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  1. S1 Sonar Lunar or build my own?
  2. where can i buy a blue ray diode
  3. blue/violet laser
  4. can someone reccomend a blue/violet laser
  5. PHR in a maglite solitaire...coming soon!
  6. Crystals That Phosphoresce Under Blue (405nm) Laser Only
  7. Quick driver question
  8. Rayfoss RF405-50mW-QPT Switch Problem
  9. First PHR-803t FINISHED !!
  10. GGW-H20L first time harvesting *image heavy*
  11. Driver question
  12. first time
  13. Is it typical that a 40mW can burn things?
  14. Some questions.
  15. O-Like 100mW or Wicked Lasers?
  16. E3 Elite lunar?
  17. missing blu ray sticky
  18. Just installed Aixiz 405 glass AR lenses
  19. First 405nm...Question about safety.
  20. First dead Blu-Ray?
  21. Thought I'd show off my first build. (405nm pen)
  22. Help with blown 405nm diode using rkcstr driver
  23. Fun Stuff to do with BR?
  24. Are these good enough?
  25. Laser-induced fluorescent laser?
  26. 405 Danger Perception?
  27. Driver for 1 X NiMH AA to put out 400 - 500 mA for BDR-205 diode? re-post
  28. Host for 8X Blu-Ray diode.
  29. Heatsink; other questions
  30. Well this is interesting...
  31. 8X Bluray problem with a pulsing diode
  32. Red Diode from the PHR-803T sled
  33. Wicked Lasers - Sonar 200mW
  34. 100W of 405nm Goodness
  35. Is the SF-AW210 diode case neutral?
  36. Sony Announces new 405mn 100W laser
  37. How do YOU see 405nm?
  38. Help with first laser :D
  39. Sharp Releases Triple -Layer BR Recorder
  40. S1 Sonar Lunar shipping?
  41. Looking for first Blu-ray
  42. useful optics in an sfaw210 sled
  43. Pro's of the E3 elite? (Lunar)
  44. Just ordered the s1 Sonar Lunar from WL but have concerns
  45. Scratch Built 8x Bluray
  46. My First Laser Build
  47. My DIY Blu Ray Laser Won't Work?
  48. First Build-Pocket Mini PHR
  49. BDR 205 diodes by themselves
  50. 10mw focusable - enough to turn off street lights? (Answer:No)
  51. 'BluRay' lasers and eye damage(!)
  52. New O-Like Blu Ray Driver
  53. S1 Sonar Lunar
  54. stupid fun glasses trick
  55. CR123A batteries for WL Sonar
  56. FDA certified 200mW any color laser pointer
  57. Strange fluorescence with 405nm and polycarbonate UV lenses?
  58. 12x sled
  59. Fluke diode from eBay 405nm 5mW laser?
  60. S1 Sonar Lunar 200mw at 89$ ?eh!?
  61. help choosing prism laser
  62. PHR-803T odd output.
  63. Blue Laser
  64. Questions about DT-0811
  65. Uv p.38
  66. Can i use a Dilda driver to power a PHR diode?
  67. Blue/Violet laser things.
  68. looking for violet 20-80mW
  69. HELP please............??
  70. Estimating output...
  71. Delete please
  72. Help First Build!
  73. DX 5mW Violet question.
  74. Harvesting the Lite On 12X
  75. Driver for 12X BR
  76. When can we expect 16x Blu-ray?
  77. How much power do i need? o-like 200mw blu-ray?
  78. Romphea 406nm
  79. I came across a 405nm diode spec'd @ 500+mW
  80. Acupuncture with 405nm lasers?
  81. 5mW Blue/violet Ebay
  82. Modular PHR Build
  83. How dangerous are class III 405nm laser pointers?
  84. Which violet/purple Laser to buy...
  85. Xtractaurs SF-AW210 Laser Gun
  86. PHR-803T power while on sled?
  87. SF-AW210 up and running. . .
  88. first build help
  89. BR pen from China - module and driver
  90. reputable member needed for 405nm glasses testing
  91. At what output can you see the beam for a 405nm?
  92. I'M BACK!!With my Awesome New 10x LAZERGUNN
  93. Battery advice
  94. 414mW bluray laser kit on ebay
  95. **UPDATES** My first 'real' build! ~{DEAD}~
  96. RIP BDR-205 diode
  97. Does anyone recognise this dual lens Bluray sled?
  98. Making my own host
  99. My First PHR From Scratch
  100. Ebay diodes
  101. The little diode that could. . .
  102. Revival of the Chrome Pocket Mini (with an Ehgemus touch)
  103. Looking for the shortest wavelengths available
  104. PHR build in a 3405 kit --[DEAD]--
  105. 1 week 1st build using PHR
  106. First build:) success! PHR photos soon.
  107. 12x visibility?
  108. Building Phr 803t - stay tune =]
  109. Thanks daguin
  110. Somebody Was Looking for a Zombie
  111. Help with driver
  112. Need help finding PHR-803T diodes for NASA
  113. 1W to 30W of 405-410nm from a Nichia :)
  114. mosquitos....
  115. First GGW 6X build - success! [Heavy pictures]
  116. my driver and a phr803t blu ray
  117. prh, 10440, & rkcstr time test.
  118. Need Help and suggestions Constructing a 250mW Blu-ray laser
  119. Sharp 100mW Cw 405nm diode...
  120. 250mw + 405nm (class 3b)
  121. 100mW bluray pen - a gift for Bill!
  122. Help purchasing a BRD laser
  123. O-like 10/100/150mw very similar. Chance of same diode?
  124. Assistance with finding/building Driver
  125. 2 phr's......
  126. LEDShoppe VIOLET!
  127. First build! A huge success!
  128. Another cutting question about balsa.
  129. Best Driver for an 8x/12x?
  130. 405nm in laser projector
  131. Perceptual brightness mW power?
  132. 9V killed my PHR =[
  133. PHR w/Micro Boost Drive V1 cutting out.
  134. RCKSTR V3 on a 9V battery
  135. rayfoss 250mw
  136. Another noob "should I buy..." thread
  137. I return
  138. help,first time laser buyer need help
  139. 200mw O-Like blueray Any thoughts
  140. 200mw O-Like blueray Any thoughts
  141. Dummy Load for 12x
  142. Phr build!!
  143. 12X in a pen??? YES
  144. Good deal on a 12x pioneer?
  145. Power of the Laser
  146. O-like blu-Ray parts
  147. blu ray ps3 laser help
  148. Nor*Cal Noob (2COR C4 V6) First Two Builds
  149. Blue vs. Violet
  150. Bluray Laser Help
  151. complete build
  152. blue ray diode came with connected circuits?
  153. new rayfoss laser broken in shipment
  154. My New 6X Build - SF-AW210 - Not What I Expected
  155. About this diode
  156. Cheapest way to power a PHR-803T blu-ray laser diode~Share your opinions!
  157. unkown diode
  158. Got my laser built (Jayrob Pocket Mini + 6x)
  159. bluray keychain af FP!
  160. A little idea
  161. Who can build me a powerful bluray laser for a reasonable price?
  162. 16x BR burner?
  163. Blu-Ray Laser Emitting Other Colors...
  164. b-r driver
  165. ? about size difference in diodes
  166. PHR zilla!!! DEAD :(
  167. Br 12x pioneer diode
  168. 419mw Blu-ray Handheld Laser (Focusable)
  169. Very Odd BR Laser DIode in 150mW pointer (post in correct place now)
  170. Bluray 100mw Diode Driver
  171. Dragon Host from McDonalds (picture heavy)
  172. My new O-Like Blue-Ray 150mW!
  173. SF-AW210 hot potato?
  174. Question on 6v medical batteries
  175. 12x >600mw bluray laser pointer
  176. My First Build :D
  177. PHR dimmed now and then
  178. 10mW Blu-Ray Finally on its way.
  179. Something weird about me Laserland Blu-ray module?
  180. Would a 190 mA BR pen burn automotive paint?
  181. Want to build a blu-ray laser..... couple questions here ??
  182. Another Day...Another PHR build
  183. Help me build 405nm laser
  184. Quick driver question!
  185. Aixiz Ultra Violet Lense?
  186. my mirror fluoresces and glows under 405...anyone else?
  187. Why did my GGW-H20L fry?
  188. Blu VS red beam divergance
  189. Guys, any insight on this cheap Laserland laser??
  190. Violet Laser + Glow-board = Awesome!
  191. 10mW o-Like Focusable Blu-Ray???
  192. Ebay diode + driver question
  193. Kingman Chaser Blu-Ray Sighted Paintball pistol 133mw's
  194. I just ordered my first 405nm, does anyone have this one?
  195. PS3 SLED LD Harvest
  196. Some BDR-205BK 12x beam shots
  197. PHR 803T 405nm Diode Extract
  198. Help on dyi
  199. Safety Glasses?
  200. 240mw blu ray laser died. lookn 4 repairs!
  201. 12x Murder Experiment - Take 2 (With 12x Comparison Plots)
  202. o-like 405nm 150mW blu-ray pen help!
  203. dpss 405nm is it possible?
  204. "Swiss+Tech" mini blu-ray keychain!
  205. Samsung 8x SATA Blu-ray Writer
  206. circles in my blu-ray light spot
  207. I think I bricked my blu
  208. My New Blu-Ray
  209. New 80mW New Style Dilda from DX!
  210. Blu-Ray 10X for $148.99!
  211. Could anybody here build me a 12x 600mw bluray laser? Or sell me a used one?
  212. Plextor 12x vs. Pioneer 12x
  213. Nichia '140mW' diodes on O-like, info?
  214. Who makes the strongest bluray laser pen style?
  215. Focusing PHRs
  216. First build! =D
  217. New PHR build
  218. SF-AW210 @ ebay, advertised as 300mW
  219. Should I buy an 803-T or 150mw diode?
  220. New PHR build with Boost converter
  221. O-like 150 mW blu-ray pen
  222. Problem with FlexMod and GGW.
  223. My first 803 T project (HD-DVD)
  224. Laser diode info
  225. Safty Concerns
  226. Blu-ray fluorescence difference based on wavelength
  227. BluRay Lasergun
  228. Cheapo Diode on Ebay?
  229. 150mw O-like BR pen is awesome.
  230. Nausea & Dizziness
  231. First Laser Build
  232. Dorcy Blu ray laser??
  233. New kid on the block
  234. Replace 405nm Diode from Bob laser pen?
  235. Any peltier cooled hosts out there?
  236. FYI - Depackaged LD pics
  237. Can i hook up a driver to test diode?
  238. How many mW to be visible at night with blu ray?
  239. Strange PHR diode... please comment!
  240. Xbox Hd dvd diode mW?
  241. BDR or GGW?
  242. Building my first bluray flashlight.
  243. 50mW Azul Violeta Purple 5 in1 puntero láser con 5 Caps Star (Laserland)
  244. 405nm laser help
  245. POLL: Change section to 405nm ONLY
  246. 405nm Eye Protection
  247. horrible spotting on O-like 150mW pen
  248. lite on 8x at tiger direct
  249. Question about diode degrading??
  250. How do I tell if I overheated my diode?