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  1. 462nm and 472nm diodes DROWNING IN PICS
  2. Your favourite blue?
  3. 593.5 DPSS process
  4. 2W M462 462nm Laser Diode
  5. Yellow Tri-Mag...
  6. Uv blacklight laser can write on things
  7. New 462nm Diode?
  8. I have some questions about this 405nm and 660nm lasers
  9. 5mW 405 nm blue violet laser from ebay - safe?
  10. Show Your 462nm Build!
  11. My tiny pink laser
  12. Noob laser building questions
  13. 575nm Dye Yellow laser
  14. Melles Griot 561nm Lab laser
  15. 462 Blue Bayou
  16. DIY handheld laser cutter
  17. I killed my new IR laser
  18. Gold is good: 589nm Dragonlasers 50mW+ experience
  19. Aquarius II | NDB7675
  20. How Powerful are IR Diodes from DVD & BluRay Sleds?
  21. brilliant new blue Nichi@ diode. NDB7675 PIX
  22. 462nm NDB7675 Handheld
  23. Safe, cheap, and colorful?
  24. Beyond Ion Channels to POI Plasma Discharge
  25. Spectro-ing the new Nichia 1.4W "462nm-470nm" NDB7675
  26. 808nm 300mW laser
  27. Building an IR laser - need advice
  28. Nichia 1.4W NDB7675 462nm Laser Diode
  29. Fun with a Ruby laser Rod [pic heavy]
  30. The 3500 mW 940nm Nightmare - a MODC build
  31. 561nm crystals
  32. The "MODC" - Experimenting with C-Mount Builds (3W IR in progress)
  33. replacing the c-mount in a 473nm
  34. 450nm chrome cypreus of life
  35. my blue lasers are blurry
  36. 1mw 460nm laser pointer
  37. Scientists created Rainbow laser!!
  38. the 589nm teardown and re-alignment [PIC HEAVY]
  39. What kind of driver may I use for the new Nichia 445 nm 3.5 W diode?
  40. CNI 473nm head re-alignment
  41. My new 450 build!
  42. Single mode 808nm with output > 200mw?
  43. Olike 5 in 1 1.2W laser
  44. Olike 5 in 1 1.2W laser
  45. Review on my 80-100mw 450nm pen build
  46. What's A Good Laser For 100$
  47. o-like 2W 450nm, trash or treasure?
  48. Help in laser buying/making
  49. Researchers build world's most powerful terahertz laser chip
  50. Price for 500mw 450nm laser
  51. Cheapest Possible Yellow-Orange Laser?
  52. How to power this RGB laser?
  53. [The Yellow Lantern] Mag-Lite 638/520nm combo
  54. 400mw 405nm laser?
  55. 1mW 593.5nm Pen to TEC " Lab " Module .
  56. 750mw+ HL445 LaserBtb came!
  57. CD Laser and KTP
  58. 473nm iceblue (2014)
  59. My first ever laser build! :D
  60. Styropyro 473nm crystal set and IR diode
  61. Osram 1.6W PLTB450B 450nm Laser Diode
  62. Iron Man Hand Laser 450nm
  63. Blue Laser Installation
  64. 476nm / 480nm diode build by styropyro REVIEW (pic HEAVY)
  65. Review: Laserglow Rigel-6 593.5nm
  66. What is needed to get a B&W Tek up and lasing
  67. NIGHT VISION PVS-14, IR question
  68. SFG experiment
  69. Disassembly of a 589nm laser PGL-III-A (PIC HEAVY)
  70. Refinish a Yag rod?
  71. SSY 1's Recently?
  72. Orange lasers class 2 cheap
  73. the conical 473 " IT'S DEAD NOW "
  74. 810 to 980nm DL IR Help please!
  75. Best introduction wavelength for "other" colored lasers?
  76. Please explain this...
  77. Osram PL450nm diode for Holography???
  78. 488nm diode?
  79. future yellow laser group buy
  80. IR Focusable Laser project, ILLEGAL, lol srsly
  81. Must see this Laser Rainbow!
  82. Pink Hand Grenade PL450 {PIC HEAVY}
  83. Best laser diode for night vision optics
  84. Wanting to buy a laser :D
  85. Yellow Cyan ShowWX+ display?
  86. Fiber Guide
  87. Nichia UV surplus diodes.
  88. 488nm Direct Double MG Lab Laser System
  89. Drivers for 808nm lasers: where are they?
  90. New Type of 12 Pin Diode (not new)
  91. Looking for blue lazer, Need advice!
  92. blue laser problem
  93. New CNI dpss wavelength offering
  94. 2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer
  95. Laserglow Rigels: 589nm or 593.5nm
  96. Poor man yellow handheld.
  97. buyyourlaser?
  98. Glp - 589 busted!
  99. eytyxhs glp-473
  100. Question(s) about the 593.5/589nm process
  101. Looking for 445nm 500-1000mW
  102. Where to find a 2400 nm laser?
  103. Achats pour laser Bleu violet 1000mw
  104. 830nm 350mW IR laser with factory test sheet, i can see red?
  105. Interested in a laboratory laser
  106. Blue laser
  107. Lasever 473nm handheld stopped working
  108. measure forward voltage...
  109. First Laser Build!
  110. 1000mW 450nm Blue Laser
  111. Beamshots: ML argon vs CNI 589nm
  112. First build -optical power problem
  113. Saw yellow lasers in the oddest place...
  114. First build - blue laser pointer , fail
  115. Looking for 589 nm laser
  116. No longer needed
  117. Warnlasers blurb on yellow lasers
  118. First time buying laser!
  119. "ML" 589nm
  120. Best 473nm Buy?
  121. Need expert advice
  122. Opinion: What is the best mw for a blue laser?
  123. im looking for a good blue laser to buy from the internet
  124. going to buy a blue 1W laser and i need help choosing
  125. Looking for a purple laser
  126. Looking to purchase blue pointer...
  127. 50mW 561nm PGL-III-C Review
  128. CNI 589nm GLPs output mode
  129. Looking for a good 50mW Blue pointer
  130. What is the longest wavelength of laser light you have seen?
  131. Spyder III 473nm
  132. Build Thread Illustrating Fixed Focus in Hobby Lasers
  133. Will IR be seen through sheet of paper
  134. Lenses
  135. Blue Laser Problems
  136. Help Me Decide
  137. Best RGB Laser Combination
  138. Near UV lasers
  139. Hi, I'm looking to buy a 200mw blue laser pointer
  140. dreaming of an ultraviolet handheld pointer
  141. C-mount IR laser diode
  142. Nitrogen Air Laser
  143. Why dothink 445. Start Flashing
  144. Aquarius 5 eBay
  145. laserbtb vs dragon
  146. 5mW 473nm Laser Pointer
  147. Osram PL450B Single mode build
  148. Green - Red Mirror Motor Laser Spirograph
  149. 780nm IR Laser Diode Burning (CD Bruner)
  150. Question about ebay pen.
  151. 1W Spartan lost focus. Burned diode?
  152. Average Distance of lasers
  153. properties of wavelengths
  154. My first post here. I got a couple new blue lasers...
  155. Blue 1w laser suddenly broken
  156. started the actual laser experiments... and small start...
  157. Firefly thingy on Kickstarter
  158. How to: 589 or 594 nm
  159. Pushing an Osram PL450B, Wavelength Shifting?
  160. new guy...
  161. Lazerer; LZSK or CYBER? (1W)
  162. Looking for 2W Brown Laser Diode
  163. 5mW 450nm Laser
  164. ebay RGB white laser cheap
  165. Guidesman Build
  166. Newbie building an IR laser
  167. LF<Beam Expander
  168. (1st post) Rayfoss blue lasers?
  169. Night vision systems with 910nm illumination?
  170. New to lasers, Info for first build needed
  171. Need Assistance
  172. ir laser for photography project
  173. Making A super long range IR remote with IR laser diode
  174. Lazerer has a 10mw 473nm laser?
  175. DIY Yellow Laser!
  176. 9mm 808nm Datasheet
  177. 808nm what's Color ?
  178. Interested in getting a 488nm built?
  179. 5W IR from O-Like: is it legit?
  180. RGB and Color Count
  181. How is my alignment?
  182. 488nm handhelds anyone ???
  183. New "Worlds most powerful handheld laser"?
  184. delta-another RGB handheld
  185. 488nm Argon
  186. help: mixed 470nm laser with 445nm laser in white RGB laser module
  187. 589 nm or 593.5 nm laser from Laser Glow?
  188. 473nm vs 589nm vs 532nm
  189. first time beginer tips?
  190. DIY Laser Lathe pen
  191. 2000mW 450nm Blue Laser Pointer
  192. Lazerer Rifle 1.5 Overspec - LPF Seller!
  193. Cheap 904/905nm laser
  194. howmuch mW for equal brightness?
  195. blue near UV laser
  196. PGL lll 593.5 now in my collection.
  197. Most powerfull 598nm?
  198. goofy color experiment that had a result I didn't anticipate.
  199. IR illumination question
  200. Looking to purchase GLP 593.5 1mw
  201. 1000mw 445MN Blue laser buying
  202. replacement 808nm diode still can't burn. seems severely underpowered again :(
  203. Checking normality of dot
  204. Anyone have/ heard anything about the DL Spartan 589?
  205. Advice on lenses
  206. 445NM 1W Blue Laser...
  207. help with 808nm
  208. Help with buying a laser.
  209. Looking for help with an IR build
  210. DIY Laser Engraving Pen using 120mW 780nm diode
  211. is my IR diode dead???
  212. eBay 405nm "5mW" Pen - What should I expect?
  213. BigBoy 450!
  214. Issues with PGL-lll-C-589
  215. Noob needs help making a choice between 445 and 473!
  216. HINS 405nm laser pointer
  217. help identifying diode and specs
  218. Monochromatic yellow lasers between 570-580nm?
  219. Lasever 473nm / 120mW Build
  220. UV laser for cutting plexigalss
  221. 1,000mW Blue Laser
  222. "Vintage Light" - DIY 473nm 100mW (Ancient Light's Son)
  223. Ultraclassy 450B build
  224. RGB hand-held laser
  225. looking for a 593nm
  226. Uses for different Nd based wavelengths
  227. Article Accurate on 1w 445 Lasers?
  228. Want to build a laser my self. But as im new to this need some help :)
  229. Polished Phobos PL450B *PIC HEAVY*
  230. Olive Oil Fluorescence
  231. Turning on CNI PGL-III-C-589 continuously for at least 2 hours
  232. New 450 build
  233. Is that true that infared laser are the best for burning ?
  234. Under the hood of an OPO Tunable
  235. Driving an Atmospheric TEA Laser with an Electrostatic Drop Generator
  236. 589nm Yellow Laser build (Beam Combining)
  237. Dragon Laser 200mw blue laser
  238. NooB here needs 200mw Focusable IR Laser
  239. Laser diode and driver soldering
  240. Questions about DPSS Lasers
  241. Underpowering a 910nm 100W pump diode
  242. Dragon Lasers Aurora BP-10 Laser
  243. 589nm CNI-PGL-III-A "Peak 130mW"
  244. Aurora BP 10 from Dragonlasers
  245. Olike 1w tactical 445nm laser / shipping time
  246. 5W laser from a 18650 battery? Can it be true?
  247. Arctic spyder III wicked
  248. Just ordered the Cyber 445nm 500mw focusable waterproof laser pointer
  249. Double check 445nm components?
  250. Which laser should I buy?