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Question NUBM44 CNC cutting normal/half-way acrylic mirror

Hello everyone!
I have a big project in mind and I am pretty sure you guys can help me.... Please help me...

I come to you with many questions, and many of them seem to have been asked in the past but I could not find any good answer for my problem.

I would like to make my own CNC Cutter/Engraver of 100cmx100cm working area, yeah it's huge but I need it like that to cut acrylic mirror and one/two way acrylic mirror.
It should be possible because on the back of the mirror side there is just a coat which makes it possible to cut, also I hope that the one/two way acrylic mirror will be cuttable/engravable because there is approximately 70%reflectivity 30%transmittance and also the acrylic is always a little bit black or silver tinted which should make it absorb light right?
I've read somewhere that for the plain acrylic mirror it should not be an issue but I am still not sure for the half way mirror as the 2 sides are reflecting/transmitting light...

Is it safe to try cutting the half way mirror if some of the laser's light is reflected back to itself?

I will cut mainly 1mm or worse case 3mm acrylic so I should be good right?

For the diode... Because I think I will need high power for my acrylic cutting(engraving the half way mirror) I plan to opt for the NUBM44, but after reading on the forum there seem to be a important problem about the beam size and so the efficiency /power...

I haven't read the entire thread about this laser yet, only the first pages and the last ones, but is there any conclusion about its beam? Is it possible to make it small enough for cutting and sorta get a round shaped beam at very small distances? I know I will have to read the entire thread but I don't have access to a computer yet, I'm struggling with my phone right now...

I don't know if anyone reporting on this has tried to focus on a small distance? Should the CNC laser be close to the cutting material right? It should make the beam tighter and hence more feasible right?

I've read a lot about the G2 lens, 3 elements, G7,Jtech etc but which one should be better for close cutting/engraving? 3 elements if I want my cut and engraving to be precise right?

BTW I thought about the CNC structure whithout their Chinese laser, do you have any recommendations or anything to say about this? 1000mw Mini desktop DIY Laser engraving engraver cutting machine Laser Etcher CNC print image of 100*100cm big working area -in Wood Router from Home Improvement on | Alibaba Group

I thought about buying the DTR 25mm copper body for the NUBM44 but is this enough of a heat sink for long lasting cutting / engraving?

I don't have any prior experience with high powered laser nor with CNC building but I've used many and I go on the laser forum for a while now so I sorta get to understand the basics.

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you for reading, have a great day, peace

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