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2.5 Watt Blue Thor M 2 Laser Pointer

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Class 1 Laser

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  1. Heirophant
    hey thanks again paul . laser is good stuff . i think I want one twice or more as powerful as this one, next ! be nice if they made a 1-watt green hand-held laser eh ???
  2. EtherMagic
    Im soo sorry man, I already sold it to the very first person who messaged me.
  3. tekniklyraul
    I am at work. I get out at 7 am. By 8 am. Hold it and I will send u the $$$$
    Yes??? Do we got a deal?
  4. EtherMagic
    I'm shocked you didnt get you battery yet??? Yea, I remember you ordered like 3 days before me! This is odd!!!
  5. waterface
    I ordered mine earlier than you EM, i'm pretty annoyed as since i have only the laser & no tail cap or batteries!! Also, i've noticed that whenever i try talk to her on msn, i get 1 word answers!! So much for all the o-like great after sales reputation!! I'm so pissed off! & i will be more if i don't get all i asked for when i contacted!! I should've said i was gonna write a review too!!
  6. Hallucynogenyc
    search for hallucynogenyc and albert91tgn on youtube, those are my accounts. There some laser related videos there
  7. EtherMagic
    I just received my laser!!!! Review soon!!! Feels heavy, very nice!!!! Thanks man!!!! :d
  8. EtherMagic
    Your awesome man! Do you have anymore YouTube vids? If so I would love to see them! I'm sure once I receive this Laser I will be just as much of a sponsor as you
  9. Hallucynogenyc
    Actually I'm not getting anything else than the pleasure to see I'm helping lpf members lol

    Today I even sent them an email in order to be able to advise people even better, I'll post the full conversation when I get the answers I needed
  10. Hallucynogenyc
    My review is getting them a huge ammount of sells lol. I hope you get a good unit

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    I am a Magician,Auditor, I also LOVE History :)
    Magic,History,Lasers shortly :)


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Review of the Rayfoss RF532 600mW-02 10-20-2010 07:04 PM thanks
4 Different 200mw Rayfoss Lasers on... 01-05-2010 11:46 PM Thanks for the tip
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