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proud2deviate 06-08-2010 12:33 PM

The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
All right, I've read through the threads we have going regarding protective eyewear for 445nM, and found myself less than satisfied.

I just want to know where I can get some good, trustworthy protection, preferably shipped from inside the USA. It doesn't need to be cheap; I've already dropped > $200 on this laser I'm going to build, and that much more to keep my eyeballs from melting out of my head doesn't seem unreasonable. Price should be commiserate with quality though, of course.

Oh, and I already wear glasses, so I need something that can go over them without being hideously uncomfortable. Or, I need to get some contacts.

Thanks in advance!

Things 06-08-2010 12:37 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
ARG - UV, Blu Ray, Argon, Blue, KTP Green Protection ARG - UV, Blu Ray, Argon, Blue, KTP Green Protection [NR-ARG-EN207] - $78.20

Those will protect you from 445nm very well :)

aXit 06-08-2010 12:52 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
The main question that I want to know the answer to:

Absorptive or reflective? Which is better?

DJNY 06-08-2010 12:54 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

Im in for them if we can get them for $60 shipped! Someone else interested in these nice goggles?

Things 06-08-2010 12:54 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Depends. If other people are going to be in the room, reflective could be a problem, however the beam tends to diverge greatly once they reflect off the goggles.

Absorptive will prevent that, but could cause the glasses to crack/burn if you hit them with too much power.

Bionic-Badger 06-08-2010 12:56 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
I'd say absorptive. Reflective protection usually comes in the form of a thin layer applied to a substrate, which can be burned off. Certified absorptive goggles are actual filters, designed to absorb the energy a minimum of 10 seconds before failing.

I also don't like the idea that a reflected beam goes off somewhere else. If it's going to hit my goggles, fine, but the last thing I need is the goggles to become a specular surface too.

Bluefan 06-08-2010 02:49 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Reflective goggles actually can withstand higher powers as they don't absorb a thing. Remember that the same multilayer technology is used to make mirrors for megawat lasers. But good reflective goggles are usually very expensive (far above absorbing), and they have their disadvantages, like a beam going somewhere else.

Certified absorbing goggles are also available for ridiculous power levels, so that's not the problem. The mentioned ARG glasses are good and certified, although the AL3 may be better as it leaves a small dot visible.

New_Reverie 06-08-2010 06:38 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Does anyone know anything about the RGB goggles available from places like CTlasers.

I have a pair of these, which work for multiple wavelengths except red.

A pair of new protective laser goggle/glasses support multiple diffuse wavelength:

Type Wavelength (nm) OD
4x Nd: YAG 266 4+
Ar 488-414.5 4+
He-Cd 441.6 4+
Nd: YAG 532 4
Laser Diode 808,810 2+
Laser Diode 904,980 4+
YAG 1064 4+
Laser Diode 1510,1530,1610 4+

Prototype 06-08-2010 06:45 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Laser Safety Styles | Laservision

Any of those that fit over your glasses, with filter 00120, which is glass, should be fine, filter 00120 is OD7+ at 190-565nm. Shouldn't cost more than $400, depending on style.

Bluefan 06-08-2010 06:56 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
New_reverie, I wouldn't buy those. There are NO specs given! the protection is an absolute guess, but I think those goggles protect against nearly NOTHING! No wavelength coverage is given, no optical density, not even any type of laser. Avoid this one.

Prototype, I'd go for filter 115. It only goes to 535nm which already included 532nm. Futher protection only lowers the VLT but is probably not needed, red lasers are beyond 565nm. I have laservision goggels with glass filters, and those are the best. Very high OD's, very high protection but with a very good VLT. Maybe that overstock sale is still going, haven't checked lately.

Krutz 06-08-2010 07:07 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
I asked OEM about prescription glasses. they answered me two types,
"Style 38 Lrg Adjustable Framed Fitover" and I think "Style 60". I got the 38 one, am very happy with it, since years!


Traveller 06-08-2010 08:58 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
I second the recommendation for OEM Laser Systems!

For those on my side of the pond (read: EU) also consider Univet safety goggles:

"Univet 531 - 313 Specs:
argon, HeCd, UV, II, III, IV harmonics YAG
VLT: 35%
190-375 @ OD 5
315-535 @ OD 5
315-540 @ OD 4
315-543 @ OD3
In layman: OD 5 protection for 405 BluRay, 473 Blue and 532 Green DPSS lasers"

I also rounded up a few excellent Safety-goggle reviews a while back (NOT 445nm-specific!):

officially certified:

Finally, make sure to review LPF's Safety & Legal Issues subforum.

Things 06-08-2010 09:45 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Those goggles from CT Lasers are RGB goggles from laser-wave. I have a pair, as well as sell them, but they probably won't work for 445nm unfortunately.

They are OD4.

LASER66 06-08-2010 10:12 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Has anyone tested my Red Enhancement Glasses (Plastic) if you have a pair?
Shown here on ebay,
Laser Enhancement Glasses for Red Lasers, ship from USA - eBay (item 120579608843 end time Jun-12-10 20:26:27 PDT)

or (they will sell soon) look under my for sale items:
lasers4u items - Get great deals on Business Industrial, Electronics items on!

If they work, they are under $10.
I can check and measure some OD numbers. They are to enhance red, and may have an OK OD at 445, 450nm.
I only have about 30 pairs left.
ebay: LASERS4U

extelon 06-08-2010 10:31 PM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
If you do decide to do OEM glasses, I've talked to them and they'll give us 20% a 25 unit purchase.

proud2deviate 06-09-2010 12:07 AM

Re: The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .
Thanks for the help, guys! OEM looks great. I'm good for two sets if someone wants to throw together a GB on the quick. Will they mix styles within a lot of 25?

Oh, and thanks for the sticky! I was getting a little pissed, thinking my thread got the axe, until I saw it up there :o

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