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  21. ...
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  25. So I hear 532nm DPSS has best divergence
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  28. Looking to get out of the hobby
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  39. Hello LPF
  40. delete
  41. some problem
  42. LaserGlow Anser smudged dot?
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  44. Laser Pointer power
  45. mode hopping
  46. eBay greenie cr123 impressions
  47. Green laser 200mw broken?
  48. Survival Laser NDG7475 Build
  49. How to found the best divergence in a 532 nm 200 mW fixed focus module?
  50. Help me mod my SDL 301!
  51. WL Nano or LG Galileo for astronomy?
  52. MOVED: NO LONGER Green
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  55. Please Help Me Decide On My Laser
  56. 100% duty cycle green lasers
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  60. Green laser pointer reflected off poster into eye.
  61. Power fluctuation on start-up
  62. how bad is ir from a cheap laser
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  64. Looking for around 100mW green laser
  65. Advice before buying
  66. New to LPF, looking to upgrade, NEED HELP
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  68. Diode Upgrade?
  69. Green ebay laser problem
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  72. Is it possible to ignite a matchstick with a "5mW" laser ?, (not 5W , "5mW").
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  74. Help!!!!
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  77. HElp me please
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  82. EagleTac D25C PLP520-B1
  83. Melles Griot 58-GCS-405
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  86. 100mW@532nm laser from Lazerer-opinions
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  90. 1W 520 in a 501B host W/ Pictures
  91. Green Key Chain Laser CONSTANT ON/OFF
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  93. IR-Filter + Spartan 200mW (532nm)
  94. 90mw 520nm laser
  95. High quality Green Laserpointer up to ~300mW
  96. lzsk 100mw
  97. Classic 532nm 100mW laser
  98. Module polarity?
  99. Compare 2 green lasers
  100. Difference b/t Rayfoss RF532-50mW: QBT, QMT, QST, QGT?
  101. 515nm Forest Green Diode Laser Pointer
  102. Green laser buying advice
  103. PL520-B1 Build in an Ehgemus Custom Host!!!
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  113. please help deciding
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  115. 200mW dx laser
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  119. Pets and safty
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  121. Green beam specs
  122. Expanding Lens Off Centre
  123. Need pointers on pointers
  124. Anyone got beam shots of a 1w+ green laser?
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  127. inions on new purchase please
  128. Overspec laser + IR?
  129. Green laser spot being orange on orange surface
  130. Laserbtb LP 532nm Questions
  131. Safety
  132. Help me with this laser
  133. Which unit to buy for astronomy?
  134. Wicked Lasers, Nano?
  135. Where to buy a good laser ?
  136. laser for beginner
  137. Lyra lens
  138. Suggestions for green laser
  139. Good First Green Laser under $200?
  140. Need help with correct batteries!
  141. help please
  142. What is the difference? SD301, SD303, TY303, 303B, JD303
  143. Laserbtb 500mW
  144. (Others having trouble W/?)PL520-B1 S4 host build. mixed results
  145. Help on a pen laser purchase
  146. Bought a >1mw laser, Label says >500mw
  147. I need help, i may have been scammed
  148. Green laser pointer
  149. Green Laser Maybe Eye Damage?
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  151. Amazon mystery lasers
  152. 200 mW from Aliexpress
  153. LEDshoppe 50mw
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  160. Rayfoss 532nm 200mW
  161. what to expect?? help
  162. 1.4W 520nm - The Hulk - MS-SSW-II Custom Direct Green
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  164. Need advice for laser
  165. When will 532nm Prices be down?
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  167. Nichia NDG7475 1W 520nm Laser Diode
  168. [SOLVED] Does anyone have a nice idea for a laserhost for a green lasermodule?
  169. Now its dead :( 800mw Lasever module
  170. Decent diode/driver for price?
  171. Is This a Good Start Laser?
  172. CNI 1.5W OEM-F 532nm insides / tuning .
  173. do i have to worry .. diffraction
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  177. Problem with Green Laser
  178. Just bought the new Wicked Lasers Evo
  179. 200mw 532nm green laser: SDLasers 303
  180. Beam Question (532nm)
  181. O-like shipping/customs
  182. Ebay cheapie rebuild
  183. Osram PLP520-B1 520nm Green Laser Diode
  184. How many mW is my "cheap" laser? [Video]
  185. 3.0mw vs 5.0mw
  186. The Green Angel
  187. Glass lens swap for DPSS green!
  188. PLP520-B1 520 nm 120mW diodes
  189. wavelength question please
  190. Can I pay with paypal on FastTech also is a 120mW green laser good for burning
  191. usa shipping cheap 50mW green laser module?
  192. [FONT="Trebuchet MS"]usa cheap 50mW green laser module?[/FONT]
  193. Just some quick questions
  194. Want a good looking laser around $40
  195. Recommending a green laser
  196. Help on building a laser designator! (focusable)
  197. Got a 532nm 5MW green laserpen and I think it is not working correctly
  198. IR filtering a 50mw
  199. Cheap 75mw module?
  200. 200-300 mW diodes?!?
  201. What is the best green laser I can get for under $30
  202. AliExpress 100mW 532nm surprise
  203. Cheap ebay 532nm laser pen IR leakage
  204. 520nm 100mW Spikey
  205. 532nm vs 543.5nm
  206. Anyone taken the time to figure this out?
  207. High tier 5mW Lasers: are they worth it?
  208. Is there a US seller for DPSS green optics?
  209. 0.32 mRad DPSS 532nm green!
  210. How strong is my green laser?
  211. Buying 200mw
  212. Laser HY 303
  213. Help for a new laser buyer.
  214. 20mw-30mw 532nm Laser Question
  215. Advice for a DIY 532nm pointer build.
  216. New Nichia 9mm 1W 520nm diode (NDG7475T)
  217. Picking your brain for green laser
  218. Purchasing my first green laser
  219. big lasers flash 100mW green laser
  220. How fast have you modulated a green (dpss) laser diode?
  221. Which is: newer, better ? HJ-A88 or JD-303
  222. 50 mW 532 nm laser pointer with power supply
  223. Laserbtb HL-520 divergence?
  224. 520nm HD 250mA Defiant (extended copper sink)
  225. Good host for 200mw ebay laser module w/ driver?
  226. Buy my first green laser
  227. laser battery
  228. battery laser
  229. Is My Laser What it says kt ia
  230. Testload 520nm ?
  231. Super simply yet unique stainless host build
  232. 520nm diodes - new kid on the block - More powah
  233. another 520 direct green commercial laser!
  234. a little experiment show how much collaninated IR is in a green dpss
  235. 532nm Wicked Lasers Core
  236. Laserbtb/Skylasers "LP532 - 150mW" 2xAAA
  237. Aliexpress 200mW or DX.com 200mW ?
  238. Thoughts on the DX #91
  239. Blaser 515nm diode?
  240. threshold (mW) visibility vs burning
  241. Laser pointer for astronomy: what to buy
  242. calculating laser power output
  243. LAZERER 532nm 500mW
  244. My first Wicked Laser
  245. What laser should I buy?
  246. 532nm/.5W
  247. Need a little help for first green laser pick
  248. Green laser in me pocket
  249. beginner try to make is own laser !
  250. Interesting flashlight and laser combination