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  1. thanhdung0906
  2. choetboi
    02-15-2016 02:24 AM
    cách ngâm rượu nấm ngọc cẩu
    Thực tế đây cũng c rượu ngâm rễ cây đinh lăng ới gia nhập AC Milan
    mạnh mẽ trong năm mớ mua rượu ba kích ở đâu thuật đặc biệt anh áp dụng
    cách ngâm rượu gừng
    rượu bổ dương
    nấm ngọc cẩu làm ǵ ádasd4663fsdfs
  3. gakeanh
  4. timkiem
  5. LaserBoy987
    Am i posting a thread in the right place? We'll give it a shot. I built a laser driver circuit, a classic lm317t circuit. I have it hooked up correctly and to a 9v power source. With the 100 ohm pot turned to lowest resistance and the laser diode in an aixiz module, im getting an extremely dull light and one that doesnt burn. Im using a regular steal 12mm by 30mm aixiz module and the laser diode is flush with it. The laser itself is 120mw. Im not sure what to do. Is my power source too low? Is something wrong with the circuit? Thanks in advance!
  6. satish
    07-29-2014 04:48 AM
    Hi george
    My name is satheesh and im from india i not an engineer however i want to make a laser projector i making a small diffraction gtating projector and i want to power it with a 12 volts adapter i want to regulate the voltage could you please help me out with a circuit
  7. c0ldshadow
    thx for the continued support
  8. Rizwan Saleem
    HI, i wanted to use a high power laser(60 watts) for my project. Is it safe to use a un uncollimated laser diode and where can i buy them?
    Thanks and looking forward for your reply...
  9. sakshi somani
    i have to make a laser driver of constant current source from transistir and operational ampliflier,,,if any one know about it then reply meeeeeeeee
  10. phil heath
    i need help in making a laser, any help will be great, i need to know all the parts needed and the cost to make a 1w-2w blue laser thank you!!!!!

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