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  1. Appearance of 561nm?
  2. 561nm Yellow YAG (?) from Lumenis Varia Eye Laser
  3. My new Thor 2
  4. Third generation 594 "Rigel" pens with matte finish: improved or no?
  5. 462nm laser
  6. Looking for a 20 mW blue laser pointer
  7. UltraFire F13 NDB7675 465nm+ (MANY PICS)
  8. ND YAG Breakdown Video
  9. Custom wavelength adjustable 462-470nm 2.3w NDB7675 build 2.7a blackbuck M8
  10. 473nm aurora pointers for $80???
  11. Can Anyone Identify This Near-IR Pulse Laser Diode?
  12. Duplicate post, all text inside post deleted. Nothing to see, don't bother opening.
  13. Cypreus IIIb reactivated with 10x fixed magnification Linos beam expander.
  14. SSY1 ND YAG Divergence Question
  15. 465nm 5W Optical Corrected 8 Lenses System Blue Balista Handheld Laser.
  16. Anyone here have access to, or own a Laser Range Finder which uses IR?
  17. CNI releases 577 DPSS laser!
  18. Need Advice For 5W C Mount
  19. New M462 2W 462nm Laser Build! :D
  20. 476nm Laser Diode in old CNI GLP Pen Host!
  21. Spiker 465nm beamshots
  22. Rainbow by Pman
  23. Yellow
  24. 808nm 1 Watt Infrared Hand Held Laser Build
  25. Yellow Laser **WANTED**
  26. Seeking highest power output 780-850nm pulse laser diode available
  27. Inside Infrared BU38 808nm 300mw Laser Diode
  28. Holy @#$%... $100 488nm diode!!
  29. Need help with a beginner laser :)
  30. NUBM08 4.3W 455nm Laser Diode
  31. 808nm CW IR therapy build
  32. 589nm Laser / Powersource Modification
  33. GLP-473 draining battery when not in use
  34. 589nm misbehaving - wrong wavelength!!
  35. Lasever Now offers 589nm Prices added.
  36. 4W C-mount 808nm IR laser
  37. My 473nm DPSS.
  38. PL450/Sky Ray
  39. Why are cats so crazy about laser pointers?
  40. 4.8W 465nm laser66 pen build
  41. The 50€ blue laser pointer build!
  42. Few 462nm Builds and Sanwu X3 Beam Expander Review
  43. 20 foot balloon line.
  44. Combined 17 Watts.
  45. 593.5nm vs 561nm
  46. PLTB450B Build 3 of 3 lasers (very pic heavy).
  47. First RG Yellow Laser
  48. Chinese host mod/NUBM44
  49. Is the 20mw 589nm Dragonlasers Spartan any good?
  50. 4w 940nm laser driver needed.can i use
  51. 4w 940nm laser driver needed.
  52. Thunderstorm + Laser = Awesome
  53. 7.3 Watt causing destruction : )
  54. 7.3 Watt cutting metal
  55. New 465nm diode
  56. Makeshift DPSS 473nm Handheld Build
  57. Mace of Doom/NUBM41/4.5ASXD/G2/
  58. Making a 6.6W blaster 465nm
  59. Has anybody experimented with the 10W+ IR diodes?
  60. LPM test of a Spartan 50mW 589nm
  61. 4.7W balloon line
  62. Q's for owners of PGL-III-C or M 473 nm
  63. Powerful 470nm
  64. Xm900/nubm44/5a sxd/g2 35mm hs
  65. 470nm 4700mw
  66. 1800mw 470nm
  67. 470nm 1800mw
  68. Berlinlasers 5mw 460nm pointer(NOT 460 NM)
  69. Got my 589nm laser! Dragonlasers 589nm 50mW
  70. Ehgumus Carbon Fiber/PLTB450B/1.8A/G2
  71. OD green/C11/NUBM44/4A/G2
  72. What kind of diode do I need
  73. Might be a good deal..
  74. New Laser Build 6.3W
  75. RG Yellow Aliexpress - worth it?
  76. Looking for someone who can do nice custom builds?
  77. 488nm Laser diode
  78. What's the purpose of infrared handheld?
  79. Dragonlasers changed their 589s again.
  80. Building my own DPSS yellow
  81. 1st 445nm build and i have problem with voltage needs
  82. 561nm project box laser(Done)
  83. Got my 589 Spartan! Over-spec woohoo! :)
  84. M140
  85. Nice, DragonLasers got my spartan back
  86. LaserLands <5mw 450nm Black and Gold Pen
  87. Cheap burner
  88. 5W 470nm S4X build
  89. Mag Lite Silver Bullet/NUBM44/450nm
  90. So is 473nm DPSS just obsolete now?
  91. DragonLasers Spartan 589 "30mW"
  92. 612nm Multiline HeNe score
  93. This is NOT a review
  94. Jetlaser Ple Pro 465nm
  95. ir laser illuminator
  96. Ordered a 561nm 5mw laser module. Need help with build ideas.
  97. White beam LD ?
  98. NUBM07E How I have missed thee.
  99. 488nm diodes price
  100. Question about a blue >1W, laser pointer.
  101. A multi color laser
  102. The Golden Company: LPF's Compendium of the Rare Yellows, from Chartreuse to Amber.
  103. My new Golden Beam Star Pointer (Pic Heavy).
  104. Defiant flash light pen build/PLTB450B Diode
  105. Is there any source for 561nm pointers?
  106. "585"nm non-dye laser for skin treatments? *video*
  107. laser show projectors
  108. Spectra Physics Scientific 488nm SLM DECSL laser
  109. Nm range of “china” green laser pointer converted to IR?
  110. 594nm pen rebuild (Rigel-2) Current Draw + opinions?
  111. Camo 501B/1.4A/G2/2-AW 18350 cells
  112. 808 to NdYag
  113. New Spartan 1 Watt
  114. Reversed battery
  115. Ordered Spyder 3 Arctic Laser 1w
  116. NUBM44/Mag Light Mod
  117. LaserLands 445/450nm 5mw - Replacement DEFECTIVE!
  118. Ehgemus/NDB7A75
  119. Wicked Lasers Spyder III arctic beam pattern?
  120. 10W Q-switched 1064nm Fiber Laser
  121. 589nm vs. 593.5nm Pointers?
  122. Cheapo 405nm laser safety questions
  123. Low Powered 462 or 465?
  124. Finally a use for high power 480nm lasers?
  125. PLTB/450nm /Ehgemus Host
  126. Polished S4X and NUBM44
  127. Kryton NDB7875 2.4a
  128. Couple beam shots from new 465
  129. Sinner Copper magic pen/ PLP450nm
  130. M140 Sinner Magic Pen
  131. 462/ndg7675/ 1.4w
  132. Need help finding 20 mm board for 5W blue laser
  133. Building a Handheld R+G (Yellow) laser, Need Some Help.
  134. Solved! :)
  135. My white laser
  136. Multi-Color Laser Box (White Included)
  137. Laser 66/ PLTB450B/Pen
  138. DL 589nm 5mW: Aurora vs Spartan
  139. 447nm: What do you all think?
  140. New addition to my collection, 50 mW (107mW peak) DL Spartan 589nm
  141. Cheap and Good Blue Laserpointer at 300mW?
  142. 470/473 diode and DPSS...
  143. CNI and their 604/607nm DPSS...
  144. Cosplay+ laser questions
  145. 3W Blue Laser Pointer
  146. Batteries for SF501B
  147. Quastions about DLs Aurora 589nm 5mw
  148. Where can I find a high power nfrared 808nm (up to 830nm) single mode laser diode?
  149. RGB laserpointer do exist
  150. New 462 build(ADDED PICS)
  151. Cheapest way to get some rare wavelengths?
  152. Fried my Arctic Spyder 3 G2 - Diode Replacement?
  153. Short 462 build
  154. Some blues I hadn't posted yet
  155. Coherent FAP800 Diode Array Divergence Question
  156. Interested in doing a blue build and want to make sure I've got all the parts
  157. Anyone ever played with a 1470 nm diode?
  158. My first custom build/ Class IV laser (07E)
  159. DPSS blue on DX?
  160. CNI yellow 593.5nm Lab laser
  161. CNI PGL-III-C-589 Issues
  162. "Yellow" from O-like
  163. I think i burned out my laser?
  164. Difference between 465nm and 462nm?
  165. 4.5W 465nm NUBM07E Build
  166. 780nm CD burner current 320mA 1 x 14500
  167. 556 vs 561, visible difference?
  168. NUBM44 6.15W After 3 Elements Glass Lens On Cypreus IIIb Modified Heatsink With JL BE
  169. Breaking the Class 4 barrier: 445nm & 462nm added to the family.
  170. Pltb450b 510-501b
  171. NUBM07E 465nm Mace of Doom build
  172. 4.2W 465nm NUBM07E on Cypreus II XL 24k Gold Plated !
  173. 470nm/5.oA SXD/G2 lens
  174. 589nm and IR
  175. Arrived today. PL-E Pro 462
  176. 501B to 510 connector
  177. DPSS 616nm
  178. Serious Yellow - CNI HPL-589-Q, 8kW, 589.159nm +/-.001nm Laser Guide Star
  179. Estimated power of this module? (video)
  180. Yellow Laser So Expensive??
  181. Is 462nm multimode? Beam quality?
  182. Osram PLT5 450B 450nm 5.6mm Laser Diode
  183. 445 violet/blue laser question
  184. Optimal current for 300mW 808nm diode
  185. DL vs. LG: Which 5mW 589nm Pointer?
  186. Interested in 589nm and 473nm laser pointers
  187. Perception of 561nm differs?
  188. Help on 5 Milliwatt Blue (no Violet no Multimode)
  189. CNI 589nm Rebuild Questions
  190. Just curious.
  191. 450nm eBay laser
  192. How dangerous is the BEAM of blue laser?
  193. 589nm club membership card
  194. Golden glory - A few pics of my DL Spartan 589nm
  195. question on 612nm pricing
  196. How much heat is normal?
  197. Wanna know more about 460nm blue laser
  198. So I got my dragon laser spartan 50mw yellow , but I can't open it till my birthday.
  199. New 4 Watt Blue Laser
  200. NUBM41T1 interior break down
  201. Switzerland or germany lasers
  202. "The Blues" - 449, 460, 478, 495
  203. Has anyone measured the divergence of a 405nm single mode laser?
  204. first Yellow
  205. Help on 5W, Too good to be true?
  206. SPL LL85 Hybrid Pulsed Laser Diode with Integrated Driver Stage 850nm 14 W-OSRAM ?
  207. Some feedback about 561nm
  208. M462 - Second build, Second Blue :)
  209. Is this for real???
  210. [METERED 471]Light blue ni$h@ diode pushed hard at 2.6A. Pictures.
  211. Why is it doing this?? Spyder 3 Arctic 2W
  212. best safety glasses for class 4 laser?
  213. What diodes and power are these?? BMW Laserlight
  214. 450nm 1w blue laser pointer batteries
  215. eBay Australia liable?
  216. My first blue laser?
  217. The " Cyan Cannon " build starts
  218. Current State of 589
  219. Pushing the NDB7675 to higher spectrum
  220. Good Article on Laser Welding
  221. 1W Blue laser parts for Cree C6 host
  222. Help deciding: 445nm or 462nm for first burner
  223. Youtube video shows what a expander can do for your 445nm laser
  224. CNI PGL-III-C 589 80mw Yellow Laser Review ll Golden
  225. Divergence question
  226. 500mw RGB w Analogue Modulation?!
  227. Yellow laser image projection
  228. Looking for a 473nm or 589nm handheld/lab laser
  229. Why yellow lasers are so expensive?
  230. What type this diode is?
  231. My First Blue Build (well first any build)
  232. Why can't 980nm be frequency-doubled?
  233. Pink diodes
  234. Does anyone sell any legit 200mw blue lasers?
  235. Is it good??
  236. [Solved] CNI 593.5nm acting weird? Paranoid?
  237. 3W Infrared Lab Build question
  238. 445 nm & Astronomy
  239. NDB7675 462nm 1.7W copper build * updated with video
  240. Please check my math.
  241. How much is too much current for C-Mount IR?
  242. My first yellow build...updated with yellow beam!
  243. M462 in Reke projector / I likey a lot
  244. Hello, it has a yellow laser pointer?
  245. New video from Planters! (Pulsed Dye Laser)
  246. Zaser Custom XL Version 445nm 9mm 4.9W With Modified Hercules Beam Expander !!!
  247. Converting a 532nm 50mw laser pointer to a 200mw 808nm Infrared laser
  248. Cypreus II XL 462nm 1.7W 24k Gold Plated!
  249. How far does a 1W blue laser go
  250. Coated Mirrors for CO2 lasers and 445nM