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hakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond reputehakzaw1 has a reputation beyond repute

hakzaw1 hakzaw1 is offline

Class 4 Laser

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  1. john_lawson
    hey dog what is the tap size on 5.6 axis lense
    Hey Len! how are you? I sent multiple emails and messages. Not hearing from you yet. _ Gray
  3. jeffreythe00
    Hey Len! It's been a LONG time! Hows things? I FINALLY have a steady job. Working as a deli clerk at the moment. How ya been? Hope to hear from you soon! ~Jeff
  4. dden4012
    02-03-2017 04:27 PM
    What's up.
  5. deafjeff
    01-18-2017 07:07 PM
    the beam expander from wicked is totally mis-leading. Has no focal lens on the output end of it and needs to be changed out. Total false advertising. It won't focus do a small pin dot no matter what at distance. So, I have to re-engineer the optics in it. Gladly I didn't buy another from private seller. If you guys have an expander that has a focal lens on the output of it, adjustable of course, please let me know. I'm interested 200% !
    best regards everyone reading this.
  6. hakzaw1
    01-12-2017 07:39 PM
    I have been having problems going online from home---so---allow me time to respond--may be a day or two delay..TY
    try also gmailing me at username or snapplz
  7. hakzaw1
    01-08-2017 09:55 PM
    "Justice delayed is justice denied"
    LTG must GO!!
  8. hakzaw1
    01-08-2017 09:54 PM
    I check gmail(username [at] daily--use that please.
    ifyou wonder where I have gone& why-just read my last posts in the open forum.. -Im getting spam and **** and weird PMs and it seem admin/mods are ineffective in stopping that --vulgar **** a 'new' member attacks me on-line=vile--hate-filled .
    so if I am coming back --.. happen until I -& the forum members get an apology from LTG -- and he gets a temp ban (AFAIK there is 'NO STATUE of Limitations' on this) THEN I really want a public apology or some kind of acknowledgement by admin AND most MODS.. had this happened to ANY other member. I would have NEVER given up demanding justice --hate crimes ALWAYS begin with hate speech-- REALLY--would NOTHING have been done had this incident happened after the slayings/ Fl.--prolly not--after all they were just a bunch of 'F4GS'-- and they can go 'suck-it' if they don't like it--and we can 'spit' on them too
    LTG can spin this anyway he wants- if YOU 'bought it' you , too, can go F yrslf.
  9. deafjeff
    01-03-2017 02:44 AM
    Thought I vanished, eh Late as usual, sorry. My health isn't too hot, but the battle goes on. Just emailed the gentleman with the be 10x. I'm still interested, I did also order one from wicked a couple weeks ago or so, should have it in a wk or two. No adapter to make. I have a good friend who might be interested this other be10x for their artic blue like mine. I'll keep you posted. I wouldn't mind a second one though, the wicked BE might be a joke, hard to say till I get it and test it. Crows love it horrible little creatures ....
    Cheers !
  10. deafjeff
    12-18-2016 05:23 PM
    Until then I'm still making patent papers to send off. Hopefully I'm awarded one or two, maybe three or even more. I'll be selling the patents, I don't wish to market. It's much easier to sell, keep a little royalty is all I'd want. I do it just for fun and hobby. One is so intense, it would take someone like Rigged tools, Imperial Eastman, large tool makers, etc. just to grasp it.

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    QS/FB3 +Beyond-APC40-Mamba Black(clone) 5paghettix2 and I-show x2-Kasio synth-midi
    KGB- 532 1.1W 445 2.2W 655 1.3W DT Pro 40 still needs more red.
    KGB1W+ 532 DT Pro 40 soon to be GB.
    Laserking 1300RGB FULL COLOR 30K(may be FS)
    Laserking RGB LK PD2 500 and LK SD 850
    REKE RGB 500- G 300
    HeNes-(12)R(3)G-COH-594/5 mW-thnx DrSam
    445nm 180mW-Mini spiro-Yob.
    LPMs-RadiantAlpha& Pro5W-AixiZ SPER/KenmeterLite/LB1
    Spacelas 1178mW 655nm/AixiZ 300mW532&
    2 B&W 473nm 5/6mW lab
    638 180mW ttl mimi lab (av. 230mW)
    405 100mW ttl mini lab
    445 300 mW ttl mni lab ^AixiZ^ all for a lumia PJ
    *MightyMite 2000* RGB all diode 2.2W 30K- 637/520./450...NEW!!
    Guide DIY Pjs by Dan-


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