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  1. CO2 laser build (from scratch)
  2. Will this JDSU 2213 work with a 2114-type PSU?
  3. Lexel Excel 3000 3W Argon Ion Power Supply?
  4. Ion Laser Ecstasy
  5. Is this a Nec Glg3030, if so?
  6. SP 127b alive and well! :D
  7. New HeNe
  8. Interlock key replacement??
  9. LGI-101 Copper Vapour Laser System
  10. Spectra Physicis series 2000
  11. Spectra Physics 164 265 exciter
  12. what to do with a really dead no hope for argon laser
  13. Got my Greenie today!
  14. My DIY orange laser
  15. Back to gas
  16. Some Multiline's on ebay right now...
  17. HeNe testing advice
  18. How to test the 40w co2 psu without the tube on
  19. Homebuilt 3-5W Copper Vapour Laser System
  20. Cyonics/Uniphase 2201-25ML Multiline Argon
  21. Gammex Alignment HeNe
  22. Why HeNe?
  23. Poor Boy Fabry–Pérot interferometer?
  24. Making a portable CO2 laser?
  25. All 609nm please stand up
  26. Melles Griot 643 Ar/Kr setup questions.
  27. Need help with potential white light Ar/Kr
  28. How to cool a 40W CO2 laser?
  29. How to control MYJG-40 power supply? (CO2 40W)
  30. WTB: JDSU 2211-20SLE Argon Controller
  31. Glow Forge
  32. Quick Question for CO2 Lasers
  33. NLC Series 600 Argon (Wont start)
  34. RECI Laser tube problem
  35. CO2 lasers and PSU's
  36. LaserPhysics Reliant 300WC help
  37. Power supply for this argon?
  38. Is this 612nm? Military He-Ne tube from auction site
  39. Yellow HeNe 594nm on Ebay
  40. Bare tube 594nm HeNe's?
  41. Budget CO2 lasers?
  42. bare minimum of gas lasers
  43. Oh man 612 HeNE is just amazing.
  44. JDS Uniphase 2214-20SLMD laser! (PIC HEAVY)
  45. Cyonics Uniphase 2214-40MLA Argon Laser
  46. Gas Lasers.....Lovely, Lovely Gas Lasers.
  47. China 60w co2 glass laser response time
  48. 50w portable CO2 laser !!!
  49. Glass china CO2 laser retrofit
  50. NEC GLS-3030 Argon ion restoration questions
  51. HeNe PSU question
  52. Laservision Digital SE HeNe laser
  53. Quick Hene Question
  54. Need advice on how to test Liconix HeCd with 4240ps
  55. NEC or Toshiba He-Ne Laser Tube From Laser Disc Player Tested Working Cond.
  56. CO2 laser
  57. Spectra physics PSU - worth it?
  58. Co2 laser dying
  59. 50mW 130cm long HeNe scrap parts
  60. Rip
  61. HeNe laser 1985?
  62. HeNe PS woes..[solved] photo update:JDSU 1135P dissection/decanned
  63. Our HeNe galvanometer setup (4x1200x900 pictures)
  64. Omni Series 43 Ar/Kr laser problems
  65. 337 nm pulsed Nitrogen laser energy output
  66. My HeNe pointer
  67. HeNe questions
  68. HeCd Helium Cadmium Laser (might need a new home)
  69. Help with wiring power supply for 40W CO2 laser
  70. HeNe questions
  71. Damage Power supply 60w
  72. disposable camera laser?
  73. Mystery Wavelength in PMS/REO Particle Counter Tube
  74. Just Another Yellow HeNe Thread
  75. Cheap CO2 Possibly?
  76. HeNe Disassembly?
  77. Got my first cnc laser
  78. Long term project...FINISHED [pic heavy]
  79. My new toy: Yellow HeNe 594nm
  80. Single-line argon to multi-line argon?
  81. Got yet another whitelight ion... =)
  82. New to gas lasers and need help.
  83. Brand New Custom Melles Griot/Omni-56 dual-line HeCd [Pic Heavy]
  84. Uniphase 098-0 632.8 10 Inch Tube
  85. Building a pulsed CO2 laser
  86. Just got a JDSU 1145p
  87. omni 643 568nm Ar/Kr Laser , First light Temp
  88. Intracavity ML Argon
  89. A little piece of history...and my quest to find it... [pic heavy]
  90. CO2 Power Supply Schematic Help
  91. Red Green Orange Yellow
  92. More Single Brewster HeNe shots! 632.8nm, 611.9nm, 594.1nm and 543.5nm
  93. Want help with HeNe tube.
  94. LGK 7812 Argon laser , Glass End Bell .
  95. First Argon ! ILT 5500A ML 30mW to 300mW :D
  96. Cleaned my uniphase 2214 series cylindrical argon ion laser [With tutorial]
  97. What should I do with my dead 612nm?
  98. Storage unit find (laser metal engraver)
  99. Need help wid ma Argon...
  100. 100mw focusable Green laser 5 head
  101. 612nm returns!.....for a price
  102. Argon Ion Laser - JDSU - running at full power
  103. 1508 UniPhase HeNe
  104. Spectra Physics-107 fine alignment help?
  105. M.G. HeNe Needing PSU.....
  106. Bought my first gas laser! :D
  107. HeNe Troubles :( HALP ME!!!!
  108. My First Argon. Beamshots added.
  109. Super tiny compact helium neon laser supply
  110. My new Gas this year.
  111. New toy! Uniphase 1145P
  112. Engraving glass co2 laser
  113. Good deal or not?
  114. The death of another 612nm.....
  115. My New Spectra Physics 156!
  116. My new mini-HeNe is alive!
  117. REO LHYR-150M Bare Tube
  118. What lasers are used in lasik?
  119. Finally I can run all my gas together!
  120. First Argon... what a deal
  121. MI-Lasers 543 bare tube!!![pics]
  122. FREE (or almost free) complete Argon Laser
  123. Someone was looking for an Oudin Coil...
  124. Problems Omni Series 43 Ar/Kr laser
  125. First HeNe with pics
  126. There's a new GLO among you!!
  127. Tiny HeNe tubes
  128. Looking to borrow Omni 532 PSU
  129. 442nm MG HeCd
  130. Got my orange out successfully!
  131. $28 JDSU Argon head- how difficult to test and get operational?
  132. Argon goodness in a handheld!(pic heavy)
  133. Need help identifying tubes
  134. Opening HeNe tubes nondestructively
  135. [DEAD] Repairing broken HeNe laser
  136. ULS-25E vector help?
  137. The seal has finally been broken. (update: video added)
  138. My New Argon from Crazyspaz
  139. Suddenly I own a ULS-25E
  140. do it yourself portable gas lasers
  141. Uniphase 0980-B (OEM ver.)
  142. JSDU Argon Ion Teardown
  143. Smallest Gas Laser
  144. My newest Argon Arrived!
  145. Hughes He-Ne wavelength
  146. Some Brewster shots for the Gassy side of LPF
  147. Rotary three phase convertor for large argon?
  148. Help me remove the bottom metal cap of a broken HeNe without breaking the glass
  149. CO2 laser window materials
  150. More info regarding cooling for argons - and a question for others..
  151. (hypothetical) Running an Argon-Ion Laser in the cold?
  152. Craigslist find: gas lasers for $20? Help me identify!
  153. What order do the lines in an Ar-Ion appear as you increase current?
  154. Can anyone idenfity this HeNe?
  155. Need expert input on Argon alignment
  156. New setup for my HeNe, pics and Beamshots :)
  157. Holy cats.... I just snagged a multiline argon for $100...
  158. 18mw HeNe is here!
  159. How do I align this?
  160. switching module CO2 laser
  161. Scratch aligning an ION laser
  162. Sound proofing an N2/TEA?
  163. 18.5mw HeNe Grab!!!
  164. Test & build a power supply for HeNe Laser tube LG-3217 Toshiba
  165. JDSU Argon Ion. Release the Kraken!! (PICS)
  166. Helium Neon Showcase! (Pic Heavy)
  167. This may be of interest to someone looking for a small HeNe laser
  168. Lexel 75 questions
  169. Working HeCd is coming to town!
  170. Air-cooled Argon-Krypton whitelight
  171. Another nice large cheap argon for sale.
  172. Melles Griot P-122 (bare Tube) up and lasing
  173. helium neon laser DC power
  174. Full gas projector
  175. If you could choose any gas laser what would YOU choose?
  176. Excimer KrF krypton fluoride 248nm laser color?
  177. TEA Cu vapor? 609.07nm? HeNeAr?
  178. Head arrived - now up and lasing!
  179. Differences in gas lasers?
  180. Some questions about getting into gas lasers
  181. Newport Tunable HeNe
  182. Very cheap BEAST Argon Ion at HGR Surplus
  183. Why gas lasers?
  184. Shocked by dead HeNe
  185. a HeNe host for you gas'ers ; )
  186. HeNe Help... Part 2
  187. First Argon! :D
  188. Probably the Most Expensive Laser on the Forum!
  189. Two Melles Griot Tubes With Clipped Chords
  190. Latest addition to my HeNe collection
  191. Argon Ticking
  192. 10 HeNe LOT
  193. Quest for the Epic Argon
  194. Where to start? HeNe Gas Laser
  195. Finally a GLO (HeNe) :D
  196. First HeNe (Help)
  197. 543nm Bare tube laser lamp.
  198. Homemade CO2 laser
  199. Power ?
  200. External cavity fun
  201. Co2 gas ??
  202. Co2 laser: what tube ?
  203. Flame Pumped Laser
  204. Laser Physics Reliant teardown
  205. got the lines
  206. Mystery of the 609.6nm line
  207. Time to enter the big leagues
  208. UPDATED! Review of Multiline JDSU Argon System *Pic Heavy*
  209. My First Argon
  210. My first HeNe :D
  211. Where to get power supply's?
  212. Homemade nitrogen gas lasers?
  213. Got a new ion laser
  214. I got the power....!!!
  215. Spectra Physics 270-1 power supply
  216. 8 line TUNABLE argon
  217. Lens Properties for Gas CO2 / YAG lasers
  218. My First Argon! [PICS]
  219. Cheap HeNe Laser - WHERE ARE YOU!?!
  220. An Arduino controlled JDSU ion laser
  221. HeNe sputters then dies.
  222. JDS Argon is not doing 60mW. Tweaking questions.
  223. Just purchased two HeNe lasers and one PS.
  224. AC Power Supply (HeNe)
  225. Stumbled upon a HeNe; new driver circuit?
  226. A Gas Laser Primer For the Noob
  227. My new Argon ML 25mW laser
  228. LARGE HeNe/gas collection and reference thread.
  229. Hard drive platters and some co2 laser questions
  230. Help Troubleshoot HeNe Laser
  231. JDSU Argon 60mW multi won't start
  232. CO2 Laser Goggles
  233. 40W CO2 Laser for $260...?
  234. REO Ohmeda Raman Gas Analyzer
  235. HeNe Power Supply issue
  236. Finally, I am now a GLO (Gas Laser Owner)..!!!
  237. My First HeNe! Pics, Setup, and Beamshot!!!
  238. Send RF CO2 tube overseas?
  239. HeNe Power Supply Not Working!!! Help!
  240. Peak Power vs. avg. Power
  241. NLC remote, will it work with other heads?
  242. Aerotech hene
  243. Uniphase 2114P-40MLA & 2214-40MLA Argon Ion Laser
  244. My first HeNe! (and laser in general)
  245. Blue Kiss of Death to HeNe
  246. Garage sale Uniphase HENE w/ PS - now what
  247. Free to good home
  248. Bad Co2 tube ?
  249. Got a Gas laser, Not sure how to power it.
  250. Finally got it going - first Hene