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hakzaw1 hakzaw1 is online now

Class 4 Laser

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  1. RB astro
    Yesterday 11:56 PM
    RB astro
    Thank you so much my dear friend !!
  2. Accutronitis
    "you need to step back & do some evaluations of your behavior" You do know you could say that in a PM and expect better results ?
  3. CurtisOliver
    Hope everything is alright your end Len. Ride out Harvey and stay safe!
  4. TimberWolf224
    I used to live in San Antonio, then Fredericksburg. I feel bad for everyone there, since I used to live there. At least Texans are getting the rain they wanted, but they probably didn't want it all at once. I hope you (and everyone else) are staying safe, and not getting hit too hard.

    Edit: Thanks for the rep (just checked on my profile, didn't notice until now)
  5. hakzaw1
    08-27-2017 12:52 AM
    8PM Sat
    n/p here.. I posted at Simon's Harvey thread.
  6. hakzaw1
    08-26-2017 09:22 AM
    418 am
    winds increasing gusts ~ 40-50 steady rain.. no thunder.. no hail..power is still on.
  7. hakzaw1
    08-10-2017 11:03 PM
    hello all--TY for coming to my page..
    Of late some other vets & I have been reaching out to great members who have become inactive.. the reason for their absence is not important.
    edit-- I mean in the above that we welcome them back and why they were gone may or may not be our biz..

    So if you friended them=know them etc- reach out..PM-- bump their rep. --thank you.
    I see many MIAs scrolling thru my friends list..

  8. hakzaw1
    07-30-2017 02:42 AM
    TEXLEM 2017-- Houston!!!
    be there....Oct 25 to Halloween trickery-treatz night. Oct we load up and leave Nov 1 early


    thanks to Harvey TEXLEM is on hold pending
  9. nospin
    07-16-2017 04:44 PM
    You get you friends lpm back online?
  10. hakzaw1
    07-10-2017 11:09 PM

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    'Deep in the Heart Of Texas..."
    Dragon Slayer and virgin de-froicker
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    & Spend some hours reading at LASERPOINTERSAFETY.COM

    powered by PANGOLIN-ILDA Member since 2014.

    QS/FB3 +Beyond-APC40-Mamba Black(clone) 5paghettix2 and I-show x2-Kasio synth-midi
    KGB- 532 1.1W 445 2.2W 655 1.3W DT Pro 40 still needs more red.
    KGB1W+ 532 DT Pro 40 soon to be GB.
    Laserking 1300RGB FULL COLOR 30K(may be FS)
    Laserking RGB LK PD2 500 and LK SD 850
    REKE RGB 500- G 300
    HeNes-(12)R(3)G-COH-594/5 mW-thnx DrSam
    445nm 180mW-Mini spiro-Yob.
    LPMs-RadiantAlpha& Pro5W-AixiZ SPER/KenmeterLite/LB1
    Spacelas 1178mW 655nm/AixiZ 300mW532&
    2 B&W 473nm 5/6mW lab
    638 180mW ttl mimi lab (av. 230mW)
    405 100mW ttl mini lab
    445 300 mW ttl mni lab ^AixiZ^ all for a lumia PJ
    *MightyMite 2000* RGB all diode 2.2W 30K- 637/520./450...NEW!!
    Guide DIY Pjs by Dan-


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