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hanzyfranzy 01-12-2011 10:53 PM

Protection for LPC-815
So I am building a laser with the LPC-815 diode, and everything is going smoothly thanks to the wealth of information on this forum. However, the main issue I am having is with goggles! I am thinking about getting this pair:

Laser Glasses - Red laser beam protection 600-740nm :: Accessories :: Dragon Lasers

Because it is such a good deal. But is OD 4 good enough for 250mw? Or 350mw? And are these goggles trustworthy for their price?

Bionic-Badger 01-12-2011 11:55 PM

Re: Protection for LPC-815
The formula for computing whether you'll be protected:

P * 10^(-p) < 0.005W

Where P is the input power (in Watts), and p = OD rating. In your case:

0.350W * 10^(-4) = 0.000035 < 0.005

So you'll be safe with OD4.

hanzyfranzy 01-12-2011 11:57 PM

Re: Protection for LPC-815
Many thanks for the equation! :thanks:

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