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  1. Jet Lasers PLE Pro 520nm 70mW
  2. Small 90mw Build
  3. Advice on what green laser to buy (50mW - 100mW)
  4. Trying to build an insane 532 nm laser
  5. 20W's of 532nm, wow!
  6. Visible at daylight
  7. Reliable, cheap "real 5mW"s
  8. Question about Fasttech's $5 5mW greenies
  9. What can I expect from this laser?
  10. Laserpointerpro cheapo high powereds?
  11. Question regarding CNI GLP-532?
  12. Need help choosing 532 laser
  13. 1W+ NDG7475 520nm C2 Build
  14. LSR532U-200 Green Laser!
  15. How to power a 5mW green laser with the least bulk?
  16. 1mw Pet laser
  17. Question about making a long duty cycle laser
  18. Is this laser any good?
  19. Laserlands 5mW 520nm Pointer with pics.
  20. HELP:) Jetlasers 600mW 532nm laser module.
  21. im new and i would like to purchase a decent green laser
  22. Two dots?
  23. Review: Laserlands 520nm 5mw pointer
  24. Looking for great Laser 303
  25. How do I know which driver is right?
  26. The Monster(MGL-F-532 2.8W) Feat: diachi
  27. The Monster has Arrived!
  28. Green Build 520nm Mag Host (Very Pic Heavy)
  29. IR saftey with 40 green laser pointer beam
  30. 1W 532nm Lab System for $500?
  31. a complain received by a customer for the newly 520nm green laser pointer
  32. Where to buy high power 12mm module?
  33. 200mw DX laser module power drop
  34. Groomsman gifts. Alternative to ebay 5mw ?
  35. Cold Steel Green Laser Build - 1.438 Watts of 520nm!
  36. Is this 520nm legit?
  37. Looking for a 30-60mw laser pointer
  38. I bought these 5mw lasers but..
  39. Quick and dirty test for IR emissions from a green laser?
  40. Looking for green laser, focus on reliability, durability
  41. New to lasers, need some help finding one to buy
  42. Best laser for 20$
  43. I have a question about dtr module and survival laser.
  44. RIP wicked laser core
  45. Verde Volcano - A Dual Diode Build 520nm 2600 mW Optical Corrected With 10x Linos BE
  46. Which laser should I buy?
  47. Mini Boost driver for 30mw 520nm
  48. Looking for a near 200mw Greenie
  49. green laser @ 30fps
  50. Pocket Sized 1 Watt Green
  51. Boost Converter as Current Source?
  52. How to focus
  53. Does this look normal?
  54. safety with 24 cheap 5mw lasers
  55. New here; Confused; Looking to buy 3x green lasers... help?
  56. Kryptonite
  57. Built in battery rechargeable pen
  58. Is this normal behavior for a green laser?
  59. Half watt 532nm handheld
  60. Custom 520nm 1W+ NUGM01T Stock Lens
  61. Looking for some info help
  62. Aries 20 Laser, 20-34mW, Glasses Yes or no?
  63. Will a new Jetlaser 532 be better than my Krypton?
  64. Video of 40 Watt 532nm YAG driven LaserScope
  65. Finally purchased a 520nm diode green laser. Canít wait for it.
  66. NDG700 or NDG7475?
  67. Green portable with good divergence for ~$120
  68. 520nm 501b Scifi laser 200+ mw
  69. Green laser designators for hunting
  70. Safety glasses for 303 laser
  71. My 520nm green NUGM01T set at 2.4A
  72. It's here, >800mw 532nm PL-E Pro
  73. Help for Botswana guide star gazing
  74. Something's wrong
  75. What power supply/setup do I need for this laser?
  76. What is a good divergence?
  77. Multiple wavelengths of "532nm" DPSS lasers. (discussion)
  78. ndg7475 build question?
  79. Using a dimmer, to dim the beam of a 520nm laser module
  80. 510nm vs 520nm vs 532nm
  81. wifi antenna ranging/aiming
  82. My PL520B1 500mA len G2 vs red 638nm 1w 1200mA G2
  83. What's this orange coming from my 520?
  84. Ordered a 532nm 800mw PL-E from Jetlasers
  85. Shadowhawk green 532nm Laser is a scam.
  86. I payed $214 to DL and got this? Holy F***!
  87. Crappy beam shots of cheap ebay laser
  88. Help choosing right components for 520nm 5mw astronomy forest green LP
  89. Do laser diodes have a shelf life?
  90. Looking for most powerful laser for about 100$
  91. Which Green Laser Should I Get (cost aside)?
  92. NDG7475 diode window...yeah
  93. PSB cube questions
  94. Need some advice on LaserBTB HL or PL
  95. Pete's favorite color is green:)
  96. NDG7K75T? (1W 525nm!)
  97. V4 Lightsabre NDG700 Blackbuck M8
  98. PLT5 510 pen build
  99. Are the Optotronics RPL 532 series the best...
  100. How do you use your Class 4 Greenies?
  101. 1.3-1.4Watt 520nm NDG7475 GREEN BULLET Build
  102. How much Volts and mAh can I out into a 5 mW green laser
  103. Legitness of XPL 1.5W 532nm?
  104. 532nm eBay Green Pointer Pen + Star Projector
  105. Please share your knowledge about a green laser pointer.
  106. GITD Green Pocket Laser - A Collaborative Effort [Pic heavy]
  107. [Help] Building a green DPSS laser
  108. New member looking for info!
  109. 512nm 1000mw
  110. Osram PLT5-510 10mW 515nm Laser Diode
  111. Data on Osram PLT5-510?
  112. Green 10K Long Distance Pointing
  113. Fix a laser
  114. The "COLEMAN JR." -Kids Mini Camp light- Mod.
  115. Components to build a handheld with the 1W Nichia diode?
  116. DJ532-40 of Thorlsbs
  117. New Laser Video
  118. Worlds brightest laser.
  119. O-like, cubote laser
  120. Durable/Construction Laser
  121. INSANE 520nm.
  122. New CNI wavelength! 552nm DPSS.
  123. Recommendations on a good source for 532nm modules?
  124. My first experience with 520nm (and mech mods)
  125. PLP520-B1 Stainless pen build 210mw
  126. Deciding between 2 Green Lasers
  127. Anyone Spectro'd PLT5-510 ?
  128. The development of laser weapon.
  129. Did I ruin my DPSS laser?
  130. driver for NICHIA
  131. $32 200mW 532nm laser module on eBay-Anyone else try it?
  132. Techood has a sweet 520nm handheld
  133. Pl520
  134. NDG7475 1.2W+ in Cypreus XL .
  135. Suprising mrad from O-like 532
  136. Install the Nd:YVO4 + KTP ? Distance ? Angle ?
  137. O-like 520nm?
  138. Question about Green Laser and IR
  139. Osram PL520 520nm
  140. * * * * * The Best Priced 1 Watt+ 520nm Green Laser Diode Offerings on ebay * * * * *
  141. Laser WP 303 focus head
  142. Do 532nm crystals go bad over time?
  143. NUGM01T Diode Sell Better Individually or in a DTR 510 Adapter Heat Sink Mech Combo?
  144. New build 520nm in a Husky pen + bonus
  145. 515 nm Osram versus DPSS 532nm beam Quality ?
  146. What current for a 532 laser?
  147. Trustfire S.S. 515nm build
  148. New Laser Rebuild 532nm
  149. 1W 520, NDG700, host & battery questions
  150. Why does this happen?
  151. Defiant/520nm/PLP520 B1
  152. G301 532 nm laser - does it have a beam that is visible in daylight/ indoor light?
  153. PLTB520B1 stainless mod build
  154. 532nm operating temperature
  155. Still thinking on getting a 520nm......
  156. Custom Ehgumus Host/NUBM01T/Ball lens intacked
  157. Which mw green laser can burn? the ones from
  158. Newbie safety concerns
  159. Odd beam obstruction
  160. 515nm Titanium Ehgemus host build
  161. Info on the Laser 303 532nm λ
  162. 1w green 303?
  163. Help on a 2011 Wicked Laser E2
  164. 520nm diode that can go as low as 510nm ?
  165. low divergence green pointers ?
  166. What is the different between 532nm and 520nm?
  167. Is this really <5mw 532nm?
  168. Reliable source for 532nm modules?
  169. how many mw this 532 laser can be?
  170. Eye Safety of side view of beam and infrared leakage
  171. BerlinLasers 5-50mw 515 nm multimode pointer
  172. 200 mw shone in eye for split second, but had eye glasses on?
  173. 303 Laser Extreme Test
  174. 303 Laser's Testing
  175. COAST Mod NDG700 Build
  176. Which laser to get?
  177. Lyra-B5 or Galileo-5?
  178. New Laser66 520nm
  179. Laser Magically Working Now 532nm ~5mw
  180. Special CNI PLP520B1 pen build
  181. TO build or to BUY?
  182. Buyer beware.
  183. Combining 2 2.5W greens with PBS cube
  184. Would like opinions please
  185. 50mw Green in 502b host
  186. Overboosted 5mw laser?
  187. 30mw Green from laser light show box
  188. Need a calibrated green laser
  189. Buying my first Green Laser
  190. Another Vape Host Turned into a Green Laser
  191. Is this Ebay laser stronger than 1mw?
  192. Outdoor daylight pointing - recommendations?
  193. Warsun PL515 30mw Diode
  194. 510nm / Brass/ Aluminum Pen
  195. Pulse questions
  196. 30mw green laser is burning (pulses question)
  197. First custom built 520nm 700-900mW
  198. Jetlaser PLE-PRO 520nm 1 Watt impressions
  199. Recommended place to buy IR filters for ebay green laser pointer
  200. PL520/Solid Brass Ehgemus Pen
  201. Survival laser/S4X/NDG700 Build
  202. NUGMO1T/520nm/Full Copper Build
  203. 532nm resellers
  204. DIY 5Hz Green MegaWatt pulse laser gun !!!!!
  205. Question about my new LaserBTB
  206. WarnLaser.com - serious or scammers?
  207. JetLasers VS. wickedLasers
  208. JetLasers VS. wickedLasers
  209. Looking for a cheap laser module and driver
  210. Is this pic of lens or filter
  211. Reliability of Wicked Laser Spyder (Krypton) series?
  212. ZACOP Laser: 520nm 1350 mW after 405-G2 lenses, corrective optics and Linos BE !!!
  213. Got green laser as gift--have some questions.
  214. Trying to troubleshoot power/brightness issue
  215. NDG7475 1W 520nm Green Laser Build
  216. First Green Build
  217. A+ customer service Optotronics 40mw 532nm
  218. 100mw Diode dead, or driver issues?
  219. Is this the right ebay 303 200mw green laser
  220. Styropyro-style 532nm 200mW Altoids Laser
  221. plp520 dim dot
  222. Please Help Me...! Please...! Thank You
  223. Laser make pumpkin more beautiful and amazing
  224. Advice for buying my first real laser!!
  225. continuous duty, diode vs DPSS from laserlands
  226. PLP520-B1/ Sinner Magic pen..
  227. Continuous duty, reliable 2000 mW
  228. Picked up a JL Ti-B
  229. CNI MGL-H need help with crystal allignment
  230. 520nm v. 532nm
  231. Emitter sizes in 520nm
  232. New addition to my collection
  233. PLP520B-1 Switched
  234. Wicked Lasers E2 from Laser Chick
  235. New to forum/hobby, some questions/advice...
  236. Green Laser Pointer SD/YGI/JD/HY-303
  237. bought 5mW green laser, obviously more than 5, will these safety glasses work well?
  238. Battery sizes 16340 Cr123 etc Confusion
  239. NUGM01T Kryton Groove
  240. Buying a green laser
  241. Good quality safety glasses
  242. WTB: High power 532nm 12mm module.
  243. True IIIa ~515nm Pointer???
  244. Which reasonably-priced greenie mW power for a "holy crap" beam?
  245. How powerful are foreign shop lasers?
  246. Hello, I'm looking to buy a laser and wondering if this is a good one.
  247. My greenie beamshots so far!
  248. Focusable mini ghetto 532
  249. 532nm Thick Beam Laser
  250. Ebay special 532nm laser