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  1. 11111
    06-20-2013 03:38 AM
    01110111011010000111100100100000011001000110100101 10010000100000011110010110111101110101001000000110 00100110000101101110001000000110110101100101001111 11001000000100100100100000011001100110111101110010 01100111011011110111010000100000011101000110100001 10010100100000011100000110000101110011011100110111 01110110111101110010011001000010000001101111011001 10001000000110110101111001001000000110111101110100 01101000011001010111001000100000011000010110001101 10001101101111011101010110111001110100001000000110 00010110111001100100001000000110001101101111011101 01011011000110010001101110001001110111010000100000 01100100011001010110110001100101011101000110010100 100000011010010111010000101110
  2. Lightscastle
    @c0ldshadow, be honest, i need your help to delete my previous wrong account "Lightscatle" advoid other users' confusion, that is a embarrassing spelling error. i already registered another one "Lightcastle" instead. Thanks.
  3. RawPaul
    06-05-2013 11:46 AM
    I take it you are the one who makes up the animated smilies? Could you do one kicking an screaming, maybe shaking his fist. And maybe one pitching a temper tantrum on the floor. I think both could be used on here.
  4. Lazerbeak
    You're more than welcome c0ldshadow! Thank you for working so hard to keep the forum up and running
  5. tonyt
    05-23-2013 08:12 AM
    Anytime.. I think this place is worth $100 a month! :-) imagine if everyone gave $100 each. hmmmmm
  6. Antharak
    04-26-2013 10:20 PM
    Very Welcome. The information here is outstanding and I look forward to it's longevity.
    I'll do more next time.
  7. boldar
    04-18-2013 03:56 PM
    Sure dude... This forum is amazing and I've learned so much and really been inspired by other members. Keep up the great work, dude! It's much appreciated by our community
  8. Gun
    04-17-2013 05:29 AM
    No worries. I got some really helpful answers to my questions and I'm really enjoying these forums
  9. phoenix77
    You're VERY WELCOME, Avery. I just wish I was able to do more monetarily. I TRY to make up by helping out on the Forum WHENEVER & WHEREVER I can, especially with the new Members. My time has been pretty much absorbed of late by the arrival of my 1st Grandchild (Baby Girl), as my wife & I have been helping out the parents by baby-sitting etc. Things SHOULD be getting back to normal once MAMA goes back to work & they hire daycare services. We, (I) REALLY APPRECIATE your tireless dedication to the day-to-day running & up-keep of LPF. We are sort of like a big family with a common hobby, & we have YOU to thank for this. YOU DA MAN, my friend, & I think that all the rest of the forum feel the same way, 'cause without you, there would BE NO LPF !!! Thanks so much, & keep up the GREAT WORK !!! rob
  10. RawPaul
    04-03-2013 05:41 PM
    Sup? Not sure where to add this, so if you could, please place it in the appropriate thread.
    Some people have been asking about o ring lubricant grease and some of the referals, while they are the name brand stuff, I have tried the plain old 'plumbers water proof grease' for rubber seals and it works great for me. It's cheaper than the other stuff, comes in small containers ,and can be found at your local hardware store for easy access (no waiting or specialty store).


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