 650nm Fun + Project Updates
  22. Golden Sun 2Watt 450nm focusable laser from O-Like.
  23. new pics 3/15/16
  24. First pic Post
  25. Laser attacks on Football players.
  26. Atomic and Optical Physics MIT
  27. New Pictures
  28. "Box-o-lasers" Confocal Microscope teardown
  29. My laser collection (all SL stainless stell hosts and S4X)
  30. Just some shows in my living room
  31. effects from laser light
  32. Drawing on an IPhone 6S with a laser!
  33. 6,000mW 445nm
  34. some more pics 2/23
  35. UPDATE! NEW PICS! Checking Back In, a Couple Pictures
  36. Good Lord.
  37. slow motion laser burning
  38. DVD drive Grave and something else
  39. My first attempts at burning with a laser :)
  40. Website jetlasers.org (or jetlasers.com) is down
  41. some new pics 1/27
  42. Showreel 2015 Youtube
  43. Beam shots from my partially built projector
  44. Pen Laser Fun with LPM graphs and Beamshots and Videos :D
  45. sci fi lasers 1w 405 self-repair & upgrade [pic heavy]
  46. NDB7675 1.9w 470nm Pen laser made by Alien Laser) LPM reading added
  47. some pics in the fog 12/24/15
  48. dem 612nm laser pics.
  49. UPDATED! 589nm, 445nm, 532nm, 650nm and Dragon Lasers fan diffraction gratings!
  50. [1W 520nm] Survival Laser S4 Beamshot Gallery
  51. Drone & Laser
  52. The Tarantula. {Now updated with The Horsehead}
  53. got my 50mw rated PL-E Pro 473nm. I lpmed it at 108mw. Lots of Beamshots
  54. INVERTED beamshots!
  55. Foggy laser Beamshots !!!
  56. All new photos, 589nm, 445nm and 532nm
  57. Older laser photos i took that came out good
  58. 473nm 100mw vs 20mw 532nm laser
  59. Fog types, which is best?
  60. 594nm and 532nm CNI modules compared
  61. Do u know which style of battery it use?
  62. New Custom Ehgemus Host
  63. doing a little light bending
  64. Nwlem 2015
  65. NWLEM-pics
  66. Some quick new videos, including 445nm laser "pushing" aluminum foil
  67. My 2+W PL445 vs. veneered particle board
  68. What the heck?
  69. CNI labby showoff with fog machine.
  70. new laser room pics.
  71. Pulsed Er:YAG Laser Destruction!!!
  72. 8 405nm Laser pointers, and their beamshots
  73. new pics 11/9/15
  74. Who can help me check what's this?
  75. FLIR One Thermal Imaging Hosts/Heatsinks
  76. 532nm & 445nm Night Shot First Attempts
  77. My new Brucemir decor
  78. They're Twins, you know.....
  79. DL Spartan 1.6W 447nm Weir Photos
  80. Projectors - What happened to them?
  81. Fun times with selenite
  82. 473,445,405 beam pics
  83. more sphere/cylinder pics 10/22
  84. Random lasers + Bare HeNe goodness
  85. Glastonbury Tor with my 1.3W 520nm
  86. Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)
  87. Multi Mode vs. Single Mode
  88. "new" pics 10/7
  89. Blood moon and lasers
  90. olympus mons beam pic gallery. Pics added 11-04-15
  91. more beam shots
  92. Break Time Pic
  93. Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
  94. Super Blood Moon!!! Totality Photography!
  95. Lunar eclipse shots
  96. Quick Pic Drop
  97. Beam shots on a cloudy night
  98. some new stuff.. Tripod, D2 charger (PICS HEAVY)
  99. Couple new pics
  100. Orion Photograph
  101. Post your random videos!
  102. styropyro in popular science
  103. I'd like to learn to take better beam shots
  104. Firing 8 lasers at once. Photos.
  105. Beam shots, hot rods, pretty girls, post some eye candy or take some in.
  106. Red, Green and purple Beam shots
  107. something different for me
  108. video beam 450mA - 12x 405nm vs 1.2A - 1w 638nm
  109. Mirror polished hosts, and new Ehgemus one
  110. Various beam pictures
  111. mirrors, gratings and the glass sphere
  112. DIY: How to build your very own 6w laser!
  113. 561nm GLP
  114. Just bought a 405nm! 1w
  115. My first beam pics!
  116. Beautiful Beamshots
  117. 7 Watt hand held beam shot picture.
  118. New Camera Lens beam shot test
  119. Most famous youtuber showing us how to not use a laser
  120. Post Your Beamshots
  121. Shakenawakes Dreamcatcher
  122. My Ghetto "spirograph" scanner pic! *Updated with vid*
  123. pics from my new Laser room
  124. When collections collide
  125. Never thought this guy was this big of an idiot
  126. Low budget 2w 445nm host
  127. some pics from the archives
  128. It Arrived! My Omni 543 Argon.
  129. Last of the Cube/Sphere pics
  130. My Second Build
  131. My lasers
  132. 007!
  133. World's Most Powerful Visible Diode Laser
  134. Lighting Fireworks with my 1W Lasers...Let me know what you think of the video.
  135. Glass Cube/LKPD2 pics
  136. Beam shots
  137. DIY fog machine & fog soultion
  138. A beautiful night to be a laser
  139. Changing the Color of Lasers/LEDs with Liquid Nitrogen!
  140. besy way to record lasers?
  141. Video of lasers in fog
  142. Second Build
  143. Glass Cube pics
  144. 532 CD Fun!
  145. 405nm Beamshot Pics (Pic Heavy)
  146. My Argon "beginner kit" Arrived today.
  147. Just a pic of my cute tube
  148. Next level popping balloons
  149. 40W Laser!!! How about this for some laser power!!
  150. No LPM? Not a problem, I got fog!
  151. Laser Shotgun -Our very own Styropyro posted video that made it to Reddits front page
  152. Just a few pics...
  153. 2.4w 445nm SF501B Scifi lasers match burns
  154. Laser Safety Glasses Demonstration Video
  155. My one 589nm Beam shot!
  156. some new glass sphere pics
  157. ILDA Photo Awards Collection
  158. Dumb Ways To Blind with Lasers...
  159. Random Phone pic- 685nm diffraction
  160. Memorial Day 2015 Burning Laser Pointer Video
  161. some new pics 5/8
  162. 532nm vs 520nm
  163. Post FUNNY Laser Pics
  164. Burning a Brown Recluse Spider with Blue Laser
  165. New Year celebrations with my laser 445nm
  166. My first video of 2W custom made 445nm Laser pointer
  167. DIY 520nm Green in WL Fusion Host!!
  168. Today. 594nm Showed Up.
  169. BLUE BUEATY pics heavy
  170. 612nm Arrived Today!
  171. Lamp (Light bulb) Photos
  172. HL-532 300 lighting a match
  173. pics 5/1 589nm+593.5nm
  174. Finally guys here are some pics of my 589nm spartan
  175. 589nm arrived! Beamshots and some info
  176. Looking for a cheapish/safe 5mw 532nm laser pointer.
  177. My First Build
  178. Post your instagram!
  179. beach sunrise and blue beauty pics heavy
  180. some laser pics and a video
  181. MY 445 BLUE BEAUTY pics heavy
  182. Night star beam shots
  183. My Laser and flashlight collection photos
  184. Must see video
  185. rainbow pics 4/24
  186. New Additions - Sinner - V1 & Phobos , MS-Envy's and more..
  187. Varied exposures 100mW 650nm beamshots
  188. Some New Astrophotography Stuff
  189. 4/17 pics - the Mask again!
  190. W/L (replica) host and S/L c6 host builds
  191. deleteeee
  192. My YouTube video
  193. Random 1st attempt at using prisms
  194. Got my first 473nm last Wensday and it's my first time seeing it too. Some Pics
  195. RGB with 14k gold host Ft. Boba Fett
  196. 532nm 100mW Beamshots
  197. laser pics 3/27/15
  198. infrared B/W pics 4/2/15
  199. Night Time Beamshot Pics
  200. Blackwolf's new HD camera *pic heavy*
  201. New use for dead diodes!!
  202. Building a 250mW Red Laser from an Old Computer!!
  203. SinnerVN One of a kind Tri EDC Titanium With Rainbow Heat Treatment (HD Pics added)
  204. Melles Griot High Power DPSS Internal Optics
  205. Laser Collection
  206. How to Determine the Wavelength of your Laser with a CD!!
  207. 3/13 inverted "V" mirror pics
  208. Clarifying Laser Output Power and how this relates to photography.
  209. My >1W 520nm Handheld Build Video!
  210. Laser beam photography project - help required finding the right laser.
  211. Help required please! Uploading pictures to new posts...on a mac.
  212. Beam shots from this weekend
  213. The beauty of science and technology.
  214. 532nm GREEN!
  215. Flavor of the Day-Yellow
  216. 589nm Arrived. A Few Pics.
  217. a few infrared pics
  218. some new pics 2/19
  219. Beam shots with new clamps
  220. Just a few laser meets winter blast shots
  221. Slight fog phone pics
  222. some new pics
  223. Filming Flash Powder with an Optical Filter
  224. Mirrors/cubes/door viewer/Remote Phosphor
  225. Lasers burning can look very beautiful.
  226. New lens! Glorious beam shots!
  227. glass sphere pics pt.4
  228. High-res pictures of LG Hercules
  229. Kickstarter so called "smart headphones with laser light"
  230. Marley + Rigel!
  231. Reflections v2 - DPSS Paradise
  232. Snowpocalypse beam shots! 520, 462, 445nm.
  233. Reflections
  234. some beams (including my new 473)
  235. Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  236. glass sphere pics pt.3
  237. Foggy night fun!
  238. Let there be fog! (warning, insanely bright beam pics)
  239. Fog!!!!
  240. glass sphere pics pt.2
  241. Some more 532nm flourescence pictures
  242. Intense yellow/orange from green beam
  243. glass sphere pics pt.1
  244. Ld A.A
  245. More Photos (picture heavy)
  246. Primary Color Brothers
  247. Post random pics off the internet
  248. wicked fog outside rolled through today
  249. RGB Handheld
  250. rainbow pics 11/21 pt.2