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Class 2M Laser

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  1. Abolfazl
  2. whatsupadrian

    I think TJ wants your 700+ posts to be his...
    I thought this forum for talking about lasers? Buying, Selling, Trading, Learning, Building... There is even a section for social circle chatting.... A forum is a place for people to discuss and share ideas. There are no rules to follow unless someone is enforcing them.
  3. Tech_Junkie
    Why??? Because you post more than you read. This is frowned upon here. LPF is more than just a social circle. Yes I post off topic a lot but I know my stuff and continue to learn every day. I lurked a month before I even signed on to get some idea of what I'm talking about before opening my mouth. I actually think you are a good kid, but if you want respect, and I'm not talking respect from people you are buying from, then you need to get some experience. And the only way to get experience is reading and learning, not posting. Get it? We are a tech forum, not Myspace.
  4. themandalorian
    Why are you so concerned about post count?
  5. Tech_Junkie
    You are the one getting scammed pal, and you don't even know it. If you want talk pathetic you kiss everyone's ass that you want something from. If you want to help yourself than buy the parts yourself and put them together yourself. I don't see how you are helping anyone by buying pre-made projects. You are to lazy to even look up the information about the stuff you are buying. You wanted me to spoon feed you everything. For 700+ posts you still know next to nothing about lasers. Epic FAIL.
  6. Abolfazl
    08-05-2009 09:29 PM
    Pretty much I got the goggles, batteries, charger, cases, manual. only the actual lasers were missing and they left me a note saying every laser >5mw was taken

    Rayfoss and I are working something out
  7. themandalorian
    lol they sent them with the batteries? Make a thread warning people
  8. Abolfazl
    08-04-2009 03:46 PM
    God damn customs took the 4 lasers from Rayfoss. Im gonna talk to him later to resend it by regular mail. Iunno what to do
  9. themandalorian
    No problem. And yeah it might seem abolfazl is messing with me but he was just at my house for 4 hours setting up my network. Lol yeah he's a friend of mine. I want him to get a blu ray from you but he seems to think people won't be impressed with burning lasers
  10. Darkarmyofone
    Thank god TJ's not a mod, and he's more redundantly trollish than you ever will be dalorian lol

    And Abolfazl, dont post pictures in peoples VISITOR MESSAGES!!! at least not big ones.

    If you have any respect for a higher ranking member... you'll take it down.. just a suggestion though. Im sure Dalorian doesnt want it there either... matter of fact, i think he can just delete you whole message himself "not sure"

    Anyways, i should have your build done soon Dalorian, just waiting on the damned 8X drive to get here.


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