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  1. Optotronics problem(fixed)
  2. We lost another company!
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  4. Customer Serivce(Roitherner Lasertechnik)
  5. Real Time Company Comparison
  6. Lazerer laser pointers
  7. Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread
  8. New Jetlasers PL-E mini!
  9. 6thD laser company - does anybody have something from them?
  10. Has anyone ordered from Laser66 recently?
  11. What to expect Ebay Laser
  12. Ordered 3 Assassin V2 lasers. Am I an idiot?
  13. How to judge whether it is a good laser pointer company?
  14. GUIDE: I want my first laser!
  15. Search for equivalent 650nm, 3.3mm OD laser module
  16. Survival Laser Open Thread
  17. Kale cnc lasers
  18. *Feeler*considering an unconventional CNI laser.
  19. Aliexpress Rediculous Advertising
  20. Sanwu in Canada
  21. Custom cnc machining
  22. Interesting aliexpress find: 405/450/532/650 clicky pens!
  23. Ever Purchased from PRISM Electronics? (EBay)
  24. Laserbtb awaiting payment
  25. Fasttech, too good to be true?
  26. What's wrong with Sanwu?
  27. has laserbtb dropped paypal?
  28. Not really a reglar anymore, where to get cheap, good lasers?
  29. LAZERER working coupon code?
  30. SANWU Love
  31. New at Survival Laser
  32. Post your "Chinglish" quotes!
  33. Opt Lasers... Any good?
  34. Help! Laserbtb
  35. Tacticult
  36. Are laser diodes supposed to be more expensive directly from the manufacturer?
  37. Sanwu
  38. ThunderOptics.fr
  39. SF Lasers Equivalent?
  40. Wicked laser - laser dock
  41. i am looking for a decent uk company?
  42. Sanwu
  43. OdicForce.com Help!
  44. GUIDE: Which company should I buy from?
  45. New Lower Prices on the Survival Laser International Store
  46. What happened to sci fi lasers?
  47. Best bang for my buck 5W+ handheld.
  48. Laser opinions
  49. Laser from WickedLasers or from JetLasers?
  50. laserpointerpro experience
  51. GearBest Give Away
  52. XPL discussion - the mystery company
  53. Question about Wicked lasers
  54. Laser noob here, please help me pick between two lasers
  55. Moronic companies selling 301s
  56. Sanwu Lasers
  57. Sci-Fi Lasers - A Cautionary Tale for Those Who Would be Laser Builders
  58. SciFi vs. Jet Lasers' and PLE Pro mini review
  59. Is Wicked Lasers safe to order from?
  60. 462nm Jetlasers PL-E pro
  61. Could this be legitimate?
  62. Laserto and Hilasers 460 nm Lasers ○○ ?
  63. Sci-Fi lasers the legend of Eithan
  64. Oh Fiddlesticks!!
  65. 4500mW Blue and 800mW Green at Bitlasers
  66. An Apology for Everyone
  67. Whats available.
  68. Laserbtb 532nm 300mW (FDA)
  69. So did I get burned??
  70. How long does lazerer shipping takes?
  71. Looking for reliable seller for my first laser pointer.
  72. Know anything about SKY Lasers?
  73. Thumb up for lazerer customer service.
  74. Sci-fi DIY 501-b
  75. Lasers with caps, buy from EU?
  76. Jetlaser advice needed, plus possible delima
  77. Customs???
  78. Eagle Pair 190-540nm OD6+ Laser Safety Goggles Now Available on the SL Stores
  79. anyone have experience with Insanity Lasers?
  80. WARNING: Do no buy from Lazerer
  81. Driver and Pill Modules With Customer-Specified Current Now Available From SL
  82. Can you guys recommend a quality ~3 Watt 445nm laser from a reputable company?
  83. Which company
  84. Joker, how difficult is it to provide a real tracking number?
  85. Laser BTB vs. SciFi Lasers
  86. Refund? DragonLasers?
  87. Postage Price Increase Notice
  88. Dragon Lasers. Awful beam profile.
  89. LaserGlow issues.
  90. Techhood, anyone have experienced with them?
  91. AW Brand Batteries, More New Items at Survival Laser
  92. Need help buying a blue laser pointer
  93. www.tech-lasers.com do you would buy from this side?
  94. Meade laser
  95. LuckLaser.com & BigLasers.com (The fine line between fraud and legit)
  96. Is O-Like any good?
  97. sci-fi lasers
  98. [request] Sci-fi lasers divergence comparison
  99. Survival Lasers Review
  100. HELP PLEASE!!!! good lasers for cheap???
  101. Need advice how to proceed with Biglasers.com
  102. Survival Laser Black Friday - Cyber Monday 20% Off Sale
  103. Sci Fi lasers shipping times
  104. Skytechlasers
  105. AixiZ
  106. Just ordered my first 473nm DPSS from Jetlasers
  107. Survival Lasers DIY kit
  108. What happened to NOVAlasers?
  109. Resolved
  110. Dragon sent me a new 589
  111. Wicked lasers sending something I didn't order
  112. Custom logo laser pointer?
  113. SciFi lasers
  114. MTO Laser
  115. Sanwu
  116. 532nm (Green) Laser 30mw to 50mw below 20 USD
  117. High lasers
  118. My laserbtb experience
  119. The Survival Laser S4X Host is Now Available!
  120. "LIGHTHOUND" closed ..... another U.S. supplier gone.
  121. Companies with free international (European) shipping
  122. Bragging on some good companies
  123. Hello, got a few questions about laser/companies
  124. Sci fi lasers VS. Survival lasers VS. custom hosts
  125. Sci-Fi Laser review - The SF501b
  126. I'm very impatient.
  127. Need response quickly. Which is the best to buy?
  128. Something better than WICKED LASERS???
  129. Joker not responding?
  130. Resolved
  131. Legit companies with direct Paypal options
  132. Tread Lightly, my friends.
  133. SF501B Manual
  134. (Resolved) - Proceed with Caution
  135. BlitzBuck V5 and Blitz Linear Driver SALE!!
  136. Anybody bought these cheap m140s?
  137. 10000 "megawatt" laser :P
  138. sci fi laser still in business?
  139. Flayminpyro=awesome
  140. Trustworthy laser companies?
  141. Disappointment with Aixiz
  142. BlitzBucks Back and More on Survival Laser!
  143. Mohgasm returns as BudgetBeams.com
  144. Are OXlasers any good? Please advice.
  145. 'SCAM' WARNING- By POO Pal
  146. Laserbtb
  147. Good news for U.S. residents that want >5mW CNI handhelds.
  148. Anyone from O-like on here?
  149. handyLasers.com for PGL 589?
  150. Green Anodized Extended Length Focusing Rings Now at Survival Laser
  151. Any info on LMLaser.com?
  152. WL Nano falling apart
  153. Gearbest.com is a Netherlands based seller
  154. Megagreen.co.uk & laserpointers.co.uk
  155. Another Wicked Lasers disaster.
  156. CNI - trust company ?
  157. Reporting Fraudulent Companies
  158. Need to project a 4" circle around a bandsaw blade.
  159. Caution when buying multiple Techhood lenses
  160. First purchase from Sci-Fi
  161. Techhood PHR805T deception...
  162. Need some general help with buying a laser
  163. [Solved]Help Needed CNI Payment
  164. CNI vs. DL, a tough decision for 589nm.
  165. 3700mw Bluelaser
  166. GearBest 2015 Chinese New Year Notice
  167. Laserbtb shipping error
  168. Can't believe what AixiZ did!
  169. Getting a laser pen into Australia
  170. Sci Fi Lasers Main | Company details and Updates
  171. I can't get in Sci Fi laser site to send messages
  172. Helping finding supplier
  173. Good job survival laser!!
  174. Looking for cheap ebay over spec 532
  175. aixiz lasers do those $12 modules on ebay have driver circuits inside
  176. Thumbs UP for O-like
  177. What company makes high quality lasers
  178. Good place to buy laser warning decals?
  179. Survival Laser C6 and S4 Host Update
  180. Recent experiences with these two companies?
  181. Can't decide which laser
  182. Techhood bribing me, PHR-805t discontinued?
  183. CNI developments?
  184. AixiZ - an EPIC company!
  185. cheap no name Chinese laser for $30 including shipping.
  186. Laserpointerpro.com
  187. Calling All 5mWs!
  188. Need help picking a company to buy from
  189. So from what I understand: Wicked Lasers=not so good
  190. Does anyone believe this - 10000mw laserpointer??
  191. LaserBTB
  192. Forum newb question: Discounts and coupon codes
  193. Dragonlasers.ru
  194. You might want to consider this before buying from WL
  195. $50 to spend. LAZERER or Lazerpoint? (Bought and reveived)
  196. Wickedlasers cracked down by fda!!!!!
  197. Wicked Lasers Final 40
  198. Chat with a WL employee joe.
  199. Sky Technologies
  200. I Bought From LuckLaser and...
  201. So excited to get my new sci-fi lasers!
  202. Props to Sci-Fi Lasers
  203. GearBest New Arrival for 5mw laser pointers, deals and winners are on
  204. Identify Pointers Body
  205. GearBest Video competition (prize of $200, $100 and $50 + 250 Points)
  206. Yellow (589nm) laser 5mw 329.99 USD shipped?
  207. Pegasus 2.7W RGB-diode
  208. $39.99 Opus BT-C3100 V2.1 at Gearbest at new price with the Coupon OP3100CM
  209. Lucklaser?
  210. Survival Laser Shipping Schedule Update
  211. Is lazerer.com a scam??
  212. Looking for not overpriced and good quality green laser
  213. Should I buy this module?
  214. Do you think this laser is trustworthy?
  215. GearBest Giveaway: 2 pieces of Opus V2.1 Battery Chargers for free!(closed)
  216. Cubote's Assorted Ad Posts Merged Here
  217. Newbie looking to buy a high powered blue laser
  218. Laserbtb and the package to nowhere
  219. Thoughts on Cubote?
  220. laserer! another dissapointed cust
  221. Needing Serious help, green alingment laser purchase
  222. Underspec Dragon Lasers Spartan 589nm "50mW" - buyer beware!
  223. Any Recent Purchases From O-like?
  224. Any shops in around Nice,France
  225. a box of disappointment
  226. Crazy idea of opening a small business!!!
  227. O-like is f*cked. BEWARE OF THE SCAMS.
  228. Whether Poll: Wicked Lasers should have its own page on Wikipedia
  229. Where to buy laser lighter?
  230. Wikipedia Page on Wicked Lasers Company
  231. Sci-Fi Lasers TheJoker301 Does Not Tell the Truth to Customers or Uphold His Claims
  232. ██████████████████████████
  233. Bitlasers.com offers 462nm laser, price reductions
  234. Honest opinion on Laserbtb.
  235. Just HOW bad is lazerer?
  236. LaserGlow Going Downhill
  237. Laserbtb 1W 445nm
  238. Shipping lasers back to manufacturers. Anyone done this before?
  239. Laserbtb
  240. Best budget highpower laser?
  241. HID Canada Review
  242. My (little) very nice experience with DragonLasers
  243. Really BAD experience with Lazerer
  244. laserbtb Quality Laser?
  245. Laser Btb is not reliable!
  246. Lasers-pointers.com?
  247. Is it secure or a scam?
  248. Looking to buy: CNC engraving laser
  249. the laser pointer's uses
  250. Bostjan's experience with Freemascot