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Kyosama66 11-18-2013 12:42 AM

FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm - $150
Howdy, Gents!

I’ve got something a bit special to offer y’all today, one of Wannaburn/JSLE’s SiPiK HK23’s.

Now, this is one of the prototype models in this series, meaning that it only has one mode as opposed to the 3-mode final version: FULL POWER.

Now, the specs:
A-140 Diode with a Boost Driver (~1A)
3-element Glass lens with AR Coating
18350 battery (I use 1200mAh which really packs a punch)

From the original sale post:


Firstly, the laser.. They are in the Sipik HK-23 body, which is smaller than
its bigger brother the HK-21. The battery compartment has been opened up to
fit an 18350, rather than the stock 16340 cell.

The diode is an a-140 LD, in a 24K gold plated copper heatsink. Optics are
3 element glass, AR coated, focus fully adjustable.

The Focus 'knob' also doubles as an extended heatsink with fins. When the
knob is threaded all the way down, the beam is parallel, there is no 'play' in
this position, and very little slack when adjusting.

The output on all of them are over 1.5W in high mode, and around 300mW in low
mode with PWM.
Now, keep in mind, this particular one is locked in the “High” mode. I do not have a LPM to test this out, so I can’t make a guarantee there. (sorry)

Originally, these were $299CAD ($290USD) new. I know that's unreasonable for a used laser. I'm asking $150 shipped in the US, with an 800mAh 18350 so you can use it right away (No charger or goggles).

I'm looking to move to one of the newer 9mm 445nm setups (2.x Watt output), or possibly a nice green. I'm open to trades for these if you've got it!

Time for some pictures!

Fully Assembled next to a C6 (Just around 4in all together, amazingly compact!)

Disassembled in sequence:

The top without the focus adapter (that Gold-plated Copper heatsink) with some scratches from the focus adapter:

The positive battery terminal:

The focus adapter with additional heatsink fins and the scratches from use. Note the lens module epoxied into the adapter to ensure it won’t slip:

The underside tripod/mount screw adapter (I use a $5 camera tripod with excellent results):

The beam profile at about 5 feet, with an artifact from somewhere in the optics quite visible:

Now through some goggles. Complete with U.S. power outlet for scale:

The beam with wide focus (Heck yeah, that’s a Pokemon poster):

The raw output with no lens:

Aaaaannnnnddd some beamshots for you sick freaks:

Full Album here

Thanks for looking!

Livinloud 11-18-2013 01:13 AM

Re: FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm
Good luck with the sale although you might want to reconsider the price if it doesnt sell soon. Diode prices have changed drastically over the past few years and you can get a 2W for under $200 and a 3W for about $250 now.

Just sold a 2.17W 445nm last month for $200 shipped and a 1.7W 445nm for $150 shipped

Kyosama66 11-18-2013 02:11 AM

Re: FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm
I figured as much, I really couldn't get a great grasp on what things were like these days. I'll knock some off the top.

Thanks for the advice!

Livinloud 11-18-2013 02:20 AM

Re: FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm
On the plus side, it is a unique host that I have never seen for sale before so hopefully that will attract a buyer :beer:

Kyosama66 11-20-2013 01:29 AM

Re: FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm - Price drop!
Now for less dollars than before! $30, even!

Kyosama66 12-07-2013 09:53 PM

Re: FS/FT: wannaburn / JSLE HK23 ~1.2W 445nm - $150
Still dropping this price! Get yourself something nice for Christmas this year!

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