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  1. Laser image shape/cross section
  2. Larry DFW's 18650s
  3. Hey, post some pictures of how powerful your laser is
  4. Jetlasers
  5. Why and when do laser diodes shift in wavelegth?
  6. Need a little help from a laser i bought from scifi
  7. Help
  8. GE drycam medical laser imager
  9. PLE PRO 2W Laser
  10. New to lasers :)
  11. Mind control lasers turn mice into killer rodents with the flip of a switch
  12. Sanwu lasers. Are they any good?
  13. Arctic's Open Source RGB Laser Host
  14. What's the difference between these lasers
  15. Questions about a 400mw 532nm laser pointer
  16. where are lasers
  17. Well, I just done did it.
  18. What should one expect to see while wearing safety glasses?
  19. Help setup this laser please!
  20. Help!How to clean laser pointer lens
  21. Melles griot laser setup
  22. Free Photonics Society Membership for Pre-College Students
  23. Need help finding a battery for Sanwu Challenger
  24. Mirror cutting
  25. Transverse Electric Mode
  26. Anyone know about these lasers? How to set them up?
  27. Melles griot, fiber coupled laser system
  28. What's a high amount of hours for an argon laser?
  29. Laser in mirror burned it's own diode out?
  30. Uniphase 155sl-1 HeNe Laser
  31. Cryonics 2201-15sl argon laser system
  32. Safety goggles
  33. Need source for 425nm diode.
  34. New to lasers, fluorescence project assistance
  35. Carrie Fisher died, age 60
  36. Does this seem like a good laser to you? I would really appreciate your input
  37. NVG compatible
  38. 488nm Laser Diode
  39. where is the IR filter located on an S3 Krypton?
  40. Going back to lasers.
  41. Rainbow dot?
  42. HELP Incorrectly Calibrated Focus O-like 1 Watt 445nm
  43. Will swapping out the laser in my range finder make it detect objects further out?
  44. Most basic laser diode driver?
  45. Laser Wiring Diagrams
  46. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah LPF
  47. TTL: 10KHZ it can be controlled separately will this RGB work as a white then with
  48. When were laser pointers at their peak of popularity?
  49. [Physics Question] Is the illumination pattern of a laser diode constant?
  50. Puzzle: Laser pointers to mark points on an ice rink?
  51. Make my choice:)
  52. Lux-Pro LP600 build
  53. Two more brass builds.
  54. First laser!
  55. Laser Freelancers, Looking for work?
  56. Sanwu shoutout
  57. Running Multiple Lser Diodes. (NUBM08)
  58. Is this 2W laser trustworthy?
  59. Converting a 5mW laser to a 200 - 300mW
  60. Laser fails when pointed upwards?
  61. swamidog on BBC World News
  62. Green laser light scattering
  63. What's your first memory of a laser pointer?
  64. Guardian Goodness
  65. laser crystals bonded with q-switch
  66. Found really cool, cheap optical assemblies if anyone wants one!!
  67. Fastech
  68. Unorthadox laser build idea.
  69. 5000mw(5 watt) green laser emitting dim red light
  70. Mini Brass host build
  71. Looking for someone to make a custom build for me
  72. New to hobby
  73. One button for driving
  74. Which to buy?
  75. Is It Worth It??
  76. Genesis Project: my RGB White Rainbow - Proof of Concept build.
  77. Need help buying my first laser!
  78. Can 300mW or 500mw engrave white paper?
  79. Any one order a green laser from Lazerer?
  80. It is said the world's most powerful laser pointer
  81. Happy Birthday Mr Alaskan.
  82. Alaskan's Laser Links
  83. Do I get to Pop my own ballons ???
  84. <<Battery Issues, Need Help!>>
  85. 4W laser without optics
  86. How are cheapo 18650 chargers supposed to work?
  87. New to the hobby
  88. Can batteries burn out a laser?
  89. Anything Wrong With This LPM?
  90. Why did my laser die?
  91. Inside a monster 10000 lumens laser projector
  92. 405 vs 635 burning question
  93. So I made my 561 glp pen 2-2.5 times brighter.
  94. Looking for a good laser(one beam and one point)
  95. Running for ILDA board
  96. Shout out to DTR !!
  97. solution for current crisis:Host,Driver,etc..all the thing a hobbyist will need
  98. What brands of 18650(and other such batteries) are good?
  99. Rechargable CR2s or equivalent?
  100. "Starter" lasers?
  101. Sanwu spiker 465nm 4000mw overview
  102. Weird POV effect with 589nm.
  103. Feedback on an idea please
  104. Holy crap this 8x21 monocular fits perfectly on my 589 spartan and my jetlasers 473..
  105. Aries 20 Laser, 20-34mW, Glasses Yes or no?
  106. Lots of sites are down today
  107. Has anyone gotten this?
  108. Is an unfocused 4W laser do dangerous at 5 meters?
  109. New hosts!
  110. New 465nm 9mm diode?
  111. Sanwu lasers
  112. Diameter of AixiZ line generator lens?
  113. Where do I start?????!!
  114. Question About Corrective Optics
  115. selling lasers?
  116. Lasers being used to map airflow
  117. Laser Diode Guide??
  118. USB Camera for recording scattered light image
  119. The Best.
  120. Idea for laser build
  121. Refreshing
  122. JL discount?
  123. G3 Lens??? Anyone Know What That Is?
  124. Help with nubm44
  125. General Working Voltage for Lasers?
  126. I'm pretty sure we will have dioides that can be pushed to 488nm or near it soon.
  127. Laser strength disappearing fast!
  128. Found this diode inside a printer
  129. So have I been running my hene PSU switch at 230v this whole time?
  130. Horrible hobby for the impatient
  131. Ebay "605nm" laser pen.
  132. Beam Expanders Explained
  133. Sanwu saber attachment
  134. Possible method of antimatter generation by high power laser pulses.
  135. Just for fun !
  136. Help is my 611.8 HENE on it's death bed.
  137. Mells Girot has 2 diode based 488 lab lasers based the powers could this be what...
  138. What is the most powerful laser I can get?
  139. Help Wanted for a laser based VR tracking system
  140. Proper 16340 Batteries for my 445nm 4W Laser
  141. LG Rigel-2 Arrived!
  142. What is the enjoyment?
  143. Wicked lasers EVO Help!
  144. 10 um laser point for microlithography
  145. Low Power Laser Projects
  146. Wicked Lasers as at Summer 2016 - my own experience
  147. Laser Guide Stars: The most stunning yellow lasers
  148. 300mw 635-638nm laser visibility
  149. A private tour of the Texas Petawatt Laser Facility
  150. Custom Sticker
  151. "Safety" glasses......
  152. "Bug Zapper" 405nm 700mw
  153. What is a laser dazzler? Just out of curiosity
  154. Best $100 laser
  155. Driver questions
  156. Laser pioneer Ali Javan dies at 89
  157. 10 Watt 808nm Diode, Max it can be overdriven too?
  158. World first high power underwater handheld laser
  159. What kind of heatsink is best ?
  160. Build help
  161. Which Wavelength's have the most Visible beam?
  162. THE BEST AMETURE Laser build (EVER)
  163. Need a solvent?
  164. So I bought from Lucklaser....
  165. Advice on 26 Watt Array
  166. My second build, ( a lesson in what not to do)
  167. My collection so far
  168. Assault Phaser Host with Swapable Diode Cartridges
  169. My laser engraver build
  170. Storage Advice
  171. My first build
  172. blue laser, or red?
  173. Has anyone ever buit a TNG Phaser build?
  174. How far can I pop a balloon?
  175. 405nm 700mw sanwu challenger beam problem
  176. Power and wavelength for laser engraving?
  177. Changing my name.
  178. Laserbee LPM help
  179. Laser pointer pro 10W lasers!
  180. Laser made from human blood.
  181. Mystery crystal growth. More efficient DPSS process using KDP.
  182. The saber saga... episode 1, the machining menace
  183. Fog?
  184. Wicked Lasers Krapton
  185. Military Anti-Laser Laser
  186. What do I need to fix this part of my laser
  187. Where to find 10440 in US
  188. Safety
  189. Who are reliably suppliers of 405, (460-488), 520, and 638 nm diodes?
  190. Ideas for Laser Build Estimation Tool?
  191. Received my Spyder III after a month :)
  192. Laser level stop working
  193. Tools wanted
  194. Help needed !
  195. Can't decide on whether to build a direct diode green.
  196. NEJE 1000mw Engraver
  197. Don't be careless with an open can diode.
  198. Ordered a PL-E host now what to put in it?
  199. Best laser for under 50$?
  200. Running multiple diodes from a single drive via parallel connections.
  201. Has anyone bought from O-Like recently?
  202. eBay laser pointers with ir filter?
  203. DLP laser array
  204. Laser beam show !!
  205. 2 months after my first Laser purchase
  206. where can i buy a good laser
  207. laser bucket lists!
  208. Sanwu spiker 5W
  209. Eye safety help
  210. Misc. Laser parts
  211. price of lasers from wicked lasers
  212. Laserlands laser pointer pen labels?
  213. budget laser
  214. Concept: 28/56 watt multi diode combined laser "Wizards Staff"
  215. Which laser for daylight outdoor pointing?
  216. Need help buying a laser
  217. First Build Newbie
  218. Can you see a laser beam in a Class 100 cleanroom?
  219. The newest edition
  220. Casa CTL-DCM problem, help!
  221. Help with these laser diodes convert
  222. Please help me with this
  223. What do the Different Patterns Mean on the Raw Output of a LD Mean
  224. Laser for drill press
  225. Eliminate a large paper wasp nest?
  226. Need some help with first time information about building a laser
  227. G9 vs G2
  228. Need information about how i can obtain or make a certain laser in australia
  229. NubM07E help.
  230. Moving to ky.. any laserists there?
  231. Green Laser pointer wanted
  232. Need a reliable member to fix my laser
  233. 520nm advice
  234. Much disappoint..
  235. Old Laser Product Patents are expiring, grab yours today.
  236. First Laser and don't know if it was a good buy?
  237. Will my Arctic Spyder III make it through customs? ( Canada )
  238. Lens question
  239. The production method
  240. 1+w pen laser
  241. Where can I get an aluminum carrying case for my laser? (Details inside)
  242. Hiya! My Sanwu Spiker just got here. Just have a couple of questions.
  243. How come my eyes are hurting?
  244. Is 375nm light the same as 405nm?
  245. how did they measure light size?
  246. Did O-like scam me?
  247. I've missed y'all, but I'm back.
  248. Common sources for diodes and drivers
  249. IR question
  250. Where to send?